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    Lee Lucas
    Lee Lucas
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    Greetings, fabulous humans of the internet! How are you all doing? Quick heads up about me:

    Gender: Female (she/her)
    Native Language: Korean
    Language's spoke: Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, (some) French
    Age: 15 :>
    Favorite Genre to Write: Dark Romance
    Favorite Genre to Read: Pride Love

    Oh yeah and, I'm more into fairy tales than sales pitches. So, if you're thinking of sweet-talking me into a marketing spiel, you might have better luck with a magic mirror.

    Plz contact me for collabs on stories. I would totally love to collaborate with you guys!
    Current collabs: None

    Your comments and likes are so much to me! I love reading interesting comments and even if its just a hello or starting up a convo, I will answer! My followers are the world to me aswell!

    Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30am to 2:50pm

    -Lee Lucas :>
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The Asylum Party


"LETS GOOOOOO," I wince as Mike screams, his voice filled with unrestrained excitement that echoes through the car. 6 girls and 5 boys, 11 teenagers in total, all driving 132 miles per hour on a back road, on our way to a party that promises a night of unforgettable adventures. The eclectic group includes Mike, the charismatic high school jock whose energy fills the car; Luis, the lovable nerdy geek with a penchant for trivia; Brain, the enigmatic bad boy whose presence always adds a hint of danger to any outing; Luke, Mike's loyal right-hand man known for his unwavering support; Damian, the quiet observer who often surprises us with his insightful remarks; Isabella, the stunning popular girl who effortlessly commands attention; Jocelyne, the book nerd whose witty banter with Luis never fails to entertain; Lynn, the rebellious spirit who adds a spark of unpredictability to every gathering; Trish, Isabella's vivacious best friend who complements Luke's edginess perfectly; and me, Rika, the free spirit, content with simply being in the company of my closest friends.

Our bond has strengthened over the past 2 years, solidifying into a tight-knit group that thrives on camaraderie and shared experiences. As we speed towards the party venue, thundering down the remote road, Isabelle's concerned voice cuts through the wind, drawing my attention. "Hey Rika," she shouts over the rushing air, her eyes filled with genuine care, "you seem down, you okay?" I offer a faint smile in response and gaze out the window, my thoughts drifting as the anticipation for the night ahead mounts.

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