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The Divine Violence

“We are the divine violence.”

In the fantasy kingdom of Eldom, terror has struck. The royal family has been the target of a series of attempted and successful assassinations. Crown Prince Amir has been killed in cold blood by the group known as ECL; Eldom’s Common Liberators. Now, the children of the crown have come back to fight for their lives. As warriors. Royal Warriors. 5 of them, all still shaken from the death of their elder brother. For the ECL assassins, the death of the Crown Prince was a celebrated success. Now, they must take on the Royal Warriors to finally free their kingdom from the hands of the current royal family, the Eriksons.

The Powers. Otherwise known as the highborns are the people born with special abilities. The Powers are staples of the upper class, born into luxury and prestige. If a Power was born among the lesserborns, they’d be taken, and promptly raised and trained by the upper class, never to return to their old lives or families. The Crown believe they can find all of the Lesser Powers, but some slip right through their fingers.

<Main Characters>

“Haven’t you taken enough from me?”

Aliyah Erickson, the new heir to the throne of Eldom, is an 18-year-old prodigy. She has the smarts of a scholar and the strength of a knight. Aliyah was the closest to her elder brother, and the one most devastated from his loss. She always thought she would be her brother’s guard, his knight, his protector. Now, Aliyah has to practically become her brother, and deal with assassination attempts on her and her family. 

“Prepare to burn down with me.”

Dominique Blair, the head of the ECL, is a 19-year-old on the path of revenge and liberty. She always gets what she wants and she is quite the prosperous manipulator. Dominique is a protective, but deadly person, who holds those she cares about close to her. If anyone even thought about hurting someone she cares about, they’d be dead in minutes.