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When Worlds Collide: The Plight of the One Ring
Writer M. Williams
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When Worlds Collide: The Plight of the One Ring
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M. Williams
Aug 15, 2017
10 Mins Read
Comments ( 8 )

MarsianWarrior - This is a great idea! Dumbledore is Gandalf. Holy crap, dude, this is amazing!
1 year agoreply

M. Williams - Haha thank you :D I hope you enjoy it.
1 year agoreply

BC24 - Ok... I just wanted to say that this is not with me and yet I feel angry! You have posted 37 chapters, you have over 200 reads and still zero, ZERO comments. This is NOT normal. I'm about to finish a chapter of my own and then I'll read your story AND review it. I haven't even watched Lord Of The Rings and I only watched 2 Harry Potter films but I don't care, you deserve some type of feedback! Best regards! Keep writing :)
3 years agoreply

M. Williams - Wow thank you so much :) I hope you enjoy the rest of it as well. This is a story I started in 2009 and finished in 2013 which is up on Fanfiction.net as well so thought I would edit it as I go along and put it up here. Thank you though, your comment has made me feel better about it because I was beginning to think no one was enjoying it lol :)
3 years agoreply

BC24 - @Little Angel, I know the feeling, I have accounts on FanFiction and FictionPress and also Wattpad and I get almost zero comments too, and when I do it's those types of comments that say either just 'Love it.' or 'Update soon' -.- Which drives me crazy! xD If they love it at least they could say what they like about it or why and same thing goes to when they don't like it...  The best comments I got were from close friends but, well, they're friends, they'll always tell you they like it and stuff and none of them really writes or enjoys writing like I do. Again, I haven't watched TLOTR and HP only twice :P But I can give you my opinion "pretending" this is an original story :P 
3 years agoreply

M. Williams - @BC24, It annoys me too. I got loads of reviews and feedback on Fanfiction.net, but nothing on here until you commented of course XD So thank you, I really appreciate it. I know what you mean, my friends and family read it, but they tend to give me feedback face to face. It's always better to have a stranger comment as it gives me more drive to get it done :) Haha that's fine, I just hope you don't become confused, but hopefully you'll enjoy it anyway.
3 years agoreply

BC24 - @Little Angel, true ;) and you probably hate me right now xD But I haven't forgotten about you! I'm just planning on reading all chapters at once and then write a review, since I don't know most of the characters I'll have to see this as an original story and "understand" their personalities and all based on your plot/storyline/ideas/writing :) I haven't forgotten! I just need to find some time, sit down and read everything. Well, probably not everything as this has a lot of chapters already xD But maybe 10 or 15 at a time to really get into the spirit of it :P Sorry for the delay, I promise it's gonna be worthy!! Best regards!!
3 years agoreply

M. Williams - @BC24, Don't worry I understand :) Take your time, I'd rather you enjoy it instead of rushing through it :) I just hope you like it. Look forward to hearing from you and reading your reviews :)
3 years agoreply