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Calamity and Ayato's Class about Phoenix's
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Writer Cynderz
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Calamity and Ayato's Class about Phoenix's
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Phoenix Types
Nov 14, 2017
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!V70BbYRMSBleHKTGOT5yposted on PENANA

Both: Welcome to Calamity and Ayato’s Class about Phoenix's!"copyright protection129PENANAm3n7qN9gMO

Ayato: "Today we’ll be discussing the types of Oviri"copyright protection129PENANAdIWej7cbU5

Calamity: “There are many ways a person can become a Phoenix, so therefore their are many different types of Them.”copyright protection129PENANAMfktZdaN7f

Ayato: First we have Natural born Phoenixs. These Phoenixes can use all 3 forms Human, Paradox and Divinia mode. As the name suggests they are Born as phoenix's but don’t obtain their powers by age of five. They often become immortal between the ages of 16 and 30”copyright protection129PENANAmujJBKxL0j

Calamity: “ next we have Successor Phoenixs. They can usually use 2 forms human and Paradox mode. In most cases they are Born into a natural born phoenix background who consume the pheonix element after death of direct family member.133Please respect copyright.PENANAUWou9CJV5c
copyright protection129PENANAze2vtlCGwx

Ayato “Konsumera phoenix’s can old use  forms human and Paradox. They become Became a phoenix by consuming a phoenix element. Unfortunatly this can occur against their will”133Please respect copyright.PENANAYPbU4Jdhcx
copyright protection129PENANALjM6NLkXzr

Calamity: “Finally we have Miasma Phoenix’s who can only use Only Paradox form. These are Phoenix's who are completly consumed by their power and or lose the tail which is the connection to a human's humaity. Majority cases leave the Phoenix insane and are no longer to able to control their own movements. When a Phoenix’s Kohai energy overtakes the body, the whites of their eyes turn black. They will also keep fighting until their bodies give out or they are killed”copyright protection129PENANAcVVvFxfcig

Ayato: “it’s very tragic way to go... wait a minute. You just said ‘majority’ I was sure that it always killed them. Do you know of a survivor that I don’t.”copyright protection129PENANAwSvznYU0Er

Calamity: “Any type of Phoenix can fall into a Miasma state, even Natural Borns like Ayato and I”copyright protection129PENANAxpKjwx5QuE

Ayato: “Mity, please don’t dodge the question.”copyright protection129PENANAhHzddfLts3

Calamity: ”Next time we’ll talk about Phoenix Classification. It will only be a short lesson but we hope to see you there.”copyright protection129PENANAKZVfyjdsjR

Ayato: Please don’t ignore me... I really want to know...”copyright protection129PENANAURhEbNcgEH

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