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    Paul A.
    Paul A.
    Here’s an agora of tragedies painted in the weirdest stories. Know what you came for! I work in English, I speak French!
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Victory's eighth birthday party was to be the canvas for the carnage that would plunge the little McLores family into the deepest pits of hell. As the guests struggled with the sentiments of either feigning laughter to encourage the birthday boy to continue his silly pranks (or perhaps to dissuade him from doing so), or tuning out the boring show and growing impatient with the buffet that was taking a hell of a long time to be served; the shrill screams of the locals would lend the tempo for the last few minutes of joy in the mansion. Outside, lying in the cake flour that Mason had commissioned him to fetch, Rayane's body, so obscenely crushed that one could barely make out the bullets that had riddled it.

Rayane is dead...

Rayane McLores and Mason Treize are two young men in love with the fervor of age and the desires of time. Only a few months into dating, they decide to intertwine their destinies. Two children later, the couple lives the idyll of a perfect life. Good jobs, fat bank accounts, wallowing in an almost castle-like mansion, thanks to the fortune Mason inherited from his late father. 

But on this Tuesday, Victory's eighth birthday, the petals of their blossoming life will be peeled back.

Rayane died... just five years after he said "Yes, I do" to Mason.

A death that will be ruled a simple "accident" by the courts.

Convinced that his husband was murdered, Mason finds himself  in a never-ending battle: between pushing the legal system to reopen the investigation into his husband's murder, which is not even recognized as such, and raising his two children, Moon and Victory, who are quickly losing their equilibrium after their father's death. 

However, his determination to rebuild a stable life with his children and his thirst for justice will soon lead him to the foot of bitter truths.

Worst of all, he had no idea that he was the real cause of the McLores' misfortune. 

A single message, on a day of immense loneliness, had been enough to set everything in motion.


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