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The Paradox Game
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The Paradox Game
The Paradox Game

Kano, a 27-year-old freeter, had received an anonymous game invitation through his daily mail - ”The Paradox Game". The winner is entitled to a $1,000,000 grand prize. With doubt and excitement, Kano follows the instruction of the invitation and gets on a bus of 14 people. What he didn't know is that his fate is now bonded with these 13 total strangers...

This is the author's first novel. Comments are much appreciated...

Total Reading Time: 4 minutes


UnseelieSidhe - The suspense!
2 years agoreply

Lavinia Scott - Hi! I'm new on Penana and I came to check who you are and have a look on your work as you're my first follower (Thank you!). I just read the first lines of the paradox game intro and I already enjoy it. I can't help but wonder why Kano received this invitation? Who sent it? And how does his life is bonded with the others? I don't why, but I feel like this story holds a lot of mystery. I guess I have to read it to figure it out ;)
3 years agoreply

roseofnoonvale - sounds like this will be interesting. For some odd reason this made me think of the nonary games of the Zero's escape series. Cant' wait to see how this goes.
4 years agoreply