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Corrupt Forest
Writer Jadafun
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Corrupt Forest
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Chapter Four: Ragnarok The King
Nov 13, 2016
11 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!FNdmBJMwt87tKGRC6zbGposted on PENANA

Leliana's eyes opened slowly as they rested on the ceiling of the cave. All the tossing and turning that she did in her sleep caused the towel she was laying on to be wrapped around her. She untangled herself, and sat up, stretching and yawning. The campfire was out, and the bright blue sky was bringing light in from outside. She noticed that Jin and Anubis were busy carrying logs as big as tree trunks past the campsite. She stood up, stepping out of the cave to join them. Jin gave a short grunt and nod as a greeting, while Anubis didn't even seem to notice her.copyright protection221PENANAp8WfHMJ0Wk

"Where are you two going?" she asked, walking beside them. Though she wasn't strong enough to make much of a difference carrying the log, she grabbed her machete and slashed any tangled flora in their way.copyright protection221PENANAsC8FYJpKfS

"We found a river with water...clean enough to drink, but...it's running low." Jin panted. "We're gonna build a dam so we'll have a constant water supply. We've been working on it since this morning."copyright protection221PENANATmlD3dg9Ms

"This morning? What time is it?"copyright protection221PENANAQcBNrizajw

"Past noon." Anubis replied. "Don't worry, you haven't missed anything."copyright protection221PENANAvL9Er8oQSE

"Just the view." Jin added.copyright protection221PENANAJL15p4iGd5

Before Leliana could ask what he meant, she saw it herself as they reached the river. It was so clear she could see the bottom of it. While it may have been low before, now it was high, the water lapping against the dam the two had built. It was empty of life, it had to be one of the few bodies of water that was in the whole forest. She knelled beside it, as Anubis passed her a canteen to fill. It was odd how a place that looked so peaceful was so dangerous. Once they had filled the last canteen, they started to head back to their temporary home.copyright protection221PENANA83hKQJ2qUm

The three traveled quietly for a while, nothing but the sound of the grass crunching under their feet, and the occasional breeze brushing through the tree branches. The silence soon proved maddening to Leliana, and she cleared her throat, though the other two didn't so much as look back at her. She did it louder, causing Jin to look back with an annoyed groan.copyright protection221PENANAXq764zesq7

"I was just wondering...won't we have to find a new home soon? I mean, I love sleeping in dark, stuffy caves as much as a girl could, but I-" she started.copyright protection221PENANA6aT7fjbx0p

"We've already thought of it. We found a campsite 'abandoned' by humans not far from the river." Jin said. "We've moved most of our equipment there, as well as made theirs, ours."copyright protection221PENANAD8sUTjEVKy

"Abandoned?" she replied. Her confused expression faded into horror, as she quickly realized what he was implying. "Oh."copyright protection221PENANAhHYpO2Z3vq

"It's to our advantage. They had much more useful things." Anubis said.copyright protection221PENANAbBA5JPoUno

"Yeah, like mattresses to sleep on instead of towels, and individual tents so annoying humans can't ask me questions in the middle of the night!" Jin added, cheerfully.copyright protection221PENANAj0xMVq6zmQ

Leliana glared at him, but didn't say anything as she followed them towards an unfamiliar part of the forest. They came across slippery rocks by a quiet stream, and carefully climbed down them. As they walked beside the stream, Leliana basked in the relaxing sound of the water flowing past them, closing her eyes. Soon, they pasted the stream and approached a wide, flat field where there weren't only tents, but an area that seemed to have once been a training ground. Maybe the people who lived here before had planned to take on the beasts the forest provided. Clearly a bad idea on their part.copyright protection221PENANA8Ey74n93rF

Jin showed her the tent she's be staying in, along with her supply rations and her bed. He also gave her a basic tour of where to find what in the camp, so she wouldn't 'bother him about it later'. He allowed her to get acquainted with her room, and started to leave her to herself.copyright protection221PENANAuCh4H0T5Vg

"Jin?" Leliana said, stopping him.copyright protection221PENANAufh12cs8MO

"Yeah?" Jin sighed, turning around.copyright protection221PENANAZUsy1xVbAm

"I was wondering... How did someone like you end up living as the queen's heir?"copyright protection221PENANAR4Z89G82M4

He froze a bit at this. With a sigh, he sat down on her mattress, gesturing for her to sit next to him. Once she did, he began.copyright protection221PENANAjgjAilNKtz

"...I don't remember ever not living there, so I can't help you when it comes to life before it. For as much as I know, I don't have a father, and my mother is a cruel bi- er witch. That's all there is to it." Jin said, with a shrug. He got up, and left without another word, leaving Leliana to glare at him, annoyed.copyright protection221PENANAztu21wzXHa

"You're really melodramatic, you know that?" she called out.copyright protection221PENANAkyfjHo0PqM

The blue sky had turned to shades of pink, orange, and red, signaling it was evening already. The forest would be too dark to navigate through soon, so Leliana grabbed a flashlight from their supplies, and tried to make her way out of camp as quickly and silently as possible.copyright protection221PENANAUK3dkmy772

She kept her machete in it's sheath, as there wasn't many plants in her way. The route out of camp was so soothing to take, a path made of pebbles and grass made for a pleasing crunch under her feet. The afternoon was dead quiet. She took a deep breath, and for a second it felt as if she was the only inhabitant of the entire area. Until she heard footsteps behind her, and a voice call out to her.copyright protection221PENANAHGwbJyHivp

"What are you doing out?"copyright protection221PENANAsQYIaF6avx

Leliana turned around in surprise, and sighed in relief when she saw it was just Anubis. "I needed some air."copyright protection221PENANAXph0DCmbKt

"The forest is dangerous around this time. You need to go back." he said, pointing back towards the site.copyright protection221PENANAeraKDTilcO

"Dangerous how? Both you and Jin have warned me about the 'dangers' of this place, but I've only been attacked once since I've been here! Plus, I think I can handle myself if a stray corrupt does manage to attack me." she declared, patting the sheath that held her weapon. "Give me one reason to go running back to the camp with my tail between my legs, and I'll follow you back!"copyright protection221PENANAKFEJnPptZV

Just then, a deep rumble was heard, as the ground beneath them seemed to tremble. The branches on the trees shook, and the sound only got louder. Leliana started to miss the silence that once filled the air.copyright protection221PENANA0XliXYUk9F

"That's one. Now, hurry!" Anubis barked.copyright protection221PENANAOn6Z8KSq55

The girl didn't need to be told twice as her feet pumped against the stone path, trying to keep up with the corrupt in front of her. It wasn't easy, as he dashed ahead, knowing the land much better than she did. She called out to him, but he didn't slow down. She blamed the quake under them, or at least she hoped it was simply an earthquake. It seemed to be following them, and the trees in the distance behind them didn't seem to shiver anymore, as the shaking trailed after them. Despite Anubis's commands, they weren't heading towards the camp, they were heading away from it.copyright protection221PENANAeQKTA7IZBI

"Wait, what about Jin?" Leliana asked, hoping Anubis could still hear her.copyright protection221PENANAUBFfUDePYn

"He knows about it, and we're going to meet him now. He says we shouldn't let it follow us to the campsite." he replied.copyright protection221PENANAuMLBMTlFkr

'Shouldn't let it follow us? As in, it's a living thing?'she thought.copyright protection221PENANAKziutSCcSd

Their feet pounded faster as the underground movement started to head past them. Anubis quickly grabbed Leliana's arm and tugged her to the side right as the dirt uprooted. The trail of the beast was easier to follow now, as the ground was raised as it tried to move towards the surface. Then, it stopped. The beast seemed to be heading deeper into the ground. Leliana breathed a sigh of relief, but Anubis looked more tense than usual. They headed towards the river dam they'd built that morning, Jin was pacing anxiously before he saw them.copyright protection221PENANAUMPA2Jdgyb

"What took you two so long? I was worried he had gotten you!" he yelled, crossing his arms.copyright protection221PENANAE2YqDKkZpE

"Who is he? Why was there a living earthquake following us?" Leliana asked.copyright protection221PENANAraeJEHBgTt

Jin snorted. "Not a 'living earthquake'. Ragnarok. He's the warden of this prison, and probably the one who killed the humans who lived in the camp. Noticed that no other corrupts are anywhere in sight? They've all run in terror from him."copyright protection221PENANAtNgioj2BzA

"What is Ragnarok?"copyright protection221PENANANeDLEhwYgW

Just as Leliana asked, the ground starts rumbling again. Louder than before, as if it was getting closer and closer. As if it was right under them. Jin grabbed her hand and Anubis ran ahead, them following close behind. Suddenly, the earth behind them broke away as a creature shot up into the air. Leliana let out a scream, making the mistake of looking back just as the creature started to descend back to earth. It's mouth had endless rows of teeth, and unlike most corrupts it didn't have eyes. Jin lifted her into his arms, still running as he tried to keep up with Anubis despite the added weight.copyright protection221PENANADH6RrLy21s

Out of the corner of her eye, Leliana saw someone who looked like...a human girl, frantically gesturing for them to follow her. Seeing as they had no other choice, Anubis and Jin followed behind the girl, as she lead them to a cave. As Jin let Leliana down, everyone caught their breath. For the first time, the trio actually got a good look at the girl. She had short, black hair in a bob, and pale skin. Her blue eyes seemed to be examining the others, their gaze staying on Jin for a bit longer as her face turned pink. Her clothes consisted of a brown tunic, black leggings, and worn-out boots. They waited until the rumbling stopped to start talking.copyright protection221PENANAwvgMNE5PfF

"Who are you?" Jin asked.copyright protection221PENANAq3U3PyklxB

"My name is Ryn." the girl replied.copyright protection221PENANAibjo2K9BNb

"How did you get here? Do you know where you are?"copyright protection221PENANA4jGk6uYbke

"...No."copyright protection221PENANARLhMO7l9sS

Jin waited for more of an answer, but as it never came, he decided to leave it alone. The silence outside was starting to drive him crazy. Where had Ragnarok gone? He could be right under them for all they knew. As if Ragnarok could hear his thoughts, the ground right under their feet started to shake. Jin yelled for Anubis to grab Ryn and follow him as he took flight, lifting Leliana along with him. Anubis ran swiftly away from the cave, Ryn in tow. Behind them, Ragnarok burst up from the earth, devouring the cave in one move, then going back underground. Tears started building in Ryn's eyes, though her face remained emotionless.copyright protection221PENANALL44a6PjIC

"What is wrong?" Anubis panted.copyright protection221PENANAvMVc71G6d1

"That cave was my home." Ryn said simply.copyright protection221PENANAk5MCRBJcKc

The four met back at the camp, where they helped Ryn move into an available tent. It was night now, and Ragnarok had finally retired to his home, wherever that was. A light rain had started falling, which would undoubtedly turn into a heavy downpour through the night. Thankfully, the campgrounds had more stone under it then dirt, so not much mud would be around the camp by morning. As they each retired to their individual rooms, Jin just laid in his bed, hands behind his head, listening to the relaxing sound of the rain drops hitting the top of his tent. Until Leliana stepped inside, having worn a poncho from one of the dead travelers wardrobes to keep herself dry.copyright protection221PENANA5vX9A7gprZ

"What'd you want now?" Jin asked.copyright protection221PENANA1XLX9TYPZc

"I couldn't sleep, so I started thinking, and asking myself questions. Such as, 'how long will I have to live this way? Moving from area to area, running from every beast because I'm too much of a coward to fight.' That's no way to live, Jin." Leliana said.copyright protection221PENANARjhDW9eGlY

"Why don't you whine about it more by yourself? Maybe if you wish hard enough, a corrupt'll find you and end your suffering in your sleep. No shit, it's no way to live, so it's our job to find our way out."copyright protection221PENANASquQA4YQup

"That's not necessarily what I meant. I meant, it's no way to live, being a coward and running from everything. I want to learn how to accept this like you have. I want to learn to fight, to survive."copyright protection221PENANAPvmBswurlt

Jin sat up from his bed, looking at her with more than annoyed irritation for once. "You want to learn to fight?" He looked away for a second, lost deep in thought. Then, he stood up, giving her a nod and a smirk. "...Fine, I'll train you myself tomorrow morning."copyright protection221PENANADdNVQK44qp

Leliana squealed in delight, running forward to hug Jin. He cringed at the noise, but returned the hug reluctantly.copyright protection221PENANA3iQy9qD7h7

"Alright, alright. Now, get to bed!" he chuckled.copyright protection221PENANAx6DUH5qcxM

"You've shown endless promise, my minion, and I believe you're ready for your first major challenge."copyright protection221PENANAGbZu6PeaUE

The queen grinned down at her most trusted assassin from her throne. He bowed before her, his shoulder-length black hair falling over his pale face. He was a rare oddity among corrupts because of these human-like traits, but none of them would dare to point it out. Not after what they've seen him do. He lifted up upon the queen's command, as she opened a portal, using her two step spell.copyright protection221PENANAAYXrx7Sae9

"I will send you to Corrupt Forest, in order to go after my former heir, and anything else that stands in your way. Do you understand?" The queen asked. Her grin widened once he nodded. "You may not return until you bring back his body, dead or alive. Though, I'd prefer dead."copyright protection221PENANAhLfVGX06ay

He readied himself to be sucked through the portal, with only a few last words to his superior.copyright protection221PENANATQJSkPIy0C

"As you wish, your highness."copyright protection221PENANAdBBb28iUjw

TO BE CONTINUEDcopyright protection221PENANA4BijwZhx5r

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