Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: The Forbidden Relics Of The Past (PMD:TFROTP) - Prologue | Penana

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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: The Forbidden Relics Of The Past (PMD:TFROTP)
Co-Writer Xoul Ryders*
Idea Contributor Maria3313
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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: The Forbidden Relics Of The Past (PMD:TFROTP)
Xoul Ryders
Jun 7, 2017
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!xjuuSfC70nmVi4hInRtSposted on PENANA

As the crumbling rocks and dusty atmosphere covered the area in their current underground excavation, the sound of rocks collapsing and the sound of stone crumbling in front of them. The Rhydon halted with a stop when a black ghastly light absorbed him; disintegrating the flesh on the bones. The blood-curdling scream of the Pokemon was its last, as its bones turned to ashes.copyright protection125PENANA6QLXi8Y7gu

“Heh, lousy cheap hirelings… they never last long.” muttered Crom. He paused for a second thinking ‘At least I found it…’ He smirked and picked up the purple midnight orb and held it in his right hand, as if it was his for the taking. “Yes…! Yes…!! I can feel its power seeping into me! With this new source of energy, I will rule the past, present and future! Not even Dialga can stop me! Ha, hahaha, ahahahahahahahaha!!”copyright protection125PENANAnONSiF8VN8

As he cackled in the cave, his laugh bounced off the walls, echoing into the distance. The black orb became transparent and sank into the man’s right arm, turning his hand from bare to a full armed tattoo. Knowing that no-one will guess that the unspeakable Forbidden Relic has been found…129Please respect copyright.PENANAtjDfgWof3F
copyright protection125PENANAi94BdlkAcN

Comments ( 5 )

Naerie - This is pretty cute. 

Reminds me of a friend of mine who RP'ed with me on MD style RP with a Tepig called Alfred or something back on Fanfiction.
I was a Totodile I think...

There were a few grammatical issues, and I'd suggest some revisions, but I don't have the time, so I'll get to that as soon as I can.

Looking forward to reading the rest!
1 year agoreply

Xoul Ryders - Thanks!

So, you were a Totodile? If you want to become a character of this book, please tell me what you want to have and things. it'll be great to work with your character!
1 year agoreply

Naerie - @Xoul Ryders,You're absolutely welcome!
Yup, I called myself Blueclaw the Totodile back in those days. Very cringeworthy...

And oh man, that would be awesome! I'll message you the details on Friday about my character as I'll have no internet tomorrow. Although, I might choose a different Pokemon to be if that's okay?
1 year agoreply

Xoul Ryders - @CaitlinJHunter, Sure! No problemo! always ready to add characters into a story!
1 year agoreply

Naerie - @Xoul Ryders, Thanks! I'll message you as soon as I get the chance. :)
1 year agoreply