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Corrupt Forest
Writer Jadafun
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Corrupt Forest
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Chapter Twelve: Confrontations
Oct 7, 2017
12 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!BQq3SHNNBNuD58HCU8KMposted on PENANA

t was getting harder for Jin to see as the heavy rain turned the sky gray and blurry. Getting harder to hear with the sound of trees falling and the ground shaking. But, he'd never felt more fired up in his life. His wings sliced through the sky, until the sounds of destruction got louder. Until... Until he flew straight into a giant antler. Jin tumbled backwards, falling right onto Avalon's snout. He dug his claws into it's dark fur, gritting his teeth as it let out a deep roar.copyright protection74PENANATbGTAAQ30c

'H-How am I supposed to take this thing down if I couldn't even tell that it was right in front of me?' Jin thought, blinking the rain out of his eyes.copyright protection74PENANA0C2rFV9tIK

Just as he felt the blood from Avalon's snout splatter against him, his eyes burned worse than ever. When he finally opened his eyes again, the rain no longer blocked his vision. He used his feet to kick off of Avalon, getting handfuls of fur caught in his claws, and causing the giant to yell out again. As soon as he was back in mid-air, he twisted in the air, and started to retreat, his eyes now glowing white like headlights cutting through the rain. In confused rage, Avalon galloped after him, grunting like a bull rather than a deer.copyright protection74PENANAhdonl6ZgeK

"C'mon, can't you go any faster than that?!" the halfling taunted. "I thought gazelles were supposed to be graceful and swift!"copyright protection74PENANA27WJ1wjRzk

The whole forest would be destroyed at the rate that Avalon was felling trees. Between that and the sound of his hooves hitting the battered ground, there was no way he could've heard Ragnarok surface right behind him. The earthworm sunk several rows of it's teeth into the deer's hind leg, hanging off of it like a leech as Avalon desperately tried to buck him off. Jin grinned, keeping a safe distance from Avalon's deadly kicks. Then, he dived under it's stomach, quickly raking his claws against it's underbelly. Eventually, the beast was in too much pain, and losing too much blood, to fight back against Ragnarok's death grip on it's now gnarled and splintered leg bones. Black blood pooled over the ground mixing with the rain that was starting to die down with it's caster. It fell with a loud thud, shaking the ground.copyright protection74PENANA4AW61B1b5K

In no time, the beast would bleed out and be dead, and that would end the fight. But Jin wasn't gonna let it be that easy. Not after the short struggle had left his blood rushing the way it did. He landed in front of it's pure white eyes, whose glow was now dulling as it died. He gripped it's huge forehead tight with his claws, reeled his own head back, and rammed against it. The loud crack of two skulls hitting against each other rang through the area. Barely a second passed before Avalon's skull started to shatter, another hit and there was a dent in Avalon's now caved-in head. Jin held his head, dizzily chuckling as he stumbled back.copyright protection74PENANAWmXkJjqJzF

The rain had completely stopped now, allowing Jin to shake the water from his hair not unlike a dog. Just when he was about to step back and admire his handiwork, he heard the sound of rapid tunneling, just before he was nearly knocked down by the tremors that followed.copyright protection74PENANAuCNqlOWFFw

'D-Dammit... I should've kept an eye on the worm!'copyright protection74PENANAZJ6WQ8xRjC

He turned and took flight, staying low and trying to stay ahead of Ragnarok, but it was no use. The beast was much faster underground than Jin was in the air. The ground gave way, and the earthworm burst upward right behind Jin. He looked up to see all of the creature's rows of teeth descending on him, then they clamped onto him, and he was pulled underground in the gaping maw of the worm-whale.copyright protection74PENANACfZAAIT1st

Ryn and Leliana were still navigating the inside of the cliff, carefully looking in every nook and cranny for any sign that Anubis may have been through there. Suddenly, Leliana froze, looking towards the way they came.copyright protection74PENANAGW5tmrij7Y

"What's wrong?" Ryn asked.copyright protection74PENANAP6IV2y4Aqo

"Shh..." Leliana brought a finger to her mouth, pausing before she continued. "Do you hear anything?"copyright protection74PENANAd3EcDfUxgm

"...T-The storm stopped."copyright protection74PENANA0Xj6rFxJYE

"That's good, right? Maybe Jin managed to stop the fight?"copyright protection74PENANAHNLqJOYOpp

"Not quite." A voice said, the echo of the cavern made it sound like it could've come from anywhere.copyright protection74PENANAcCsQO55JCm

"W-Where are you?" Ryn called out as Leliana instinctively pulled her machete out of the sheath. "Who are you?"copyright protection74PENANA6DkpKL5iv3

The two heard footsteps coming towards them from deeper into the cavern. Without waiting for the figure to step out of the shadows, Leliana picked up a rock, and threw it towards the sound. The footsteps stopped, but the rock sounded like it just hit a cave wall behind the person.copyright protection74PENANAWdRIDAxCpW

"Not a fan of dramatic entrances, I assume? Fine, we'll do this the direct way."copyright protection74PENANA1Bztsnzy7c

All Ryn felt was air whoosh past her, and a dark figure briefly brushing against her. She quickly turned around, seeing that Leliana was pinned to the cave wall behind her, Ren, the corrupted assassin, had his black-bladed sword against her throat. Leliana's gray eye was wide in fear, she gripped her machete's hilt tighter, and jammed it between them, using all her strength to jab the blunt side against his stomach and shove him back.copyright protection74PENANAUePeEz0JRv

"You again? I thought all the corrupts evacuated!" she said, holding her weapon out in front of her in a defensive position.copyright protection74PENANAMOJExmf4YE

"I was sent here by my queen for a reason, and I've not leaving without the halfling." Ren replied, settling into his own battle stance. "Especially if it means I get to run my blade through a bothersome human."copyright protection74PENANA10gAtIY2g6

With this, Ren took the initiative, closing the distance between them and slashing downward. Leliana lifted her machete to parry the blow, but he changed his direction mid-strike, suddenly moving the sword into a side slash. Leliana just barely had enough time to dodge the attack, the blade still leaving a cut across the side of her stomach, ripping her shirt a bit. She ignored the stinging wound, stepping forward and bringing her weapon down in a series of diagonal slashes. Ren skillfully dodged every strike, leaving Leliana breathing heavily, her machete in the spot that he had been in, her head lowered in the perfect angle. Ren lifted his sword over his head to bring the killing blow down on her neck.copyright protection74PENANAebk4qYErHv

"Stop!" Ryn yelled out.copyright protection74PENANAXukG8S3nW2

The girl had managed to sneak around them as they were battling, and got close enough to grab Ren's arm. Ren's shock allowed Leliana to get back up and distance herself from him again. Frustrated, Ren pointed his greatsword at Ryn, gripping the bronze hilt hard. "Who are you to interfere with...!" he trailed off, looking at her as if he'd seen her before.copyright protection74PENANA2Y2iyv0xyh

"Do you...remember me?" she whispered.copyright protection74PENANADNtXRUWvlD

"Ryn, what're you doing? Get away from him!" Leliana cried out.copyright protection74PENANA1i8mZge2Eb

They both ignored her. "You're...one of the halfling's allies. You were at his hideout." Ren replied.copyright protection74PENANA4G96YICZfa

"No, before that. You have to remember. The fire. Our home. O-Our parents."copyright protection74PENANAhTXKRPENk0

"What are you...?"copyright protection74PENANArmizIhQXkv

His mind was muddled with random thoughts. He could've sliced the girl into ribbons by now, but he was frozen. The earliest things in his life he could remember was of him serving the Queen. Before that, all he could get was the smell of smoke, the sound of frantic panicking all around. Was that the fire she was referring to?copyright protection74PENANA8ocivb18ah

"Ren...it's me." Ryn said, softly.copyright protection74PENANAisagc15ROq

Ren shook his head clear of the confusing thoughts, with a growl, he raised the sword over his head again. Leliana was about to yell out a warning to Ryn, but she had already moved away before the blow landed. Ren unleashed a flurry of focused strikes, but she dodged every one with almost practiced ease. As the assassin got more and more frustrated with his attacks missing, he dropped the sword, unsheathing his claws and grabbing her arms, pinning her to the cave wall like he had done to Leliana.copyright protection74PENANARfNaPwsFtM

"How did a human like you manage to avoid my attacks? Tell me who taught you how to move like that!" he demanded.copyright protection74PENANAbCbnUHyVPJ

"You did." she replied.copyright protection74PENANAc8bnoooufd

He stared at her for an agonizingly long time. "You... You were there, in the house while it was burning down. You're..."copyright protection74PENANAV7tIhjeKZI

"I'm your younger sister."copyright protection74PENANAxakIxeq6af

"That's odd... Now that Avalon's storm is gone, I'd have thought that Ragnarok's tremors would've stopped. I wonder why he's still raging out there. Big guy's howling like he's got a stomach ache." Tak said, his small ears perked.copyright protection74PENANAPnn0KMo9gE

"Jin..." Anubis whispered.copyright protection74PENANAnbLQU3a8N9

"Who?"copyright protection74PENANAQkjb3RptXA

"No one. Let's just get on with the training."copyright protection74PENANAIMX6NISbS9

"Wait, that's one of your friends, isn't it? He's out there?"copyright protection74PENANAQfkC6eFgnt

"If I know him, he's most likely doing something very reckless and dangerous to his health."copyright protection74PENANApeNJpRAPkx

Tak was silent for a moment, then he gave a weak chuckle. "He sounds like my siblings. They were so eager to be the strongest warriors in the Queen's army. Went into training too young, went into battle too young...died too young... I don't like violence and unnecessary recklessness... It's what's kept me alive so long."copyright protection74PENANAp3kna762jY

"Are you okay? You smell like...tears." Anubis asked, reluctantly placing a hand on Tak's back.copyright protection74PENANAc9dwLkLrA8

"The past is behind us for a reason." Tak paused, becoming silent for what seemed like a full minute. "...Is it bad to say that I'm happy I couldn't see their faces? It probably would've made it worse."copyright protection74PENANAU0mIJMzjBU

"...I know how easy it can be to blame certain things for events, but you can't live your life running and hiding. I'm not saying you should become a killer like your siblings wanted to be, but you'll live your whole life underground if you're afraid of conflict of any kind."copyright protection74PENANAR0Xbo8iubB

"I know." Tak sighed. "Anubis?"copyright protection74PENANAsnLGTx0FYA

"Ye-" Anubis paused as he felt Tak's head on his shoulder. "Um, y-yes?"copyright protection74PENANANSBaAkW9Ey

"This might be cheesy...but, I think I could learn much more from you, than you could from me."copyright protection74PENANA3vy1GX9Zrk

"What do you mean?"copyright protection74PENANABTImzBTAgR

"You already took to using your other senses very quickly. Even your fighting skills didn't take long for you to learn. I've never felt the sun on my fur for longer than a few hours at a time, but you... You seemed to be perfectly in touch with the forest. Even while blind, you were brave enough to wander away from your friends, and up until you ran into my cave you seemed so confident in where you were going. I couldn't see you, of course, but I had sensed you, heard your footsteps, and you hadn't hesitated with a single step, I didn't think much of it since I thought you could see. Bottom line, I'm lucky to be able to meet you at the cave and introduce myself. I think I'd benefit alot from a brave corrupt like you!" Tak rambled.copyright protection74PENANAb4JMfk6cuL

Anubis felt his face grow warm. He'd never felt more tongue-tied in his life, but he'd never been admired like this before either.copyright protection74PENANAKxgjzXgJWH

"Oh, I'm sorry, am I making you uncomfortable?" Tak asked, moving his head off of Anubis. "I just don't meet many friendly corrupts down he-"copyright protection74PENANA4xBMUboNLF

"No!" Anubis replied, trying to be reassuring, but making Tak jump with his volume. "Uh, I mean, I'd be glad to help you with getting used to being on the surface. Once all this is over."copyright protection74PENANAFXJpJZJQbd

Tak laughed excitedly. "I can't wait!"copyright protection74PENANABWLSflQw4M

It felt like daggers were sinking themselves into Jin's skin, the teeth biting down on him and leaving marks that would take forever to heal. The pain was agonizing, but not as much as the pain his transformation was putting on his body. His claws and wings were already out, but those were the easy parts. He could already feel the skin on his cheeks splitting open to make room for the rest of his corrupted fangs, his glowing white eyes were burning like always, but the pain he felt was turning into rage.copyright protection74PENANAe9kPWf1k3N

'How dare this overgrown lapdog try to eat us?' The thought wasn't his, yet it came from inside his head. He didn't have the brain power to question it, all his thoughts were focused on the pain, and his anger, and his bloodlust. He hadn't felt like this since the night with the pixies. He could feel his veins pounding like they were ready to burst, his skin was turning dark and he felt every muscle in his body screaming for him to claw, kick, bite, take dominance over his mother's foolish servant.copyright protection74PENANAZIKJ7tIRkU

'And so we shall.'copyright protection74PENANA5VQQN5bDBg

The halfling extended his wings to their full thirteen feet, forcing Ragnarok's teeth away, and causing the beast's mouth to open just enough for him to squeeze out. But, he didn't want to leave. Not until this servant knew his place. The halfling dug his claws into the roof of the beast's mouth, clawing out big, wet chunks of it from the inside out. Ragnarok roared out in pain, but the halfling didn't stop until dirt dropped in through the hole that was now in the creature's head. The prince climbed through the hole, this time digging his claws into the outside of the worm-whale's head. Ragnarok, possibly in a desperate effort to shake the prince off, dug deeper underground, but the halfling knew his lungs could take the pressure, and just held on tighter.copyright protection74PENANAqQqLFm1HG4

Finally, Ragnarok started to rocket back towards the surface. He burst through the ground again, the prince took this opportunity to finish the beast off. The prince quickly climbed to the top of Ragnarok, approximately around where the creature's brain was. 'If it has one.' the prince thought, snidely.copyright protection74PENANAvFMfpUJ7M3

He battered the beast's head, not stopping until his claws were dripping in it's blood, and brain chunks were caught in-between them. The beast's cries of pain had faded away moments ago, but only now was his limp corpse falling back to the ground. The prince flew upwards, staying airborne as he watched the fifty-foot long body drop, landing with enough force to crush countless trees below him. The halfling landed on top of his bloodied, bruised remains, covered in the beast's blood.copyright protection74PENANA2RZSHNYTqA

"That should teach you not to mess with me again." the halfling growled in his deep, echoed voice as he stared down at the carcass under his feet. Then, he threw his hand back and yelled out into the sky. "You hear that, Mother?! No one messes with the Corrupted Prin-... No... The Corrupted King!"copyright protection74PENANAaRqAD6WENC

He let out an ear shattering, roaring battle screech of his own. The screech turned into a scratchy, menacing, crazed laugh, then fading into a significantly weaker chuckle, as he felt himself start to get weaker. His teeth retracted, the cheek flesh growing back over them, his eyes flickered out into their normal dark brown color, his skin pigment slowly changed back, as his claws and wings also retracted. He felt himself get faint and he fell to his knees, before passing out on top of the former king of the forest.copyright protection74PENANAIiivyIqiPc

TO BE CONTINUEDcopyright protection74PENANAmS4lKM8IFz

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