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    Chrissy May
    Chrissy May
    Jacquel May is best described using the following words: Writer, Pop culture fanatic, Internet lover, Bookworm, and Introvert. Yet she sees herself as more of a Redhead, Journalist, Genius, Geek, and Killer Bunny Destroyer who will make up a story in her head before she goes to bed.

    All bad jokes aside, Jacquel is a lifelong fan of fantasy and science fiction. She grew up reading everything from "The Lord of the Rings" to the Redwall series. In the seventh grade, she once slapped the class bully across the face because he called her a Cthulhu and he didn't know what a Cthulhu was. Jacquel is also notorious for starting projects that she never finishes, as she claims that the stories grow too big to be contained in a small box.

    The kinds of stories Jacquel likes to write mainly fall into the science fiction and fantasy category, even though she also enjoys paranormal/urban fantasy. She also writes slice-of-life stories, which are more or less a watered down version of real life, and the problems that come from it.
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Away in England

12-year-old Lydia Morrison has been daydreaming too much in class and it's driving her teachers and classmates insane. After a parent-teacher conference, her parents are forced to send her to stay with relatives living in England, yet Lydia runs away from home. After receiving a strange letter from a mysterious owl, Lydia is is taken to Hogwash School of Magic & Mastery. There Lydia finds herself inserted into the worst house in  Hogwash and is quickly embroiled in a mystery that (if left unsolved) could destroy the entire school!

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