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Escape From Flare's Castle
Writer Jadafun
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Escape From Flare's Castle
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Chapter 1
Nov 7, 2016
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!xltiyDJ7qLGyBW9YPybwposted on PENANA

'Darkness, nothing but black... have I gone blind?' Slowly opening her eyes, she saw that she was laying down in an otherwise empty dungeon cage.copyright protection177PENANAKopu9zw94p

"Okay, not blind, just kidnapped. Again." She said aloud, with a mixture of relief and frustration.copyright protection177PENANA4BKxUjbErC

Who would take being kidnapped so calmly? Well, this is Sabrina Grey we're talking about. Princess Sabrina to her subjects. Princess of a barbaric kingdom, with possibly the strongest army in the land. This is her second time being kidnapped this month.copyright protection177PENANAp8a15k0USb

She looked down at her feet. "No chains?" she asked herself.copyright protection177PENANArDAQ7JqDSu

She looked around the dungeon, nothing but torches lighting the walls and a staircase just out of reach.copyright protection177PENANA3X6Nv17HFy

"Whoever's running this is an amateur." she resisted the urge to laugh, and started looking for the lock on the cage. She quickly found that there wasn't one, but didn't panic. Instead, she sat down to think of an escape plan, when she noticed a puddle near the cage. She managed to peek through the bars, and look into it. Her sleek, wavy black hair didn't have a lock out of place, and her green eyes didn't have bruises around them. Good start. Whoever kidnapped her must've knocked her out with a potion or something.copyright protection177PENANAj4Hu6MO6HH

She was about to go back to looking for an exit, when she heard someone coming down the stairs. She stood up straight, and got into a defensive position.copyright protection177PENANAh8lSZsBp6u

But, the only person who came down was a tall boy, around her age. She relaxed her stance, he was very thin, and didn't look like he could lift an empty box, much less hold his own in a fight. He couldn't be her kidnapper.copyright protection177PENANAU9s0XX25FH

"Who are you?" Sabrina demanded. The boys brown eyes widened.copyright protection177PENANAEZLltS7iYP

I-I'm Flare's guard. I wasn't aware that he kidnapped a princess already..." he stuttered. "You don't look like much of a p-princess." he added, before he could stop himself.copyright protection177PENANA0gXl8XOKmU

Sabrina looked down at herself, she really couldn't argue with him. Her own toned body was built and clothed for battle. She wore a silver plated breastplate, an armored "skirt" modified for free movement, chainmail leggings, and silver plated boots. The basic armor for a royal warrior.copyright protection177PENANAeg4Hh2Fj8k

The "guard" in front of her dressed more like a peasant. His shoulder length, white hair appeared as if it hadn't been cut in years. He wore a dark brown shirt, torn at the sleeves, black pants, and brown work boots. It all contrasted heavily against his extremely pale skin.copyright protection177PENANA0MkM8OEg7D

"I don't assume you'd help me out of here, would you?" she asked. He shook his head.copyright protection177PENANA57T3s10gLm

"Flare would kill me if I helped you escape." he said.copyright protection177PENANAb0DgIVjner

"You keep mentioning someone named Flare, who's Flare?"copyright protection177PENANAIfe32mRHCY

"You don't know Flare the dragon?" He seemed shocked, Sabrina just waited for an explanation. "He's only the strongest and most intelligent dragon around, and I'm his loyal guard, Guard." He explained.copyright protection177PENANAkI6dLzfLQ1

"Your name is Guard?" she asked, and bit her lip as she held back a chuckle. He just nodded.copyright protection177PENANA812MiKHB8W

"Or at least, I think so. Flare calls me that, I don't remember my real name." he answered.copyright protection177PENANA3QchTeELVg

She wanted to ask what he meant, but decided that now wasn't the best time. Now, she needed to focus on escaping, and quick.copyright protection177PENANAKgYQtKpJwf

"You know, if you could help me out of here, I could break us both free, myself, of being held captive, and you, of being his minion." she offered.copyright protection177PENANAKEhNrzx9bG

"I-I couldn't! You don't know Flare's power, he'd kill both of us. Or worse, keep you here, as a minion like me." he said, shivering at the thought. He started pacing the stone floor, muttering on about all the different ways Flare could cook him.copyright protection177PENANA5fwixqwbcs

"Guard!" Sabrina called out, snapping him out of his thoughts. "You must not know who am, if you don't think that I can take down a dragon." she said, with a smirk. "Especially with my favorite weapon, and loyal friend in battle."copyright protection177PENANAsWIrNcbcVH

She reached into her sword sheath, before she realized it wasn't there, neither was her sword.copyright protection177PENANAsGmJtOj1Xv

"O-Oh, did I forget to mention that Flare confiscated all your weapons?" Guard said, with a nervous chuckle.copyright protection177PENANAH3KelhFRtR

"My sword, the daggers I had in each boot, even the slingshot?" she asked, panicked. He nodded 'yes' to each one.copyright protection177PENANAkVO2mBfyOa

"Okay, fine. Doesn't matter." Sabrina said, trying to calm herself. "Just trust me, let me out, tell me where to find my sword, and I'll stop Flare myself." she held an arm out through the bars for Guard to shake. He hesitated. "I won't let him touch you. Nothing bad will happen to you, as long as I'm here."copyright protection177PENANAggRC0kqkmo

He reluctantly shook her hand. "Step back." he said. She backed away until she felt the bars from the back of the cage. Guard muttered something under his breath, and the bars of the cage were slowly pulled upwards. Sabrina quickly ran out, and Guard made the bars swing back down.copyright protection177PENANAP3rAhMSWDl

"You know magic?" She asked.copyright protection177PENANAOYhC0Ddfc1

"Magic? No, Flare gave me certain special powers, so I could be a better minion and guard." he said, with a shy laugh. "Which reminds me, we should probably get out of here before one of his...creatures show up."copyright protection177PENANAqsii4jCvDY

"Creatures?"copyright protection177PENANATt2k3j6WgK

"Yeah, beasts like sphinxes, siren-like mermaids, unicorns, human-eating plants..."copyright protection177PENANAi4IzGJdUZp

"Wait, unicorns?" she repeated, holding back a smile.copyright protection177PENANAWqRfIWylrb

"They're more dangerous than they seem." he said, seriously. He looked around, cautiously. "Come on, I know a shortcut to Flare's quarters. The staircase pathway is laced with death traps and creatures."copyright protection177PENANAklEmGIFNEV

"Then how do we get out? There aren't any other doors or pathways." the princess pointed out. Guard laughed again, but didn't say anything.copyright protection177PENANAxW0gwHZJBZ

Instead, he walked over to the wall directly next to the staircase, and pushed in one of the stones, causing the one on top of it to drop down. Eventually, this led to a chain reaction of the stones crumbing down, until a pathway was formed.copyright protection177PENANA8yp0N7Wlto

"You don't spend two years of your life here without knowing every little secret." he said, gesturing for her to walk through first.copyright protection177PENANAxNKb9qUPdz

"How do I know that you won't just lead me into a trap?" Sabrina said, not taking so much as a step towards the door.copyright protection177PENANALLwL12s1L4

"We made a promise. I help you, and I don't have to be under Flare's control again. What can I gain from not helping you at this point?" he answered, slightly offended. "I could lock you back in the cage, if that's what you want."copyright protection177PENANA0UCqUpyRL1

'Gutsy, now that he knows I need his help.' she thought. She just rolled her eyes in reply, and stepped through the opening.copyright protection177PENANAgiO0uXqoMD

Unlike the other exit, this one wasn't lit by torches, meaning it went from faint light, to blurry, vague shapes and shadows, to complete darkness as she made her way through. She could hear Guard's footsteps behind her, but knew it was pointless to look back. There was nothing under her feet suddenly, and she started falling.copyright protection177PENANAXxoujqwLri

'Was this a trap?' Was her final thought.copyright protection177PENANAQsdsS8RqZD

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