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    Yuu Oota
    Yuu Oota
    My name is Yuu and I write stories with my fellow people (Tamaki16, Soccer Girl 03), I would love any comment that is written to me on how I can improve my writing.

    My updates will be inconsistent and will be posted when I have the time or I'm just not lazy.
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If We Were Kidnapped

It was a snowy day, Emily and Keshia were walking along the streets of America. Why? You may ask, well Emily and Keshia were sent here by their parents to ‘Live’ for a while in America, because of A) a sarcastic introvert hiding in dark rooms all on day on the internet wasn’t good enough for ‘the real world’ and B) because we can’t do anything on our own. So here they were, two girls exploring the world without any idea of what to expect.

Little did they know that just around the corner, the most feared gang in all of America was having a meeting; a meeting about finding new blood; female blood. Now by blood they meant, new gang members, whether they had to take them by force or not. Their last IT member was shot dead by the gang leader for fucking up his job, now he wanted females, at least 1 because they were easier to handle - or so he thought.

Join Emily and Keshia on a journey full of Americans, Gangs, Hackers and the ‘occasional’ sarcastic comment, or two.

This story came out of Tamaki16's (Emily) head one day so we started to write this (just like what happens with every other story we write together). 

And as the title suggests this what we think would happen to us if we happened to be kidnapped.

This story reflects our personalities all too well and practically describes us. But some of the things are an exaggeration of the truth. Emily and I can't do anything other than make jokes and write stories.

This story will be updated every Saturday.