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A Dreamer's Knight II - Machinations
Writer Alan T. Tryth
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A Dreamer's Knight II - Machinations
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Chapter 3 - The Joys of Politics
Alan T. Tryth
Nov 10, 2016
14 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!u1rJorHLJppEWI6Km98kposted on PENANA

Teria awoke with a start as Kajex slammed his fist against the table.copyright protection58PENANAoQBouxWZ4k

“We can’t just let this slide!” the sentient prince shouted, his eyes literally red. “Ronisgald must answer for this affront to us all!”copyright protection58PENANAmzlNiKfZvY

Sighing, Jyle replied for the fourth time, “We have no way of knowing whether or not the actions taken by the Galden Security Force were sanctioned by their government.”copyright protection58PENANAoVClEJ61Se

Teria let out a snort and laid her head back on her folded arms. She had heard this argument three times already: someone would say that Ronisgald should be held accountable, to which someone would quote some obscure passage of the All Nations Alliance Charter. The two would go back and forth until most of the council on their feet and screaming at each other. Jyle would regain order, bringing them right back to the beginning of the cycle.copyright protection58PENANAlh5XFzvCyz

 There was no argument that Galden were responsible for the incident at the ravine, nor that Ronisgald owed the rest of Vinta an explanation (especially seeing as they didn’t bother sending a delegation for the Council), but no one seemed to be able to decide what they should do about it.copyright protection58PENANAWU8iIq3Xqz

Kajex suggested nothing less than all-out war, while Counciller Dreas of the Cleftan Region was in favor of a more economic punishment: embargoes and the like. King Iniagus of Wenapaj felt that since no harm had come to those kidnapped, everything was fine. Shae, the delegate from Rimstak who had been captured by the Galden force, didn’t want to act at all until it was discovered whether the Galden encountered at the ravine were acting as part of Ronisgald or as a rogue group.copyright protection58PENANAWOuya9hgaa

Teria’s attention started wandering during the second cycle of this argument. She was about as interested in politics as a durien was in table manners.copyright protection58PENANAvwrAt7aYJI

From the looks of it, she wasn’t the only one who felt that way; Mikaen and Tirinia had clearly stopped paying attention to the proceedings as well, though Teria suspected this had more to do with their recent engagement than the boring nature of politics. They sat close, their whispers barely audible. Every so often, Tirinia would blush and let out a hushed giggle.copyright protection58PENANAyGDHZm82jy

It was so good to see Tirinia happy. For awhile there, Teria thought her sister would be too shy to ever even try to find a mate. Her eyes caught momentarily on the engagement pendant Mikaen had given Tirinia: a crystalline seed from the chronoan tree that housed Muonsol’s royalty.copyright protection58PENANABgn6Oxf6Op

Councilor Dreas hit the table hard, jarring Teria from her thoughts. She wasn’t terribly familiar with the Cleftan Region but she was always tickled by the way Cleftans dressed. Both representatives were covered head to toe with all manner of clothing so that not even an inch of skin was visible. They even wore tinted goggles to cover their eyes.copyright protection58PENANAhjVJUpQ5oA

Dreas rose to his feet, the colorful plumage of his turban bobbing with every movement of his head. “Enough of this pointless debate! Even if the Galden government wasn’t behind the attack, there were Galden soldiers involved. In the very least, the Triumvates should apologize for his rogue soldiers.”copyright protection58PENANANWgrEfNMi7

“Councilor Dreas, “ Jyle said, massaging his temples, “By no means am I trying to trivialize the actions of the Galden nation. The kidnapping of the Council members was an attack on us all … or perhaps you didn’t know that my daughter had been taken as well?”copyright protection58PENANAkUnH0cffj3

Dreas was silent for a moment. Teria wondered if he (or she … it was hard to tell with Cleftans) was too stunned to speak.copyright protection58PENANAFAnBjh19mp

Eventually Dreas sat back down. “My apologies.”copyright protection58PENANAJam0C0gqMy

“Look,” Jyle said, rubbing his temples, “I want answers as much as the rest of you. However, blithely accusing another nation of deliberate sabotage is no small matter. As all of you are undoubtedly aware-”copyright protection58PENANAy7tWPt84Js

Tirinia let out a giggle loud enough to draw attention from the other delegates. She blushed crimson in the ensuing silence while Mikaen did his best to look innocent.copyright protection58PENANA7p2u1lM2v9

Jyle frowned at the both of them. “As all of you who’ve been paying attention are undoubtedly aware, relations with Ronisgald have been strained for awhile now. We have to handle this situation very delicately.”copyright protection58PENANAsfkOgWPwmC

Teria yawned loud enough to catch everyone’s gaze. Letting her head rest on her arms, she asked, “Are we done yet?”copyright protection58PENANA5VJyRy20DL

Flushing, Jyle said, “This is not a laughing matter.”copyright protection58PENANAsKbvfcQ1em

“The whole kidnapping thing? No, I agree it's not a laughing matter. The endless rounds of arguing and bickering about treaties and honor? It isn’t funny, but it’s definitely boring.” Teria glanced around the room, particularly at Dreas and Kajex. Even Dreas managed to look a little offended, no small feat considering his face was completely covered.copyright protection58PENANAaHCuvSrlpO

“Do you have a suggestion?” Jyle asked, glaring at Teria.copyright protection58PENANAXvJH4Bg6BT

“Well, like Shae said, we need more information.”copyright protection58PENANAS4D3zTfqUu

“What are you being of suggestion?” Shae asked, fully aware of Teria's penchant for causing trouble.copyright protection58PENANAN5bpAHi13I

“Simple. We send someone to go check out what’s going on over there … subvertly, of course. Sneak in, get information, and get out. If nothing’s going on, then we’re in the clear. If it’s something else, knowing their plan would give us a definite edge.”copyright protection58PENANAP0dzIhaYoM

“Spying on another country?” said King Iniagus, his magnificent red mustache quivering at the very thought. “My dear kitten, that would be a clear violation of section 3, article 2 of the All Nations Alliance Charter.”copyright protection58PENANASgQwkqpzQj

“Well, what would you suggest?” Teria asked, bristling slightly over being called ‘kitten’, “Sit here on our collective asses and wait for them to try something else?”copyright protection58PENANA4Epg3ZXm10

Shaking his head, Jyle said, “Without clear evidence that the Ronisgald Government was behind the kidnapping-”copyright protection58PENANA4Q1iqKABJY

“Here we go again.” Shaking her head, Teria stood and headed for the door. “I’m gonna go get lunch.”copyright protection58PENANAnBfe7zFx9w

Jyle stammered, “Wait! You can’t just-”copyright protection58PENANARdagtegrBh

Opening the door, Teria glanced back at him over her shoulder. “If you manage to quit squabbling long enough to actually decide something, send someone to find me, ‘kay? Thanks.”copyright protection58PENANAsF8uYyeyaX

She walked through the door and slammed it behind her before the Cygros could respond.Shaking her head, Teria set off down the corridor.copyright protection58PENANAwxzMMHlseu

Councils, delegates, Galden soldiers digging up dreadnaughts ... Teria was starting to miss the good old days where her biggest worry was preparing for the Longshore Melee.copyright protection58PENANAY6I8mcnDDY

Mikaen and Tirinia caught up with Teria a few minutes later.copyright protection58PENANAU6E3ACCPaM

“I was wondering when you were gonna get sick of it.” Teria commented with her arms behind her head as they approached.copyright protection58PENANAMHkmt73Pzi

“They called a recess.” said Mikaen, his arm around Tirinia’s shoulder. “Nice exit, by the way.”copyright protection58PENANAjxo1GLd3pR

“Yeah, well … politics aren’t my thing. Give me a few soldiers that need a good smack upside the head, and I’m set. All that page thirteen, sub-paragraph bureaucratic bullcrap bores the hell outta me.” Teria shrugged, smiling. “At least you two seemed to be enjoying yourselves.”copyright protection58PENANA1jXGnyiZnt

“Mikaen was telling me some stories about his friends in the Knights of the Star.” Tirinia said, “Mostly about Jyle and one of his old girlfriends.”copyright protection58PENANALab6xFdBuM

Mikaen smiled. “Jade Siercka. Jade and Jyle were always a good conversation topic at the Knight’s Headquarters back in Misakren. They were always breaking up … very loudly, I might add.”copyright protection58PENANATOjiP0434t

“I can believe it.” Teria replied, glancing back in the general direction of the Council chamber.copyright protection58PENANAV6NTMar49P

“We were gonna get some lunch in the marketplace.” Tirinia said, “You wanna come with?”copyright protection58PENANAyV0J1xoe8S

Teria shook her head, a crooked grin on her face. “Ah, you two go on ahead. I’d just get in the way.”copyright protection58PENANA12GllwlpAp

“Come on, Teria.” Mikaen persisted, “It’s my treat. Besides, I’m sure you have a few stories about your sister that I’d just love to hear.”copyright protection58PENANATvvHohRQm1

“Well, there was that time during the Solstice festival-” Teria said, her grin spreading across her face.copyright protection58PENANAGUXGEYe2dn

Tirinia’s cheeks burned red through her almost-white fur. She quickly grabbed Mikaen’s hand and pulled him away. Teria chuckled to herself as they disappeared down the hallway.copyright protection58PENANAVfpCAK9WaJ

“What’s the joke?”copyright protection58PENANAl4fRLE9Cvw

She turned to see Maxim Windstar. He was accompanied this time by his wife, Lya Saetras.copyright protection58PENANAEbqBS4A77O

Lya was a typical Vyan: blue skin, beautiful masses of hair flowing from her head and the back of her arms and legs, and gills. Her gills, however, were cybernetic. Teria didn’t know the details of her augmentation, but she did know that Maxim and Lya had met while having their cybernetics upgraded.copyright protection58PENANAu23TFDEOzP

“I was just embarrassing my sister in front of her beau.” Teria replied. “What are you two up to?”copyright protection58PENANAyVTNMFsWiX

“We were going to go check on Tyrn and Rydiana.” Maxim said, slipping his real arm around Lya’s shoulders.copyright protection58PENANAsW9Ty2X894

“Huh. I’d let ‘em be for now,” Teria said, “Still in the honeymoon period, y’know. Wouldn’t want to walk in on anything.”copyright protection58PENANAXD70xNEcBd

Lya’s cheeks tinged purple. “I didn’t think about that.”copyright protection58PENANA2a9VYWAqST

“Speaking of avoiding people,” Maxim began, “I’d steer clear of Kajex and King Iniagus; they’re still in there arguing.”copyright protection58PENANAokPxdnzbwJ

“Iniagus.” Teria said contemptuously, “You’d swear that whack-job swallowed the entire friggin alliance treaty the way he keeps quoting it.”copyright protection58PENANAgumouUb87N

“Well,” Lya began, sounding uncomfortable, “He does have a point.”copyright protection58PENANAm9Xv5VrGmk

“Having a point’s fine, but he didn’t bother to suggest a solution. No harm, no foul’s not a good foreign policy, even if it does work in Wenapaj.” Teria stopped and laughed at herself. “Listen to me; I’ve been in the Council chamber for a few hours, and suddenly I’m acting like I know something.”copyright protection58PENANAzKEohSMR4j

Maxim chuckled appreciatively. “I’m sure we’ll come up with a plan.”copyright protection58PENANAAkNXIiSUrZ

“I just hope we do it before something else happens,” Teria said, expressing a concern she had kept quiet until now, “I’d hate to be caught off-guard if another one of those dreadnaughts shows up.”copyright protection58PENANAHO9FjeALUX

Shaking her head, she said, “Anyway, I’ll see ya’ll later, okay?”copyright protection58PENANA5tHKSZDFRH

As Lya and Maxim walked off, Teria let out a sigh. She hesitated as she passed by the doors that lead to the palace gardens. She was hungry, but she found herself pushing the door open and walking out into the cool air outside.copyright protection58PENANAZs2NpL6iFx

The palace gardens were well maintained. The winter flowers had begun to bloom, filling the gardens with blooms of purple, blue and white. The massive chronoan tree was unaffected by the weather, but its crystalline blue bark made it look like a giant icicle with branches and leaves.copyright protection58PENANAhnlq2FFDrz

After fifteen minutes of wandering, Teria came to a halt right next to the garden's only oak tree. Instantly, her thoughts turned to Narrator Number One. She’d seen neither hide nor hair of her old friend since the day after the kidnapping incident. It still burned her that he had forgotten her, but now that the brunt of the anger had passed, she found herself missing her old friend.copyright protection58PENANAAx3ihWhVC8

“Glen, Glen, Glen.” She whispered, laying her palm against the oak tree’s trunk. “What mischief are you up to?”copyright protection58PENANADCBFp0qwj6

After a few moments, she sighed again and turned to walk away. She stopped instantly, her jaw dropping. Narrator Number One was there, in the Royal Garden, walking toward her!copyright protection58PENANA4Btq1v5H8x

Teria rushed over to him and gave him a bear of a hug. “Glen! I was just thinking about you!”copyright protection58PENANAhJ4k1mhihU

“It’s good to see you again.” he whispered in her ear as he returned her embrace. It may have been her imagination, but it seemed like more than the sort of hug given to a friend.copyright protection58PENANArUw2zW30sm

She let him go and punched him in the arm, demanding, “What in Nocturnes took you so long?”copyright protection58PENANA6wXzWZ52He

“I just had some things I wanted to sort out-” His eyes narrowed. “Hey, wait a minute! I didn’t say I’d be coming back! In fact, I'm pretty sure I made it clear I was heading out for good.”copyright protection58PENANAzYXDiY0Ahh

She held her hands behind her back, twisting back and forth slightly with her most innocent expression on her face.copyright protection58PENANAuJb1MLXPMq

 One let out a sigh. “I was sleeping.”      copyright protection58PENANAcSWasTaxWR

“Sleeping?” she said incredulously, dropping her cute act, “It's been two months!”copyright protection58PENANALwPJa8HaJZ

“It’s hard to keep track of the passage of time in the Dream Realm. Besides, that’s nothing. Jay’s been asleep for years.” Sighing, One added, “Anyway, I came here to talk to you.”copyright protection58PENANArdIDeupckb

“Of course!” Teria felt her heart leap as she sat down beneath the tree, One sitting beside her a moment later.copyright protection58PENANACx4zIwtS4p

After a few minutes of silence, Teria asked, “So, you wanted to talk about …?”copyright protection58PENANAKQWAz6Iggr

“To be honest, I’m not sure myself. I was sleeping in the Dream Realm, just drifting really when I had an urge to come back here and check on you and the others. How is Mikaen?”copyright protection58PENANAgIFYmUtL6N

“Fine. Winged. Engaged to my sister.”copyright protection58PENANAXJl1i3yLWC

“I had a feeling he’d have proposed by now.” He glanced at her. “You doin’ okay?”copyright protection58PENANAbGt7g2eZju

Teria put her hands behind her head. “I’m me, same as ever. I missed you, though. It seemed like you were always just around the corner, and suddenly you weren’t there anymore.”copyright protection58PENANAqzd6yz01k7

“I’m sorry.”copyright protection58PENANAPiQaj8dRUa

“It’s okay. I know you must be busy with the whole ‘Dreamer’ thing.”copyright protection58PENANAu6QYe71s6k

They sat back against the tree in silence for a few moments before Teria asked, “So … you remember any more yet?”copyright protection58PENANAWxUaDsJEu4

“Not much.” One confessed. “I remember I landed in Yuna Lake while you were taking a bath, and that you bullied me into traveling with you.”copyright protection58PENANALjmCuFLIxG

“I didn't bully you, I manipulated you. It's totally different.” She met his gaze with a grin. “So, did we reach Transpere yet?”copyright protection58PENANAS2MI00P1sW

“Transpere?” One asked, sounding intruiged. “That's near the Cleftan Region isn't it? Why were we going there?”copyright protection58PENANAmpthz7KjLe

As she opened her mouth to answer him, an idestan messenger approached, saying, “Ah, Daughter Teria. The Council is about to reconvene.”copyright protection58PENANAnxyJa2pVKX

“Thank you.” Her polite demeanor dropped in an instant. “Now go away.”copyright protection58PENANABC0ol1ob3R

“Council?” One hit his head as the messenger scurried off. “Right, the Council. Duh. How’s that going anyway?”copyright protection58PENANA7phAHQHrat

She blew a raspberry at him as he helped her to her feet. “I’d say we’re going nowhere, but that would kinda imply that we might get there at some point. Iniagus keeps quoting treaty, Kajex is on the war path, and Jyle is trying so hard to mediate that we keep going in circles.”copyright protection58PENANAFx1dhbgG70

“Hmm.” One scratched his head. “Maybe I could help.”copyright protection58PENANADJDD7YEw9H

Teria’s ears twitched at the prospect. “What, with the Council? Isn’t that a bit much, even for you?”copyright protection58PENANAnh7EROvzfF

“Very funny. Look, Two and I were poking around with the Breath of Fire, and we found the pilot still in the cockpit.”copyright protection58PENANA3Vc49tgpan

Teria’s eyes went wide. “He was in there for two months?”copyright protection58PENANAqO64se37Kc

“From the smell of it, yes.”copyright protection58PENANAP7uWMlLhV1

Teria wrinkled her nose in disgust. “Yech. Glad I wasn’t there. Was he Galden?”copyright protection58PENANAXYWa36EkvO

“Not sure yet. There wasn’t much left. I left the body with a doctor friend of mine.” Grimacing, he added, “I should go see if he’s found anything yet. I could prepare a statement or something for the Council, if you think it might help.”copyright protection58PENANAHWDO0523cN

“By the Creator, yes, please. Anything to get this Council over with a little faster.”copyright protection58PENANAg1UKYG6KY1

 “I’ll see what I can come up with.” With a grin, One headed toward a door that had just appeared in a nearby hedge.copyright protection58PENANALV0I64OKok

“One!” Teria called out as One's hand closed on the door handle.copyright protection58PENANAy5gbUhhXkt

When he turned, she felt her cheeks grow hot as she said, “Look, I was kinda mean to you after you told me about … y'know, the memory loss thing.”copyright protection58PENANAKBvFlumsek

“You chased me through the Elsewhere.” One said, looking amused.copyright protection58PENANAuZguInyx7W

“I know, I know. I just … I'm sorry, okay? And thanks for still, y'know, being my friend after I treated you like crap.”copyright protection58PENANARG28SXp9VK

She was sure he'd make a joke to lighten the mood. As such, she was surprised when he said quite somberly, “Thank you for giving me another chance. For what it's worth, I'm glad I was able to see you again so soon.”copyright protection58PENANADFm8lHCHaR

With a final nod, he exited via the CPD. The door vanished moments later, leaving the hedge whole once more.copyright protection58PENANA2ERj8zGH6N

She stared at the hedge, lost in thought until she heard Tirinia's voice ask, “Teria?”copyright protection58PENANAEYtH7lFxvA

Teria turned to see Mikaen and Tirinia approaching. She considered telling them about One's appearance, but decided to simply wave and say, “Heya. What's up?”copyright protection58PENANAh8gDhBlUiv

Mikaen asked, “You ready for another round of politics?”copyright protection58PENANALkaCEibk0i

Teria glanced back at the hedge where One had vanished. Smiling, she walked past Mikaen and Tirinia. “We’ll see.”   copyright protection58PENANA7FhBmoX1Vt

They were the first to return to the chamber. Teria took her seat beside Tirinia and Shae and waited as the rest of the delegates filed inside the chamber.copyright protection58PENANABdBSRStdNM

Once everyone was seated, Jyle coughed and said, “We’ll resume … that is, if it’s okay with you, Teria.”copyright protection58PENANAJy7TaLcm5c

Teria waved her hand in a bored kind of way.copyright protection58PENANAFdRWPelNgg

Rolling his eyes, Jyle said, “The next order of business for the Council is-”copyright protection58PENANAgSuSKmLdzy

“Hold up a sec!” Kajex said, standing, “We haven’t finished with the last issue yet. What are we going to do about the Galden?”copyright protection58PENANAZi66cgSoDX

“Here we go.” Teria muttered.copyright protection58PENANABibtf1HAOX

Kajex had just opened his mouth to continue when the chamber doors burst open. Narrator Number One strode through the open doors. Teria started to greet him but stopped when she saw his unusually serious expression.copyright protection58PENANAR4PlWAIHNh

As Teria straightened in her chair, Jyle asked, “Narrator Number One? What in the name of the …”copyright protection58PENANAfNAmUNCMbg

“I know who was behind the attack.”copyright protection58PENANAKNyWgOXYoL

Everyone watched as One tossed a bloody metal pin onto the table. It bounced and clattered across the table, stopping just short of Jyle.copyright protection58PENANAWgPMCMmkua

Teria didn’t recognize the symbol on the pin, but Jyle apparently did; the sight of it made the Cygros’s face go as pale as a sheet in a heartbeat.copyright protection58PENANACKXc6SZJEb

One nodded, his face grim. “The Revs.”62Please respect copyright.PENANA3b1TXEGkYa
copyright protection58PENANAZpZylfmieL

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