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A Dreamer's Knight II - Machinations
Writer Alan T. Tryth
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A Dreamer's Knight II - Machinations
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Chapter 1 - Restless
Alan T. Tryth
Nov 8, 2016
12 Mins Read
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It was a beautiful night in the great forests of Ircandesta. The sky was clear, the moons were bright, and the air was cool and dry. The wind whispered softly as it wove through the folded leaves of the massive chronoan trees surrounding Yuna Lake.copyright protection127PENANAp8xklKcxwH

A young tigreth woman stepped hesitantly from the cover of the trees, her folded clothes clutched to her naked bosom. Although the color of her fur was hard to make out, the light of the moons caught on the white patch of fur that covered her stomach, chest, and ended just above her nose.copyright protection127PENANA2Rcp3khnbB

Her cat-like ears twitched as she listened intently for something beyond the normal sounds of the forest. She set her clothes on a smooth rock near the edge of the lake, and with a final glance at the forest around her, she stepped into the tranquil water.copyright protection127PENANARxi4NdlChY

"Thank the Creator." she breathed as the cool liquid washed over her road-worn body, "I feel like I haven't had a bath in ages."copyright protection127PENANARH6p1s9eZG

The young tigreth maiden waded into the lake until the water came up to her stomach. She hummed softly as she cleaned herself in the cool water. As she started to wash her hair, however, her ears twitched. She froze for a moment before looking around only to find the lake and the forest as empty as ever.copyright protection127PENANAV2x8sBsKYD

The tigreth maiden let out a light-hearted laugh and resumed cleaning herself only to stop a few seconds later. This time she was certain she could hear something.copyright protection127PENANAlPbEUYRfB8

After a few moments of looking around only to find herself alone, her gaze rose to the night sky. The stars were shining brightly, as were the three of Vinta's moons that were currently visible. After a few seconds, however, it was clear that one of the stars was much brighter than the others. In fact, it was growing brighter by the second.copyright protection127PENANAetQlSSN16N

The tigreth maiden stared at the star a few moments, her ears continuing to twitch as the subtle whine in the air grew louder and louder. She wanted to run, but her innate curiousity made it impossible to tear her gaze away from the falling object.copyright protection127PENANAI2QfaiQC2P

A strange wind began to blow around the lake. It started as a whisper, but in a matter of moments grew into a gust that shook the limbs of all the trees.copyright protection127PENANAgoFs2zrTP2

A particularly old limb was blown free and hit the ground with a crash that brought her back to her senses. Finally tearing her eyes away from the shining light, the tigreth maiden moved toward the shore. The wind stirred up the water of the lake, making it hard to keep her footing. Desperation on her face, the tigreth maiden fought through the rippling water and rushing wind.copyright protection127PENANA24vSpoLdqR

The brilliant light slammed into the lake just as the girl leapt from the edge of the lake and landed with feline precision behind the rock where her clothes lay. The impact sent water in all directions. Fortunately, the girl had the forethought to grab her clothes before they were soaked.copyright protection127PENANA08UQo49eHc

As the wind died down and the surface of the lake began to calm, the tigreth maiden stepped tentatively out from behind the rock. She clutched her clothes to her chest as she approached the edge of the lake, her eyes searching for whatever had just interrupted her bath.copyright protection127PENANA4YAJqCjRw8

Something broke through the surface of the lake. After a few moments, it became clear that it wasn't something but someone. By the light of the moons, she could make out the smooth-skinned face of a young Galden man, apparently unconscious.copyright protection127PENANAUycqrCOcPe

Dropping her clothes, Teria rushed into the lake and swam toward the still figure as fast as she could. She grabbed his arms, but abruptly let go when her hands touched metal.copyright protection127PENANA4PmYGK3PZK

"He's a scrap." She whispered, looking with interest at the young man's metal arms.copyright protection127PENANA14JCN9f61L

Shaking her head, she grabbed him under his shoulders and dragged him to the shore of the lake.copyright protection127PENANAfVkslL4aYU

She pressed an ear to his chest and listened for sounds of breathing. Hearing none, she put both hands on his chest and pushed hard once … twice … three times. Tilting his head back, she put her mouth to his and blew as hard as she could.copyright protection127PENANAp2JL0qw4fw

He still wasn't breathing. Worried, the tigreth started to blow another breath into the boy when he coughed right into her open mouth.copyright protection127PENANAOhByToH8vJ

"Ew!" She fell back, wiping her mouth as the boy sputtered back to life.copyright protection127PENANAULEed00ibY

He pushed himself over and promptly retched lake water. The tigreth maiden patted him on the back as he fought to regain his breath.copyright protection127PENANAcA0Wm1mT5C

"Thank you." he breathed once he got the water out of his lungs. As he looked up at his savior, his cheeks went bright red. "I-I … I …."copyright protection127PENANApUT1sNpaWV

"What?" Looking down, she realized that in her hurry to help the boy, she had forgotten that she was still naked.copyright protection127PENANATRHy5Uz5dK

With a yelp, she darted back behind the rock and started clawing around for where she had set her clothes.copyright protection127PENANA3qk4mG5Jzb

The young man picked her clothes off the ground and approached the tigreth maiden slowly, careful to keep the rock between them. His eyes averted and his cheeks crimson, he held the clothes out to her. "Are these yours?"copyright protection127PENANAlZ5f0x3qH0

She kept her eyes on his as she stepped out from behind the rock and snatched the clothes from his grasp. Once she had darted back behind the rock, she said, "Thanks. What's your name, anyway?"copyright protection127PENANAmBR39WYI2c

"My name is …" The boy's face fell. He ran a metal hand through his long unkempt hair, looking pained.copyright protection127PENANAs5CNaZufI3

Slipping her shirt on over her damp fur, she asked, "What's a matter? Don't tell me you have amnesia."copyright protection127PENANAq43wk43nvL

The boy shook his head. "It's not that. I just …"copyright protection127PENANAoRnfUwbTfd

She gave an impatient snort as she tied her shirt into a makeshift top. "Do you know who you are or not?"copyright protection127PENANA5IjHvtHZJp

"I'm Glen Gineros."copyright protection127PENANA3au7GPbKdG

"Your name's Gineros? You a sentient or something?"copyright protection127PENANAvBxSQsp1lF

"What's a sentient?" Glen asked, looking perplexed.copyright protection127PENANAfrnz8T3QSN

"How could you not know what a sentient is? Are you from another planet or something?"copyright protection127PENANAgWXK3DAenN

Hearing nothing but silence, the tigreth gave an exasperated snort and stepped out from behind the rock to get a look at the young man.copyright protection127PENANAUTosMeVcgg

He was looking at Everblue, an odd look of wonder on his face.copyright protection127PENANARwHe6Q79G0

"What?" She asked, looking up at the moon, "What's wrong with you?"copyright protection127PENANAXWWUHZyheV

"I think you're right."copyright protection127PENANA49PtBBIwNY

"Of course I'm right. Wait, what was I right about?"copyright protection127PENANANEvvTBm0L3

"I think I'm from another planet."copyright protection127PENANA0IZXDHXbZb

The girl didn't seem perturbed by this, small surprise seeing as she had witnessed his unusual arrival. She sighed and rubbed her eyes. "Great. I got peeped by an alien."copyright protection127PENANA73kWxVyfsm

"I'm not a … I didn't …" the boy flushed. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-"copyright protection127PENANAeg1JLUk7V6

"To fall out of the sky into the lake so that I had to haul your butt out and give you mouth-to-mouth?" A grin slid across her face. "So, how was it anyway?'copyright protection127PENANAbWPbTsSQDR

"How was what?"copyright protection127PENANA1LVlHshgIK

"Your first kiss."copyright protection127PENANACW0DFMx0Us

"I …" the boy's whole face went red. Coughing, he asked, "So what planet is this, anyway?"copyright protection127PENANA65oVgio981

"Vinta. It's a nice place." Her face fell. "Well, usually. It kinda sucks when your parents are on your case, y'know?"copyright protection127PENANA0aMWwupOK7

"I never knew my parents." The boy said, sounding a little sad. "The closest thing I ever had to a family was my team, but I guess that doesn't matter anymore."copyright protection127PENANAym3z0JlxJg

Teria leaned toward him, her hands behind her back as she peered at up at his downcast face. "You wanna talk about it?"copyright protection127PENANA0QlpMCHaLQ

"Not really."copyright protection127PENANAcM1ZIxt8le

After a few moments, she kissed him on the cheek.copyright protection127PENANAfUBjuB2Q9L

He looked up with surprise in his eyes.copyright protection127PENANA6aBszo4hyQ

"Life can suck sometimes," She said kindly, "but you can't let it keep you down."copyright protection127PENANA8KC9JlHdt3

"You're right," the boy admitted, "but-"copyright protection127PENANArIY21sE4iN

"But? But? There's no but. You just got kissed by a beautiful lady twice. Isn't that enough to cheer you up?"copyright protection127PENANAPpXrRxPWPn

The boy let out a light-hearted chuckle. Rubbing his spiky hair with a metal hand, he said, "I guess the only thing to do is to start over again."copyright protection127PENANANY8p8SLP5e

"That's the spirit!" The girl gave the boy a hearty smack on his back. "And you can start by being my protector."copyright protection127PENANATwXSzZkd3D

The boy gave her an incredulous look. "Excuse me?"copyright protection127PENANA1T2YkUwaRm

"My protector. You know, my bodyguard." Her eyes narrowed. "Or were you just gonna abandon me out here?"copyright protection127PENANAxEkG4syPiD

"O-of course not, but I don't even know your name."copyright protection127PENANA4ca24J1pX5

"Easily fixed." She thrust her hand at him. "Teria Celes Myssohn."copyright protection127PENANA2YY5Xj0ttR

"Call me Glen," He said as he shook her hand.copyright protection127PENANAQ1waHBDgqV

She gave him a crooked grin. "Glen, huh? Strange name, but it's got a good sound to it."copyright protection127PENANAUv84xcOzBM

The world began to blur. The night sky melted away into the beautiful twilight of the dream realm. The lake vanished, replaced with the edges of the floating island. The Chronoan trees faded until one remained, which slowly shrank into a single oak tree.copyright protection127PENANAFDKEJIXJcr

One sat up suddenly, accidentally knocking Nixil off his lap in the process.copyright protection127PENANAB2s8caJQqa

"Gyaah!" Nixil bounced off the ground like a small rubber ball. After recovering from the initial shock, he flew up to One's face, bat-like wings flapping angrily. "Hey! What's the big idea?"copyright protection127PENANALkFTpd6eNH

"Sorry, Nixil." One said apologetically, "I was having a strange dream."copyright protection127PENANA0tlL74t5OF

"Of course you were dreaming! This is the dream realm! Just being here is technically dreaming, you moron!" With an angry snort, Nixil flew off toward the Solarius, the distant sun that hung in the very center of the dream realm.copyright protection127PENANAwqIZyU9hKA

Sighing, One fell back against the trunk of his oak tree. The dream … no, the memory had played out in his eyes like a reel from a movie. He was regaining his memories, but how? Luck had the ring. Was she doing this for some reason?copyright protection127PENANArwV7qklwz8

He had vaguely remembered falling into a lake during his first visit to Vinta, but he didn't remember it actually being Yuna Lake. He certainly hadn't remembered that Teria had been there to fish him out. It was ironic his next visit to the planet would see him arriving in a lake as well, Rinoa Lake in Homestead..copyright protection127PENANAezBzlJEOOs

Just thinking about their first encounter brought a chuckle to his lips; she hadn't changed a bit since then, at least not personality-wise.copyright protection127PENANAulSckr7uIS

"I wonder if she's doing okay." One mused.copyright protection127PENANA4ap0hPlCmU

"What about Luck?"copyright protection127PENANALAun9P6ODV

"I like her. I like her a lot, but …" One stopped abruptly and turned to see to whom he was speaking.copyright protection127PENANAh8gakBBs6j

A black-robed figure stepped out from the shadows cast by the oak tree. One was on his feet in an instant, Headache materializing on his arms.copyright protection127PENANAkauJbLzwoV

The figure lowered his gaze to the units encasing One's arms. "Ah, One's infamous Headache. The grapple beam still giving you problems?"copyright protection127PENANAqavUxFJEtn

"Who are you?" One demanded.copyright protection127PENANAzLwQVQswiy

"Forgive me. I am told that I have something of an unsettling manner." The figure pulled off its hood, revealing a surprisingly youthful face and a head of long, white hair. "As you can see, I am unarmed."copyright protection127PENANAQDJkmU6Vqv

"That doesn't mean much in the dream realm."copyright protection127PENANARRFmLc2vQw

The robed boy let out a laugh. "True enough. However, I give you my word I'm not here to give you any trouble."copyright protection127PENANATqhphcgJIz

Lowering Headache slightly, One asked, "How did you get to my nexus point?"copyright protection127PENANAhyc0TzUZul

"You invited me. Indirectly, of course. You can call me Mixe, by the way." Mixe bowed to One. "And you are the Dreamer known as Narrator Number One."copyright protection127PENANAvlcaIYnLue

"Are you a Dreamer?" One asked.copyright protection127PENANAhnEyNVL3Eu

Mixe shrugged. "Something like that, yes."copyright protection127PENANADW2PWWoRWT

Chuckling, One lowered Headache. "I thought I was supposed to be the cryptic one."copyright protection127PENANAcrfoBYnYJR

"Actually, I've always felt you were refreshingly straight-forward." Mixe sat down and rested his back against the tree. "You see a problem and you hit it dead on, no delay. I know some consider it a flaw, but I've always believed it your greatest strength."copyright protection127PENANAd1fRA2Nl6s

One wasn't sure what to say to that, so he just sat down beside Mixe.copyright protection127PENANAPJoSzlOXcK

After a few moments, the boy said, "The dream realm is as lovely as ever, I see. I've always loved the perpetual twilight."copyright protection127PENANARoc7NN5aMP

When One didn't respond, Mixe chuckled. "Now, now. It's not like you to be so quiet."copyright protection127PENANA2ZQhRqkFMq

"No one was supposed to know where I was. Even if they did, I don't let just anyone into my nexus point."copyright protection127PENANA7BawuJRiH3

The boy raised his eyebrows. "Really? Then I guess I'm flattered. I love what you've done with the tree."copyright protection127PENANA3zsgGg3MrQ

One opened his mouth to deliver an annoyed response, but Mixe quickly raised his hand. "I just thought you might appreciate a friendly ear, especially after what happened with Luck.copyright protection127PENANABtPsLHT5mF

"How do you know about Luck?"copyright protection127PENANAwuhH0LqR48

"Ukaroh."copyright protection127PENANAV7HoooEra5

A pang shot through One's heart at the mention of his ex-girlfriend. "Ukaroh? You've seen her?"copyright protection127PENANAiMz7fkP8qb

"Indeed. She's still keeping tabs on you, y'know."copyright protection127PENANAOXF5EGQ5xU

"How …"copyright protection127PENANAet2VRqjwSu

"How is she?" Mixe asked, raising an eyebrow.copyright protection127PENANABahbiwv7FW

One nodded silently.copyright protection127PENANAitUYyzEoEc

Mixe considered a moment. "She's definitely gotten better at guitar. Now that she's dyed her hair blue, she looks like someone out of one of Wong's anime shows. Oh, and she's still upgrading that old motorcycle of hers with any technology she thinks will make it faster … or more dangerous. It's hard to tell with Ukaroh."copyright protection127PENANAiTGlOxL84D

"It always is. I'm glad to hear she's doing well." One said, but it sounded forced even to him. When he had refused to leave the Elsewhere with her, she had left him without a second glance. Even after a few decades, it still stung.copyright protection127PENANADFNUQ5rmc6

They watched the clouds in silence for a few moments.copyright protection127PENANAjvzdu7M9wr

One let out a sigh. "What should I do?"copyright protection127PENANAlPk1a9zViD

"About Luck? To be honest, I'm not sure. Your situation is … complicated."copyright protection127PENANAzVjmQashxF

When it became clear that Mixe wasn't going to continue, One let out a snort. "Thanks for that, Mixe. Here I was getting worried."copyright protection127PENANAoQbX4F5RPC

"It is a rather personal affair." Mixe said in mild tones, "If Luck doesn't want to be found, let's face it; you aren't going to find her. If you can't find her, there's not much of a relationship going on, is there?"copyright protection127PENANAjarEcBOMx6

Shaking his head, One said, "Something about the Breath of Fire scared her, but why?"copyright protection127PENANAq62JtSTVar

"Maybe it just scared her. It is an intimidating machine."copyright protection127PENANAByiMwmsBeh

"Pssh. Luck's faced worse things than that."copyright protection127PENANAdysEcEg1rN

"Perhaps it wasn't the Breath of Fire that scared her, but rather what the Breath of Fire represents."copyright protection127PENANA7RUaAn3ujd

One glanced at Mixe curiously. "And what does the Breath of Fire represent?"copyright protection127PENANAWVLeHiBaTP

"What indeed." After a few moments of silence, Mixe stood up. "Well, I'd better be on my way."copyright protection127PENANAr7oTMAy2B0

"Wait a sec!" One scrambled to his feet. "If you know something about this, just tell me already!"copyright protection127PENANAQJRLTs9WWs

"It's not for me to tell, One. Don't worry, though; I'm sure you'll figure it out eventually." With a final bow, Mixe vanished.copyright protection127PENANAaSnW75eIf8

131Please respect copyright.PENANAyHfWB1xa49

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