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A Dreamer's Knight II - Machinations
Writer Alan T. Tryth
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A Dreamer's Knight II - Machinations
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Chapter 4 - Lucky
Alan T. Tryth
Nov 10, 2016
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!2CPJ9DvcrOa2RTWsu1zJposted on PENANA

Mikaen was on his feet in an instant. “The Revs?”copyright protection67PENANAtQyENwvvhC

“The person piloting the Breath of Fire wasn’t Galden.” One said, “He was human. A little poking around, and I found his insignia pin. The Revs were behind the attack.”copyright protection67PENANAmkec3oPyBh

“The Revs are on Vinta?” It was Jyle who spoke, having finally found his voice, “How? When?”copyright protection67PENANAmLjeEgG9hf

“I don’t know,” One said, “But I think it’s safe to say they’re the ones who’ve been masquerading as monks.”copyright protection67PENANATL6spTYVpg

“No wonder they were so interested in the Breath of Fire,” Mikaen said, “A combat dreadnaught would give them a major edge on Earth and Vinta.”copyright protection67PENANAxMAMYDbOcM

Jyle took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “This … this changes everything.”copyright protection67PENANA5zxpNcFtmX

“I am not understanding,” said Shae, no doubt confused by the reactions of the Earthlings, “What are these Revs being, and also what is the extent of the impaction due to their involvement?”copyright protection67PENANAJgIQI7KH39

“Revs view humans as the only pure race. They’ve killed millions of non-humans and magi back on earth. Mikaen and Jyle will back me up on that.” One nodded at them both.copyright protection67PENANAXBVxnUbyIo

Mikaen asked One, “Do you know why they’re here?”copyright protection67PENANAkOXSdK5Tes

“Not yet, but a friend of mine’s working on scanning what’s left of the pilot’s gray matter.” One made a face. “It’s fried as the rest of him, but we might manage to get a little useful information.”copyright protection67PENANAQXIyNrGx8K

“In the meantime,” said Jyle, addressing the council, “I move that we take Daughter Myssohn’s suggestion and send a small team to infiltrate Ronisgald in a non-aggressive manner, for the purpose of discovering the nature of the connection between the Ronisgald Government and the Restored Earth Alliance. All in favor?”copyright protection67PENANAG5lCDIwPhf

Most of the room signaled agreement, even if it was a bit reluctant in some cases.copyright protection67PENANAdC3auhVAb9

Iniagus let out a sigh before finally relenting. “Oh, very well. We will go with the majority.”copyright protection67PENANA216LAUchrk

“Then we are all agreed.” Jyle said, “Given the urgency of this matter, the rest of the Council will be postponed until we have the appropriate information necessary to make proper judgment.”copyright protection67PENANA28qnL46hUn

As everyone got up to leave, Teria caught Jyle mouthing the words ‘stay here’ to Mikaen.copyright protection67PENANAx70AiuSd53

She bumped her sister’s arm, whispering, “Ten to one he asks Mikaen to head the team and tries to make us stay here.”copyright protection67PENANAm75sSGn5YP

When the other delegates had left, Jyle sighed. “Tirinia, would you mind stepping out for a few minutes?”copyright protection67PENANAq0XRnJVu0P

Mikaen said, “Let her stay. I’m just gonna tell her about it later anyway.”copyright protection67PENANASxXS8fm1ss

Jyle frowned. “Fine. Teria?”copyright protection67PENANA5OzbhsREyP

“Don’t waste your breath.” She said, picking at one of her claws.copyright protection67PENANAuYQsQebMIb

Sighing, Jyle said, “I suppose you have a right to be here, seeing as the four of you snuck into the Galden camp in the dead of night and managed to sneak off with the prisoners.”copyright protection67PENANACAJzsSPPTh

“Four of us?” said One, “I didn’t sneak into the camp until later.”copyright protection67PENANAhZ6Raok13S

“I know.” Jyle said, “Mikaen, Teria, Tirinia … and Jeronem.”copyright protection67PENANARxRHZHVauE

Mikaen smirked at the empty chair beside his. “Nice try.”copyright protection67PENANAm6e6FGYuwS

Jeronem popped back into existence, pouting. “That’s not fair! If you can be here, then so can I!”copyright protection67PENANAMNRSF1gZ3k

“Fine. Everyone can stay. It’s probably better that you all hear this anyway. I’m going to be assembling a team to investigate what’s been going on at Ronisgald. Mikaen, I realize this is asking a lot, but I’d like you to head the team.”copyright protection67PENANASVRJDQry0V

“I’m going too.” Tirinia said immediately.copyright protection67PENANAdn2rtI8rcE

“I go where Tirinia goes.” said Teria.      copyright protection67PENANAkZsbS7d97g

Jeronem waved his hand. “Don’t forget about me!”copyright protection67PENANAtZbkJPbbnb

“No, no, No, NO!” Jyle frowned at them. “I can’t send out a bunch of Council delegates on what is clearly going to be a dangerous mission!”copyright protection67PENANA7Az922Rbu4

“Oh really?” Teria put a hand on her hip. “You didn’t seem to mind when your daughter was concerned.”copyright protection67PENANAPO3i0Wqd5x

“I asked you to make sure she didn’t get into trouble, not to actually go rescue her if she did.”copyright protection67PENANAuyxGThv4sT

Mikaen held up a hand. “Hang on a moment. If we hadn’t gone to save your daughter and the other captives, they would have died before your troops got there.”copyright protection67PENANAgzuPIwSzHm

“I’m not questioning any of your abilities.” said Jyle, holding a hand to his head, “Far from it. I am grateful for what you did, but Ronisgald isn’t a little camp in the forest; it’s one of the biggest countries on Vinta, filled with the latest security technology. The entire country is built inside hundreds of subterranean enclosures, the smallest of which is easily the same size as Muonsol, not to mention Angela.”copyright protection67PENANAExbHQbEgpJ

“Who’s Angela?” Mikaen asked.copyright protection67PENANAOTilAcC5g5

“Angela’s the central intelligence construct that runs Ronisgald. She’s pretty advanced too; caught me hacking into her systems a few months ago.” Teria paused a moment and rubbed her neck. “Just thinking about it makes my datajack sting.”copyright protection67PENANAZxEtnn0fXI

“This isn’t just about getting inside the city and sneaking around.” continued Jyle, “We need to know how deeply the Revs have infiltrated the government of Ronisgald. I hope to the Creator this hasn't gone as far as the Triumvates.”copyright protection67PENANABBgNj6YXno

Teria snorted. “Seeing as the Revs had a contingent of the Galden Security Force with them, I'm guessing they're pretty well in.”copyright protection67PENANAHbhZxScaYt

“That doesn’t necessarily mean the government knew they were Revs.” One told her. “They were in disguise, after all.”copyright protection67PENANAfX0UrnhrCe

Teria rolled her eyes at him. “Riiiight. Seriously, don’t you think someone in the chain of command would be a bit curious about a bunch of priests and monks wanting to excavate a giant robot?”copyright protection67PENANAaeQq19x07U

Jyle cut in before One could respond. “So I’m sure we can all agree that we should send a team of trained professionals. As such, I want Mikaen to lead the group.”copyright protection67PENANAoO5GOCy1Nx

After a moment of silence, Mikaen said, “I don’t have a problem with leading a group, but wouldn’t I do better with a group whose abilities I’m already familiar with? I mean, Ronisgald isn’t just Galden, is it?”copyright protection67PENANAu2uuWWSeov

“Well, no.” Jyle admitted, “It’s a melting pot culture; pretty much a little of everyone there, though it is mostly Galden.”copyright protection67PENANAsyJjZLtwMA

“Then what’s the problem? We can gear up and be on our way by the end of the day.” Mikaen looked to the others, who nodded in agreement.copyright protection67PENANArapwRe9qfW

“That’s not the point. Tirinia and Teria are Daughters of Longshore, and Jeronem’s the son of the vuestan Elder.”copyright protection67PENANAXJZseVo69M

“Oh, so you’re saying I’m more expendable?” Mikaen said, crossing his arms.copyright protection67PENANACClmVk7oRU

“Of course not!” Jyle said, “But you are more experienced. If the Revs are really up to something, who would be more qualified to go than you?”copyright protection67PENANAZi4pOWDYmT

It was a good point, and Mikaen knew it. Sighing, he said, “Fine. You win, Jyle. I’ll head your little team.”copyright protection67PENANAVjDUMRPaYZ

Teria and Jeronem looked at Mikaen, both clearly disappointed. Tirinia didn’t respond at all, which struck Teria as vaguely suspicious.copyright protection67PENANAWAChXxC5Wt

Jyle gave Mikaen a long, hard look. “Well, I’m glad you’re willing to listen to reason for a change. I’ll have the rest of the team ready tomorrow morning.”copyright protection67PENANAZWL4mA0Zzm

Looking at Tirinia, Jyle said, “Don’t worry, Tirinia. I’m sending him in with my best; he’ll get home all right.”copyright protection67PENANATuGwpsofDn

Tirinia nodded silently, a strangely calm look on her face.copyright protection67PENANAezYQRVot0l

With a final nod to One, Jyle left the chamber.copyright protection67PENANAXZiJ3Ek4ET

“What in Nocturnes is this crap?” Teria said, once Jyle was gone, “We can’t go because we’re Daughters? What kind of bullshit is that?”copyright protection67PENANArxo74NAt2d

“Yeah! What gives?” Jeronem's voice squeaked in the head of everyone present.copyright protection67PENANAQhNP7FLw8L

Mikaen didn’t reply. About that time, Teria realized that he and Tirinia were counting silently on their fingers.copyright protection67PENANAR6L9PPOaUs

Once they reached the count of ten, Mikaen clapped his hands together. “Okay, he should be out of hearing range. Here’s the plan: we’ll meet up in the stables at midnight, hijack a few mounts, and head out before morning.”copyright protection67PENANA3lZst4f3xh

Teria's mouth hung open for a few moments before she let out a laugh. “Cute. Real cute.”copyright protection67PENANAhoz4dGJZdS

 “Ooh! Come with us, One! That would be awesome!” Jeronem looked eagerly at the Dreamer.copyright protection67PENANAL5YwfOm3Yg

One opened his mouth to reply when the chamber doors slammed open, revealing two men. Thinking it would be Jyle, Teria was surprised to recognize the perpetually slouching Narrator Number Two (mostly from that tasteless hat with the feather). The angry man with the spectacles was unfamiliar … and a little frightening.copyright protection67PENANAv2Buu4zK86

“One!” The bespectacled man barked, “Back to the Elsewhere, now!”copyright protection67PENANA2puBtIidHv

“What’s wrong?” One asked, sounding genuinely startled.copyright protection67PENANA5sA4ZPTmTS

“Not here. Get back to the-”copyright protection67PENANACoUeTpjs9r

“What in Nocturnes is your problem?” Teria interrupted, quickly stepping between the two, “You just barge in and-”copyright protection67PENANAybR3NlM5yu

“Stay out of this, norm. It doesn’t concern you.” said Teach, not even looking at her as he spoke.copyright protection67PENANAAEWbIW1CiU

“Hey!” Now it was One who sounded angry, “Don’t talk to her like that! Y’know what? Teria’s right. What the hell is your issue, Teach?”copyright protection67PENANAuVip9cOtEY

“We can discuss my ‘issue’ back at the Elsewhere.”copyright protection67PENANAVdaMhX732G

“Fine, I’ll head back when I’m done here.”copyright protection67PENANAxDkuO3qQFJ

“NOW!”copyright protection67PENANAK9E3yOfnhU

A tense silence fell between One and Teach. Even Two shrank back from the two Dreamers. Teria wasn’t sure what to think. She had witnessed first-hand what a Dreamer could do, and didn’t want to think what would happen if two of them started fighting.copyright protection67PENANAlc7vZot7sw

“Come on, One.” Two said, glancing worriedly between One and Teach, “All right, both of you just cool it already. We’ll get this cleared up back home.”copyright protection67PENANANZ98uYbUOQ

One glared at Teach for a moment longer before nodding. “Fine.”copyright protection67PENANADz0iCy6RWn

An angry look on his face, One walked briskly across the room, making a point to brush past Teach. Two followed shortly after, leaving Teach.copyright protection67PENANALhATNzihHK

“I apologize to all of you for this interruption,” Teach said in a much calmer manner, bowing slightly, “Please, bear it no further thought.”copyright protection67PENANANvKWDeVO9J

Without another word, Teach strode across the room, presumably following after One and Two.copyright protection67PENANAFNjF5VebNa

As the chamber doors closed, Teria looked at her sister and Mikaen and asked the question on everyone’s mind. “What in Nocturnes was that all about?”71Please respect copyright.PENANAvkWghzvcnF
copyright protection67PENANAzzs9sgJLxr

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