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Romance can't be that bad... Can it?
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Romance can't be that bad... Can it?
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The dance off (this is gonna be bad)
The Virtual Shadow
No Plagiarism!QOc7fPmRAaZgUFxLQOPJposted on PENANA

Hi, my name is Shari Fari, I am a ghost with an interest of meeting someone, but I didn't know what to do? What could it have been? So i went "meh" and just asked for a dance battle, this is gonna be funny!copyright protection132PENANAyy0WcBUqAi

The first guy, a vampire did this really weird dance that made his legs further part and swinging his hand in the air, it looked like something out of a non-English, use-to-be popular video.copyright protection132PENANArq6DylsVd2

another was jumping and doing a fist bump in front of him. It was something that i couldn't understand. This one was a wolf man. he kept saying nae...copyright protection132PENANA6dj1SRNJFC

The third was a a half demon, he was low to the floor swinging his hand. Thinking he was some sort of bling in an empty room. So before he was on about phone I was board.copyright protection132PENANAtdat9n53OG

Than out of no where there was this girl who was a ghost as well. Who didn't like dancing but joined in. I was confused and wondering "what the hell is she doing?" And out of nowhere, something big happened.copyright protection132PENANAmf7sSFNlB1

She fist bumped the air above her! I was amazed and unsure how she did this!copyright protection132PENANAnIeHK7yxQd

"she won, thats it, the rest be gone!" She was confused and all the guys went "WHAT!"copyright protection132PENANAajqlNAJSEx

One said "But, she didn't even dance?!"copyright protection132PENANAy0MFsFlg0X

I said "so? Don't like it, go away." I hugged her and i felt like my heart was racing.copyright protection132PENANAhoGw5qDEYu

The girl was named Fary Trary. Um, why did that sound really similar to something? Who cares!copyright protection132PENANAR8OiuBSdux

Fary was confused and just walked off. I followed and told her "your the one. I want to be with you."copyright protection132PENANAL3xyJZd5gd

She looked and went "wait what?"copyright protection132PENANA2yBI4H9Hl7

I replied "You are my love!"copyright protection132PENANAbdgZvKBoY5

Fary started to run, playing hard to get is fun isn't it?copyright protection132PENANAVK8tiStvXJ

I followed her to a bar. she was drinking to forget today.copyright protection132PENANAJZhlIl2R3o

I said "I can drink a lot."copyright protection132PENANAZeCfe80PxY

Fary was annoyed and said "no way you can."copyright protection132PENANAVtJ4W1WpxT

I was happy, to be around her. She looked interested in the drinking game. Maybe it was because i'm here.copyright protection132PENANA8gTqBBMEtP

We started the game and... whoa, what just happened? I woke up to a room and i heard Fary's voice. So sweet. but echo like? Yep I passed out. Sigh...copyright protection132PENANA3s3FIiNI7k

She said I won the game and i was hers now.copyright protection132PENANAH3Nq7Ks39Z

We hugged and said "Your mine now" at the same time and laughed.copyright protection132PENANAWifQJRrvwV

We were happy ever since. and still do dancing a lot. I do a spin and say your spinning me around. While she was fist bumping the air rapidly. It looked like it was a show. Think ti had a cat doing that? it was a fantasy thing... like magic with a blue...copyright protection132PENANAkzoof6G2PO

Whatever forget that! We got to be with each other. The guys from before tried to do their dancing moves with another girl again. We laughed. The romance we had was random, BUT I DON'T CARE, I GOT HER!!!copyright protection132PENANAnxRbYZVq25

We got to be together for 4 hours now. We were excited to dance to a slow song and we blushed. but we danced to it while the guys were winning another heart. Win-win i... Guess? Yeah, sure, why not!copyright protection132PENANAqZnGP7xhC3

The end.copyright protection132PENANAcWDAkSH1Vx

Comments ( 6 )

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - This was so beautiful, best yuri, 11/10, would WATCH this anime!
1 year agoreply

Maria3313 - This is cancer, I love it. I can see you're an amateur with horrible romance, but the plot is terrible, none the less. #HybridApproved
1 year agoreply

Flow - My mind refuses to follow this story in a rational way.
1 year agoreply

The Virtual Shadow - Than it worked :D
1 year agoreply

The Virtual Shadow - I don't even know what I created.
1 year agoreply

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - A monster-piece?
1 year agoreply