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Corrupt Forest
Writer Jadafun
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Corrupt Forest
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Chapter Six: The Night Terror
Mar 15, 2017
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!INXqcQEvMD0Wa2L8avVMposted on PENANA

Useless... Pathetic... Weak... Waste of life...copyright protection187PENANAWwyy2GpC1v

The voices echoed in the halfing's head mercilessly. He was staring into a black void, yet he seemed to be standing without anything below him. He couldn't see who was taunting him, and it made him all the more frustrated. Dim light started to fill the area, showing that he stood in his old room. Stone walls and a cold metal floor, along with a bed with a thin mattress and an even thinner blanket. Not much else decorated his room, except for a big window with beautiful, Gothic designs framing it, black roses, crows and ravens, and decorative skulls. Home sweet home.191Please respect copyright.PENANAO2PKuxacpS
copyright protection187PENANAvJisauiP05

He looked down at himself again, already knowing what he'd see. His child body was his own again, he reached his small hands up to touch his smooth face. What was happening? He'd had nightmares before, but usually in his adult form. His confusion quickly turned to childish fear, as his room's steel door opened. His mother stepped into the room, her tall frame and large wingspan filled the small space.copyright protection187PENANAs11D4NMeiI

She used her magic to shrink slightly, enough to fit into the room easier, but still tower over the boy. He cowered at the sight of her, her glowing, white eyes blinding him. She didn't say a word as her clawed hands reached around his waist. Was she...hugging him? He thought hugs were supposed to feel warm and comforting, but hers felt like the opposite. She picked him up in her arms, and walked over to the lone window in his room. Her blank expression twisted into pure hatred as she raised the window, exposing him to the cold air.copyright protection187PENANA1eeAMhgcTh

He didn't have the power to fight back. He had no choice but to stare back at the soulless eyes of the creature he called 'mother'. Words flowed out his mouth like it was someone else saying it.191Please respect copyright.PENANACxE31X8UBS
copyright protection187PENANAHp1ZRbua0u

"Mother? It hurts when you hold me like this."copyright protection187PENANAftwh7A4UOm

Her claws were starting to dig into his back painfully. He couldn't scream, no matter how much the pain intensified. The boy was too paralyzed in fear. He faintly heard his mother chuckle.copyright protection187PENANACQBQqn8Hz1

"You're a hopeless disappointment, and you know what we do with a waste of corrupted DNA like yourself." she hissed.copyright protection187PENANAZhq0gicKtd

It wasn't a question, but he nodded anyway, tears flooding his eyes. She stretched her arms, until he was outside, only her hands keeping him from dropping down into the ground below. The ground far below them shook with an amazing force, enough to threaten to bring the whole castle down.copyright protection187PENANAfIGL0Ol4Ia

"There he is now." the queen said, her face-splitting grin appeared again. "Goodbye, Princeling. I suppose I'll have to find a human child to replace you. Second time's the charm and all that."copyright protection187PENANArl12crqk90

She let go of him, just in time for the beast with countless rows of teeth to emerge from the ground and devour him.copyright protection187PENANAm8hN8y5ljy

Jin tossed and turned in his bed, screaming, the night terror felt much too real. The pain of Ragnarok's teeth tearing into him went on as if it wasn't just a dream. He rolled off of his mattress, his head pounding. His hands instinctively reached up to clinch his aching temples, but they only added to the pain. He could feel his teeth growing larger and sharper, practically splitting the skin over his jaws.copyright protection187PENANAyyhfkh3GmM

His cries of pain got louder still.copyright protection187PENANARN7SQjkgDt

Leliana stirred in her sleep. She heard a faint yell, and warily got out of bed. Throwing on her blanket over her night clothes, she stepped out into the cool night air. She followed the sounds to Jin's tent. They showed signs of fading out. She thought it might've just been a nightmare, and she opened the tent to make sure he was okay.191Please respect copyright.PENANAkfZsWZUCA5
copyright protection187PENANAg0ByNK6T5p

She covered her mouth in shock, and stopped herself before she let out a scream of her own. Jin was writhing in pain, trembling as his black claws drew his blood from his head. His eyes were tightly closed, but a white glow seemed to shine from under his lids. She tried to get closer by kneeling beside him. She reached out a hand, gently moving his sweaty hair out of his face.191Please respect copyright.PENANAbo709CxjOX
copyright protection187PENANAsEXJTi1XYn

"Jin? A-Are you...?" Leliana started.191Please respect copyright.PENANAbqvQuwNCrp
copyright protection187PENANAJPbRH1b1hP

Jin raised his head, his every tooth sharp as he lunged at her. She wasn't fast enough to react or even yell out before she was pinned to the floor. His blank eyes glared down at her, a snarl on his lips. Something about her scared, panicked expression must have gotten to him, because he faltered after nearly a minute of holding her down. He tore himself away from her, crawling back to his bed and grabbing his head as the aching started again.copyright protection187PENANAvyP66CRcwX

"G-Get away from me! It hurts..." Jin cried out. His voice had a strange echo effect over it, lower and deeper than his own.copyright protection187PENANACYBAIvSJsQ

He placed his hands over his face, his body trembling in a mix of pain, shame, and effort to try to fight his transformation. Leliana got up, and looked between the tent's opening and Jin before lowering her head and quickly rushing out into the cold wind. She held her blanket tightly around her, slightly shivering as she kept running. Before she knew it, Her feet led her past her tent, and out of camp.copyright protection187PENANA7cGj4nlfpD

She couldn't tell where she was going. It was hard to keep track of things like landmarks or paths when her eyes were screwed shut. All she knew was the land beneath her changed from a stone path to a grassy area that felt like a clearing, giving her even less cover from the air. She draped the blanket over her head and body like a hood. Her legs started to give out, her exhaustion finally catching up to her. She dropped to her knees, her eyes tired and her sight blurry as she tried to fight the urge to nod off.copyright protection187PENANA4UbU1ixSv3

"Who's there?" a voice calls out.copyright protection187PENANAQ71rHJWztp

Leliana looked around her, standing up and getting into a defensive position. She hadn't brought her machete with her, and sincerely doubted she was trained enough to take on a corrupt with her bare hands. Her eyes meet the one who spoke out, who was sitting up in the branches of a tall tree. It was the human-like corrupt that attacked the group yesterday.copyright protection187PENANAqBC6UGufWT

"W-What are you doing here?" She stuttered.copyright protection187PENANAS1N4VPmsHS

"I believe I should be asking you that." Ren jumped down from the tree, landing a few feet in front of her. "Shouldn't you be with your companions back at your precious base?"copyright protection187PENANAvxZxZGgWgK

"They're all asleep." Leliana lied. "I came out here to think."copyright protection187PENANAmHlYNgFhwB

"If 'thinking' means running out into the middle of the forest, wearing a blanket over your head, and weeping like a child, you humans are stranger then I thought."copyright protection187PENANAbpDZtyOQ0v

He came closer to her, observing her face. She quickly wiped the tears from her eyes. She hadn't even noticed them. She briefly wondered if they were there from when Jin attacked her or from once she realized she was lost. Ren gestured for her to follow him, before he started walking back into the tree-filled forest.copyright protection187PENANAIw3I33pk0F

"Wait, why should I trust you? I'm not following you just to be taken to the queen again!" Leliana said, defiantly crossing her arms.copyright protection187PENANA4mmqlaG0sd

Ren rolled his eyes, grabbing the girl's arm and tugging her along with him. It wasn't a long journey, but the constant hassle of low hanging branches reminded Leliana to cut her hair. They approached a moss-covered cave with vines hung over the entrance that did a surprisingly good job at keeping it hidden. There were even thorny plants laid across the ground around it to discourage visitors.copyright protection187PENANACDCfC6OqWO

Ren lifted Leliana over the plants, and she moved through the thick layer of vines. Inside the cave was bigger than her tent, and without the wind reaching it, it was much warmer then the outside. The queen must have been sending him supplies, because his food consisted of fruits and vegetables that were definitely not native to the forest, unidentifiable meat that she'd rather not find out what was, a sleeping bag, and canteens that felt filled to the brim with water.191Please respect copyright.PENANAuLEtdAt8c3
copyright protection187PENANAWFk0nn3MH3

"I wasn't sent here for you, thus it wouldn't benefit me to take you to the queen. Though, what would benefit me, is keeping you hostage until the halfling came looking for you. Make yourself comfortable, as at this point, I wouldn't be surprised if your companions sent me a thank you note for taking you off their hands."copyright protection187PENANAsMqPdLZTMs

Leliana huffed in annoyance, but chose against saying anything about it.copyright protection187PENANA7p5JFHPt7M

Jin woke up, groggy from the lack of sleep. His memory was hazy, but he remembered the pain. It must've gotten so unbearably strong that he passed out. He changed into his clothes, exiting his tent into the harsh sunlight. He groaned as his tired eyes adjusted to the brightness. The first thing he noticed was that Anubis and Ryn seemed to be searching for something, both of them had split up and started to search through opposite sides of the camp and the forest surrounding it.191Please respect copyright.PENANAdnrkoAXWUM
copyright protection187PENANAi3rC4P07CI

Ryn, seeing that he was awake, ran over to him with more panic then she usually expressed. "Jin, have you seen Lily today?"copyright protection187PENANAb5vBUInUCa

"No..." Jin instantly thought the next before. The implication that he made her leave didn't help his mood. "She probably just went to get water or something."copyright protection187PENANAmJzssf9iIh

"We've checked, she's nowhere near the camp, the dam, or anywhere she usually is. She's never traveled any further on her own! What if she's...?"copyright protection187PENANA41lwDpmEwY

"Well then, it's up to us to bring her corpse back, right?"copyright protection187PENANAnI3SkYBHTd

The dark humor didn't come with the joking tone Jin usually added to it. Which may of made Ryn even more uneasy about it. Jin went back into his tent, grabbing the map and rolling it up. He then dashed for Leliana's tent, taking her machete and the sheath it was held in. Strapping it to his pants, he held the map tightly in hand. He looked over at Ryn with all the confidence he could muster.191Please respect copyright.PENANAT6coWHVJjm
copyright protection187PENANASgWsIpHRHq

"Tell Anubis we're going on an adventure." he said, with a smirk.191Please respect copyright.PENANA8O7NiknLsA
copyright protection187PENANA8Mrti5SEJp

TO BE CONTINUEDcopyright protection187PENANAD78HZsFAaz

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