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A Dreamer's Knight II - Machinations
Writer Alan T. Tryth
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A Dreamer's Knight II - Machinations
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Foreword: The Best Intentions
Alan T. Tryth
Nov 8, 2016
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!HJT14YS1r9fN6GpYXqBnposted on PENANA

In my years as a Dreamer, I've noticed quite a bit of controversy regarding the existence of the Elsewhere Incorporate, at least on worlds where the Elsewhere's existence is well known.copyright protection55PENANAF22QaqM3MK

I suppose this is to be expected. We are, after all, a complex group of individuals. We can alter the fabric of the mainstream with a mere thought, travel through the timestream at will (though accuracy tends to be an issue), and have the unique ability to enter the dream realm at will without the usual nixil symbiosis.copyright protection55PENANAwuuqvzonBP

Some believe we receive some kind of power boost through our actions, that we are somehow feeding off the happiness we create. Others think that we may be nice at the moment, but ultimately are out to destroy or conquer the universe. Still others think Dreamers are demons who set up Faustian deals with the people we help, subsequently damning them to whatever version of hell their religion touts.copyright protection55PENANAxQCDw1Cure

While I could go through each and refute each of these theories (particularly the last, as working in league with the demons and devils of the Burning Pits would be a clear violation of the Sunset Accord), when it comes down to it, we neither need nor want the approval of the mainstream to continue helping it thrive and prosper. We offer assistance; it is ultimately the norms we assist who choose whether or not to accept our help.copyright protection55PENANAS7gUYrlKu8

Most of the more negative of these claims originate from religious zealots who view anything even remotely magical as the work of whatever boogeyman their religion supports. I find this more than a little hypocritical, seeing as most of these religions have messianic figures who are obviously practitioners of some kind of magic. Walking on water, navigating through the timestream, and even flying are considered okay as long as they are called 'miracles' instead of 'magic'. Oh, well. 'Typical norm logic', as Two would say.copyright protection55PENANAv1CZs8zQwa

I suppose this still leaves the question of why; why do Dreamers do what we do? I can't give you an honest answer, because I honestly don't know what motivates the other Dreamers. It is a rather personal question. To those who wonder this, however, I would ask a question or two of my own: does the motivation truly matter as long as the end result is good? Must a person claim guidance from a deity to do the right thing?copyright protection55PENANAG30jHxkj1M

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