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I Don't Always Make a Contest... But When I do, It's a Meme
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Challenger Maria3313*
Challenger The Virtual Shadow
Challenger Kokiri-Hylian-Hero
Challenger The Hybrid Cat
Challenger Jess Rufus
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I Don't Always Make a Contest... But When I do, It's a Meme
Submission Closed
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One does not simply make a title.
The Virtual Shadow
No Plagiarism!QZ2VrhQiBMAveE6lYuUyposted on PENANA

there are 4 contestants in a giant stadium with a VR game Rules titled Supa Awsme Op or SAO rules in place.copyright protection135PENANAISzHviTsWg

"So... spaghetti, fight and... spaghetti there will be explosion cause Michael Bay is here" said emin spaghetticopyright protection135PENANAKMgNHH4yZG

Get to the fighta!" Said Arnoldcopyright protection135PENANAlAbzfhVdMP

labeouf yells "JUST DO IT! Make this happen!"copyright protection135PENANALuIkbdD5Gz

the 4 fighters are Why you so, Danki me, Forever below and Trove face.copyright protection135PENANAmrmCe4kjDk

Danki says "you guys start first, i won't fall for it. ITS A TRAP!"copyright protection135PENANAZYUby9stnf

Why says in return and charging at Danki "one does not simply not start first."copyright protection135PENANAj9J1uVe80U

Forever attacks Trove with his sword in rapid succession and become annoyed he can't land a blow. copyright protection135PENANAHmm4ZA9jTM

Trove manages to get Forever with his mace and blasts him all the way to Why and Danki. "Git gud"copyright protection135PENANADTKy4jIxM5

They all start fighting again, with Danki furiously attacking Trove in a series of sword swings that manage to get a few cuts. He use a power up, he spins with a sniper with his eyes close at such speeds.copyright protection135PENANAM5fv7JqlRr

"360 no scope!" he screams in a twelvey voicecopyright protection135PENANAgzOCDNdM77

Why goes blow for blow with Forever and they start bleeding from the noses and mouth.copyright protection135PENANAzL0kj5D1Cq

Forever uses his power up. Music plays like its from wrestling.copyright protection135PENANA7ownUD6lZY

He is suddenly wearing blue and elbow slams Why and yells in excitement "John Cena!" copyright protection135PENANAMgxATbo6Yv

Why is hurt badly and gets up and says in a calm relaxed voice "okay."copyright protection135PENANAdxgeRAjvCV

Why uses his power up "420... blaze it!"copyright protection135PENANAVKks7e5ez4

Fire blasts go to forever but dodges and gets Danki.copyright protection135PENANAcmkJWdVlkT

Danki burns to a crisp with his blunt wounds but utters "That dank..."copyright protection135PENANARyr7MjI6Ok

Trove says in a mean voice "no thats a spicy one."copyright protection135PENANA2K5mccBiqb

Forever just stares with a serious face "much wow, such amazement, many awesome."copyright protection135PENANAmCxHmuVhPf

Forever gets punched in the face by Why who comments "Y U no good." But trove gets two swords out slices Why to bits with blood flying to the place.copyright protection135PENANAbGNCOAWwGL

Forever says "but you can't get two swords!"copyright protection135PENANARJvX6I9H0A

Trove with a troll face says "shut up For, come back when your a main character. I am a beater."copyright protection135PENANASndq4zUZRK

Forever ducks the swords swung so close to face and moves his hands which summons sparks.copyright protection135PENANAf2q2FfDBMk

Trove looks with confusion "why are you dancing with bling."copyright protection135PENANAmE3SB9BLRB

Forever fires a cell phone at Trove, which he dodges with ease. "top kek mate." he repliescopyright protection135PENANAlKZya4854Z

Forever feels alone now, that was his phone.copyright protection135PENANAPj2gmHvZjh

trove mindlessly rips Forever into pieces with his blades.copyright protection135PENANAjGWmyxw9in

Than the ultimate fighter joins in randomly, as the strongest fighter of them all. Don knows what he doin'copyright protection135PENANALD8KciPknT

trove puts a sad troll face on. But throws his sword at him and nothing happened.copyright protection135PENANAkdcnty5Yxo

"nope, nope, nope, nope." He says running to a wall.copyright protection135PENANAgR4deDKKM2

He attempts to climb "build a wall he said, make this place great again he said." Trove mumbled angrily with his are you serious face.copyright protection135PENANA8yGgjTz8eX

But he finds a bow and fires the arrow at Don knee. and he replies. "i used to live like you, than i took an arrow to the knee." He falls and dies.copyright protection135PENANA1ybeVEM0Dk

Trove than faces the evil warrior of all time with all might power. Smoke weed everyweek.copyright protection135PENANApUcu7q7RbT

Trove fires his arrows again, nothing happens. he jumps on him and attacks with his sword but breaks. the small cuts are all what appears. he is smashed away to a wall, the wall nearly crumbles and Trove is barely standing, covered in blood.copyright protection135PENANAUjsBALuaTI

"I will won, i must." Trove coughs.copyright protection135PENANA8Vhj9cXWdB


The horrible sound goes to Smoke's ears and it sounds like a bad microphone recording.copyright protection135PENANA8poA0Zlvaf

He stands but his ears are bleeding profoundly. he razes his hands "aliens."copyright protection135PENANAdiauCkHzgV

Trove gets off the wall and stands with his last strength. "English mother FFFFF do you speak it!"copyright protection135PENANAbxyG1FjUUO

Smoke replies. "ain't nobody got time for that."copyright protection135PENANAZ2eoCeoYJy

Face sings his last tune. "troll lol lol lol lol" And begins to turn into a super duper sand.copyright protection135PENANAeXRprtJ930

he utters the words. "i have ball, i have energy, ugh KAMAHAMAHA!"copyright protection135PENANA4eyDVzjftd

he blasts the ultimate blasts in a shape of Pepi.copyright protection135PENANA3tfhRSwgRg

Smoke does a poker face and explodes.copyright protection135PENANAO5dFuF9ePc

Michael Bay claps to the sight of the explosion. "We have a badass over here."copyright protection135PENANAeTqMxllQAP

Trove is promoted and leaves alive. He becomes a nea nea.copyright protection135PENANA3EijWabtq2

Lebaouf screams "oh god no. NOOOOOOO."copyright protection135PENANAJf7XVCC4Qr

Arnold looks impressed and claps, he says with a neutral tone "not bad."copyright protection135PENANAh5lHST3dJE

Emin spaghetti says "Thats what she said."copyright protection135PENANA3Njm6fwhIX

Comments ( 2 )

Maria3313 - tHE MEMES! It's good, but you have some flow issues- it's a little hard to read.
1 year agoreply

The Virtual Shadow - Yeah i can see that. Its memes, kinda hard for flow when its not really serious.

I tend to do better than this.  :/
1 year agoreply