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Romance can't be that bad... Can it?
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Romance can't be that bad... Can it?
Submission Closed
A - A - A
Not at all cliche
Nov 10, 2016
5 Mins Read
1,025 Words
No Plagiarism!zR0lRqywmBfY22l1Vhcmposted on PENANA

It’s undeniable that I, Skylyr Jane Plain, am the true epitome of my name. What with my dazzling red hair that looked as if I am fresh out of hairdresser everyday, or the two ugly emeralds for eyes. I mean, I wear glasses! It’s truly to wonder I have no boyfriend. Especially since having a hot hunky boyfriend is my true and ultimate goal in life.copyright protection142PENANAjGAvtAHIHs

Gawd, I hate my life.copyright protection142PENANAhgjhBbIaI4

‘’Skylyr,’’ I hear my hippie/painter/cool Mom shout. ‘’Come eat the breakfast I bought with money I don’t know  where we got from because I don’t do anything but sit around with my hippie friends and smoke weed all day.’’copyright protection142PENANALY2O1nPXF2

Shouting okay to my Mom I quickly search through my clothes for the outcast-est clothes I could find, because God Forbid I wear something pink that the mean popular bimbos in my school swear by. I mean, I must show that we hate each other.copyright protection142PENANAjYJTtctaVb

I rush downstairs and ignore the versatile breakfast my Mom prepared because I’m obviously late (Gawd, who likes waking up early?!), grab an apple and rush outside. Hopping into my ugly, old and possibly dangerous to drive truck and start my journey to school.copyright protection142PENANACcrWu38cdR

The whole school turns around as my ugly truck rumble as I park it. They are laughing and pointing fingers and I duck my head behind my hair because I’m obviously shy and absolutely lacking the backbone. Just then I bump into someone, and the papers I magically appeared in my hands scatter around, while I’m sent to the ground with an embarrassing thud.copyright protection142PENANAgZPjNQHDOm

The fall must have done something to my head because everything is in slow motion once I raise my eyes, and spot the most haunting/gorgeous eyes of a boy. A hunk I mean, definite a hunk. His body is like sculpted by Michelangelo himself, twelve-packs clearly visible under his tight shirt (twelve!), his hair a disheveled mess of black, styled perfectly which means he rolled out of bed like this. My cheeks blushed like fire when our eyes met, but I noticed with a twist in my heart that his gorgeous face is now scowling.copyright protection142PENANAG7lp0OCuZy

‘’Watch it nerd!’’he said, and I was a goner. I mean, how wouldn't I be, it’s fate!copyright protection142PENANAFCL7zfaHso

He rushes past me without offering to collect my papers, and I stare after him in awe, my head dizzy from all the hunkiest and slow motion. Luckily my one and only friend Basil runs to my aid.copyright protection142PENANAzJno2bfKP3

‘’Guurrl, damn! Check out Mr. Hotty McHot’’ he said and I roll my eyes because my non-existing backbone springs alive towards my friends. Picking up my papers, I get up. ‘’Gurl, hold up!’’copyright protection142PENANA7wasVbhyGh

Basil racks around his backpack for a bit and present me with a bedazzler. Whirling it around like gun, he bedazzles my notebook just because he is so into sparkling stuff.copyright protection142PENANA6mTRts7Eaz

‘’Come on,’’Basil pulls my hand, ‘’let’s go inside so we can gossip and talk about fashion since that’s all I can be into!’’copyright protection142PENANA2Jiq8lBn5r

I scoff at him but hurry along.copyright protection142PENANArdXCFTNXru

We settle into our classroom and the teacher walks in followed by a guy. My eyes bulge like saucepans. It’s him! It’t that arrogant jerk I’m head over heels for!copyright protection142PENANAeyQ7pkAxYL

‘’Settle down class, we have a new student today,’’ the teacher says and everybody focuses on said student. ‘’Now, tell us something about yourself, like the your favorite color because that’s oh so relevant!’’copyright protection142PENANA60uprDK20Q

‘’My name is Wolfric Wolfstone. I live in a huge mansion in the woods even though I am a teenager. My parents must obey my every single Word, and…’’ he scratches the back of his head vigorously, his pink tongue peeking between his lips. My mouth waters. ‘’Ooh, my friends and I are super into Greek alphabet.’’copyright protection142PENANAus3s4JlSGN

Gawd, he is perfect!copyright protection142PENANAmVld3LxDiw

‘’Okay, Mr. Wolfstone, please take a seat next to Skylyr because you two are obviously meant to be.’’copyright protection142PENANAopxTOYwy1x

My breath hitches as he slowly approaches to me, my vision threatening to blur. A smell of earth and chocolate embraces me and he slowly slides into the seat next to me, and I suddenly feel the insurmountable need to touch him.copyright protection142PENANApv0sY4ckXT

‘’What are you doing’’ He snaps and I blinked to find my palm pressed against his face. His mouth opens to shout at me but our eyes meet, and I hastily pull my back back like touched by fire. He breaths heavily, sniffing the air and his grey eyes turn wild, like animal, dark as the night. He growls, literally growls and it’s the sexiest sound I have ever heard in my life.copyright protection142PENANA7kOtxRf5vx

‘’Mine!’’ He shouts possesively and I think I just melt a little.copyright protection142PENANACTX9NL7kk8

Suddenly he’s up on his feet, large hot hand clasping mine and he is pulling me towards the door. My teacher says nothing, because he obviously owns her, and I? I follow him without complain because why would I do anything else?copyright protection142PENANASJEScDWpXT

He stuffs me in a janitor closet because that’s where all the high shcool drama happens, and presses his hot body against mine.copyright protection142PENANAi4d6xLYNRt

‘’Listen little gitl, go home, pack your things’’ He said and I nod, lost in the grey pools of his eyes. ‘’You are going to live with me now. I don’t partically like you, but I need you to be close to me. I’m going to treat you bad, be possesive-borderline crazy. Youa re going to be kidnapped once or twice, and I’ll probably understand your worht only then. You’ll be miserable but it doesn’t matter cause you have to love me.’’copyright protection142PENANAktnhCb3Kvn

I nod again and again, his every word hitting home. How romantic! No one has ever threated me this way, so lovingly and possesively. So what If I’m giving up my freedom, my opinion, my loving mother, my whole life just so I can be with a guy!copyright protection142PENANASn7xfkacJ7

It’s called true love!copyright protection142PENANA52cj9K57xW

‘’I love you Wolfric!’’copyright protection142PENANABSpYa1adLF

‘’I don’t Skylyr,’’ he says arrogantly. ‘’But you’re mine.’’copyright protection142PENANABE3Jci3nvN

Comments ( 9 )

Flow - "I wuv you"
"I don't"

1 year agoreply

1 year agoreply

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - Scary...this story was also cool how the characters recognized they were scripted.
1 year agoreply

CatchMeIfYouCan - Thanks. Suprisingly, it wasn't easy to write this!! My inside editor was pulling my hair and yelling ''Stahp!'' :p
1 year agoreply

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - @CatchMeIfYouCan, You did good, I know that couldn't have been easy!
1 year agoreply

CatchMeIfYouCan - @Kokiri-Hylian-Hero, a girl thanks you :)
1 year agoreply

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - @CatchMeIfYouCan, The girl's welcome! :-}
1 year agoreply

Maria3313 - This one feels like a really bad hybrid of Fifty Shades of Grey and Twilight! I love it! This one also has the cliche-est characters so far!
1 year agoreply

CatchMeIfYouCan - Thanks! :D I refused to read both those books, it's my little revolution against bad literature. 
1 year agoreply