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Writer The Hybrid Cat
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The Hybrid Cat
No Plagiarism!0szgbZLlJFjbgWWLeaTwposted on PENANA

This guide will teach you the fundamentals of writing critically acclaimed novel's alongside some very useful tips all written by the famous author Hybrid Kitten who has written master pieces such as A Cat's Life.copyright protection343PENANAMjJiKVv1b6

This guide also feature tips and experiences of other great authors. Who you ask? No clue. I'm yet to interview any.copyright protection343PENANAXczxtKwf6g

NOTEcopyright protection343PENANAUqsbmoXBzQ

If you are not yet aware this is primarily a parody of idea of a novelist guide so please do not take everything you read seriously.copyright protection343PENANA7laREVMaWY

SECOND NOTE:copyright protection343PENANAgUbPsEAYTG

There will be some very basic realistic tips that will totally not be stolen from Wikihow.     copyright protection343PENANAfO6H0t6X4F

THIRD NOTE:copyright protection343PENANAOb1Y3GTPQQ

Having more than one note on authors note on page from the same writer is unprofessional. copyright protection343PENANAO6LZWdDwcx

FOURTH NOTE:copyright protection343PENANAdrlk8lNfjS

And its kind of a dick move wasting the readers time. copyright protection343PENANAV74W57DZXt

NOTE NUMBER 5:copyright protection343PENANAPLAAKxNo4Z

There should never be a drastic name change towards the end of naming stuff.copyright protection343PENANAVhrhCADqPX

SIXTH NOTE:copyright protection343PENANAiK4mHauk9r

If you have more than 5 NOTES on one page you should give up making novels. I mean seriously. copyright protection343PENANAOZcpzWWnl0

NOTE SEVEN:copyright protection343PENANAmgiNyVnbld

This is NOTE 7-11: you can buy drinks here and mouldy bread.copyright protection343PENANA8EXd1FovZy

NOTE TWELVE:copyright protection343PENANAWOx8d75aur

If you don't proofread your writing then seriously, man, proofread you work! No one's gonna take you seriously if you don't.copyright protection343PENANAbRHuEgp2sL

Comments ( 23 )

Undel - This is going to be awesome. I can tell.

Shout out to @ShadowBobcat10 for that sneaky editing~
11 months agoreply

ShadowBobcat10 - Thanks. I'm kind of the unofficial Hybrid beta-reader, and I suppose if I add something that's funny, Hybrid doesn't mind so far... (Unofficial because only when I feel like it.)
11 months agoreply

Undel - @ShadowBobcat10, Haha! He never notices when I suggest things when I've edited for him. :)
11 months agoreply

The Hybrid Cat - @CaitlinJHunter, I do notice i just don't have a care in the world 
11 months agoreply

ShadowBobcat10 - @Hybrid Kitten, That's what I figured, Hybrid :P
11 months agoreply

The Hybrid Cat - @ShadowBobcat10, i'm glad your a fast learner 
11 months agoreply

Starling - ;-; I want to learn how to write masterpieces like A Cat's Life, but my school has blocked the next issue of your amazing guide.
1 year agoreply

The Hybrid Cat - Oh cause i used the word twit i guess
1 year agoreply

ShadowBobcat10 - @Hybrid Kitten, I will sound innocent and naïve (two things that I am usually not), but what does "twit" mean, anyway?
11 months agoreply

The Hybrid Cat - @ShadowBobcat10, I can't believe I never answered this question

a silly or foolish person.


tease or taunt (someone), especially in a good-humoured way

its often confused with twat which is a female body part unless you are using in the slang way like i do which is the same as twit  
1 month agoreply

Flow - I approve
1 year agoreply

Lata - This is going to be great. I can see it. 
1 year agoreply

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - Oh my gosh, this is beautiful.
1 year agoreply

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