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    Miracle Jane
    Miracle Jane
    What's to tell? I like Netflix. I love horses, even though I don't own any and don't know how to ride.

    Movies: I like Pirates of the Carribean, Unbranded, Princess Bride, Labrynth, and Disney.

    Books: Rescue Road, The Only Pirate at the Party, Bloody Jack, Warriors, As You Wish, Hunger Games, and anything and everything J.R.R Tolkien or Rick Riordan.

    Songs/Artists: Fall Out Boy, Bea Miller, Alessia Cara, Florence and the Machine, Sia, 30 Seconds to Mars, or anything Disney.

    Um... I like writing dystopian, and old-timey stuff, like pirates and stuff.

    Are you still here? Go away and read the good stuff; the stories! Or just leave, because I'm wasting everyone's time. Goodbye! TTFN; TaTa For Now!
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Blinding Courage

NaNoWriMo 2016

Jacqueline Law is the daughter of an esteemed merchant, Tomas Law, a wealthy widower. Her mother raised her as a lady, but after her passing Thomas raised her as a sailor, teaching her how to work a ship instead of how to win a soldier's heart. He wants only what's best for his daughter. 

She was as happy as she could ever be, sailing with her father all over the Caribbean. And during those years, Jacqueline Law becomes learned. She can do math, and speak in a number of languages. She knows cultures and traditions, and how to move in a dress- not that she hopes she'll ever use the latter. But she can also captain a ship, beat any man in the rigging, and fight as good and dirty as any pirate. And so she gets a life of peace and plenty on the Courage.

And then it all broke.

The Courage is attacked by the ​Buccaneer's Rift, pirates, and Thomas is killed defending his goods and his daughter. Jacqueline and the few survivers are given a rowboat and a map to the nearest port. Leaving Jackie Law with her tears and a thirst for revenge on the pirates who murdered her father. 

This is Jackie Law's story of revenge, adventure, danger, and love. All in the search to make a life for herself; a life she'll have to fight for.