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Challenger KnightOfTheRebellion*
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Nov 15, 2016
No Plagiarism!4MXghNS3Zjo9cEW5LbhYposted on PENANA

In a dark room, I sat waiting. fearfully dreading the unknown future that lie closely ahead. The darkness was conflicted with a dull green light flooding out of 9 computer monitors. The sickening glow of advanced hardware faintly illuminated the face of a pale man. He sat terrified, chained to a metal chair. A terrible muffled cry pierced through the black piece of cloth covering his mouth, and echoed throughout the compressed amount of space that surrounded him. He was trapped, forced to wait for his own death, but It wasn’t death that caused his dismay.copyright protection139PENANAOWVqACtPrk

Elevated above the pale man, was placed an alabaster clock. Supported by nine nails, Twelve Roman numerals surrounded the circumference of it. Faded by time, the uppermost digit, scarcely visible, stood as both the memory of the past, and the uncertainty of the future.copyright protection139PENANAww6tNnhFqh

11:50, the clock read, as both the minute, and the hour gradually beat ever closer to the mysterious forsaken figure on the highest point of the clock.copyright protection139PENANAZPqbungfyy

Nine monitors, shimmering with a bright fascination surrounded a immense, majestic cylindrical capsule filled with 283 liters of a murky solution. The dark blue solution sat perfectly motionless waiting to seep into the mind of a dying man. A metal ramp, attached to the capsule led to the the top where a man could enter.copyright protection139PENANAenv9N5MhVe

Twelve men were watching the murky solution in intense anticipation. Pens were ready to record what ever may happen. Among the twelve scientists, My brother, ranked as leader.copyright protection139PENANABsKIWx5ddw

Jacob, My brother, was the pure essence of knowledge. He would not let anything slip by him without fully understanding it. If their was anything he didn’t understand completely, he would do unspeakable things to learn it. A small revolver was recklesslycopyright protection139PENANAvclVoQjF6S

placed in his lab coat pocket.copyright protection139PENANAdkfIu3OhkJ

As the clock beat, every passing second meant hope, excitement, and wonder to each the twelve observers. But for me, and the pale man, time brought nothing but dread, and despair. I found myself trying to grab hold of every moment to use as a barrier from the nearby future.copyright protection139PENANAvVcgD8OJm1

I began to wonder why Jacob wanted me to see the final results of his experiment. As a child, Jacob seemed to always look to me for approval.copyright protection139PENANAgReCNCs6hy

“Monitors?” My brother askedcopyright protection139PENANAYvTedoi1FC

“Ready” One of the scientist replied.copyright protection139PENANALayXrc6fWs

“Subject?”copyright protection139PENANAgckvP78hep

The pale man let out another muffled crycopyright protection139PENANAQdVKr88JaO

“Ready”copyright protection139PENANAmWZUTq70F3

“Tank?”copyright protection139PENANAtWgNr5VAm9

“Ready”copyright protection139PENANA0dmVXN36xe

“Let the experiment begin.”copyright protection139PENANAUTaUO4kV40

Four scientist walked to the pale man, looking to the clock. He tensed up. The scientist unbound the test subject, while three other scientist began to uncover the capsule.copyright protection139PENANAYxXflokgZH

The pale man was ripped from his chair, and his arms forced behind his back He was pushed onto the ramp, and lead to the top.copyright protection139PENANAqZUMUSAYY7

Three of the gloved scientist stretched a clear plastic sheet behind the head of the pale man.copyright protection139PENANAcT1mNPr8Lv

Jacob grabbed the revolver from his pocket. He loaded the weapon,and aimed to at the pale man.copyright protection139PENANA8K35ZpujFt

The sound of gun shot echoed through the darkness. Red fluid from the head of the pale man darted to the clear plastic sheet.copyright protection139PENANA05sVSmNslM

After quickly disposing of the clear plastic, the scientists quickly forced the pale corpse into the murky solution, and closed the capsule.copyright protection139PENANAAxFCUtslBd

The fluid eagerly entered the newly contrived hole in the back of the pale mans head. The sound of the expensive monitors brought the excitement, and pain of truth to the otherwise ignorant room. The clock ticked ever closer to the dreaded, and anticipated twelve o clock.copyright protection139PENANARKXVPXkkg0

Seizing the sequence of binary code, the monitors went completely black. The clock beat three times.copyright protection139PENANANh6gdZD1rY

A small fleck of beautiful white appeared showed in the dead [ETR1] center of each of the nine monitors. Scientist began scribbling what appeared to be complete non-sense onto their observation pads.copyright protection139PENANAN2vtEqW6Mx

The light began to grow. The sound of the computer systems increased in volume. The clock forced its way closer to midnight which was now lightly obscured by the pale man’s blood.copyright protection139PENANAkEhhz7fUrw

The white light that seemed so small, and utterly insignificant now filled the entire screen. The systems were louder than ever. The 12 scientists began scribbling frantically.copyright protection139PENANAVfO2w1192t

The monitors went dark. The systems went quiet, the scientists took a breath.copyright protection139PENANA7PwDjb4fhQ

The clock hit 12.copyright protection139PENANANCu5U4c9ZE

An image of the pale man began to appear in the middle of the screen. He was significantly less pale than the corpse. He had been wearing a suit.copyright protection139PENANAFVUtXqvZzx

Standing right next to him was a stunningly beautiful woman.copyright protection139PENANAsHnZlGapWs

The priest read from his holy book, and the couple gave the affirmation.copyright protection139PENANAgJ4LOYP17O

The scientists looked to the screen in fascination. They began scribbling on their notepads.copyright protection139PENANAGNKBgH1LGB

The screen went dark.copyright protection139PENANAj9iH8Eni3j

The pale man, and his wife were arguing. A young girl watched the two fighting with a great sadness. She knew what was to come.copyright protection139PENANALk3P5SNUTV

The man clenched a glass in his hand. The shouting continued.copyright protection139PENANAJAItbZbcLS

        The man could no longer bare it. The glass from the man’s hand went deep into the girls eye. The glass that began spotless was now covered in the woman’s blood. The young girl began crying.copyright protection139PENANAO517MaLatP

        “Mother”copyright protection139PENANAue9x3epR9j

        The man became sick. Sick with hatred, guilt, and fear.copyright protection139PENANANSTvm5vxih

Keep the count between 50 and 250 words. Try to keep the symbolism of the clock.copyright protection139PENANAp6mrd9CZj5

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