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Chapter Zero: That Normal guy who never forgets to smile back
Jul 28, 2017
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!jXQZRUTQY6PBvAX2dEp9posted on PENANA

copyright protection22PENANAh92rqN2LJp

They were dying, all of them. "That's... impressive." he thought. And It was so satisfying to think of the warmth of that fire, burning them alive. They turned to ashes in a moment. He wished he could hear them screaming, but the explosion was loud. He knew about the disgust. It was not a problem anymore. The flying object jumped to a higher position. The mushroom cloud was spreading quickly towards them. He was overflowing with satisfaction. His pupils got wider, and he shouted : "HA! You... Did you see that? ...Wow... wow. Beautiful. Wish I could kill them all at the same time. Alas we never have enough destruction power... Nuke the next destination."26Please respect copyright.PENANAtRubYs9Zs8
copyright protection22PENANAx3mo2eiV4g

The flying object disappeared in the space-time .26Please respect copyright.PENANAjZ3HVpJK4g
copyright protection22PENANA2USxuPzIuZ

-------------------------------------------copyright protection22PENANARM8UdzHgkr

"Hi honey!" he said waiting for her face to appear. and she was right there looking at him with her not-faking eyes.26Please respect copyright.PENANAtFwbRoHrhC
copyright protection22PENANAGRu3fxhytm

"Hey! You're early. Did you run all the way?" she said with a smile on her face.26Please respect copyright.PENANAOKujVsL5sd
copyright protection22PENANAOvhG2LwCt1

He couldn't get enough of her beautiful face. He could see the beauty of her mind in his facial reaction and It was, so, satisfyingly pleasant.copyright protection22PENANABlNKg1jXhE

"Yes! I wanted to see those sparkling eyes some more minutes tonight. huh-huh." he said smiling back at her, while highly personal lines about cloudy summer days were passing his mind.copyright protection22PENANApXwU0MrikU

She said: "Wait a minute. I have something for you." and walked to their room. He was watching her steps meeting the floor. The mattress she was pressing her fingers on. The little dust particles flying around in the air without any predestined place to land, no human friends, no one to FUCKING talk to about how impossible it'd be to live after she dies, much sooner than any other normal human beings, these particles, they're reminders of unforgivable rejections of the light he experiences to meet the punishment, if there is any. but no, there is no punishment, when you're not scared, when don't see punished. What's this solitude? Is everyone else, dead? Do they have to die? Is he alone in this meaninglessly vast-but-empty universe? Does he need to manipulate the characteristic of being a pointless existence by putting an end to it, like his life doesn't even matter? These PARTICLES... THESE PARTICLES ... ARE DISHONEST, It's not about anger, and memories. This is about... Too much talking. boring.26Please respect copyright.PENANAdMcht8GcSL
copyright protection22PENANAF9pWPsIm4b

"~Excited !~" he said loudly raising his neck.copyright protection22PENANAoGxbrNcLKu

Then put his office bag on the floor and suddenly, found a trail of blood on the strap. made his thumb a little wet and cleaned the trail with a grin on his face. because he remembered something funny.copyright protection22PENANApasW4tIvM2

He was whistling and the other guy was choking and gurgling in his own blood, moving his hands aimlessly, desperate attempts to stay alive. But his hands were stuck in his neck pressing his bones with insanely high force. And the other guy died. When he made sure of his death, put one of his hands on his chest and the other on his face and broke his cervical vertebra with a sudden move. Took another look at him. his face was no longer looking at him. It made him laugh for a moment. After that started cutting his head off with a little axe. Put his head in a plastic bag and left the dark alley singing an old song:26Please respect copyright.PENANAtmr0yipgJG
copyright protection22PENANAqsbPo1h7om

"Back to the nothing that had no name,26Please respect copyright.PENANATyqnRmQDri
 Back to the nowhere from where I came,26Please respect copyright.PENANAQF43XybDL4
 Don't worry of me, I know what I am,26Please respect copyright.PENANAperQe09DhT
 Where I'm goin'... and where I've been."copyright protection22PENANAjM3QYuDbgo

Arrived at the spot. It was dark enough. And the fire was right down there, smiling at him. Took a look at the flames, jumped on the fence and threw the bag in the fire standing on the edge whispering something and watching the bag disappearing in those modest flames. Then left the edge of that platform and started running home.copyright protection22PENANAGFz8CDBk9o

"What do you think?" she asked drawing his attention to her painting. It was a world burning in fire.copyright protection22PENANAnzQzpfBHmZ

He simply answered : "wow..." and after a couple of moments while he was drowning in his image of such an unbelievable destruction he added: "...Beautiful."copyright protection22PENANA4FM7wLCaWS

"Worse than burning in fire? What is that punishment...? ...There is no punishment, because there is no, crime." he whispered again. and put the painting back on the wall. Then closed his eyes.copyright protection22PENANAyCy7LaLmvU

-------------------------------------------26Please respect copyright.PENANAkarKyj7oWz
" Isn't this fun?26Please respect copyright.PENANAHMeMQbk2P5
  Isn't this what life's all about?26Please respect copyright.PENANA7fkz6zzfdQ
  Isn't this a dream come true?26Please respect copyright.PENANA8x1AizTpYQ
  Isn't this a nightmare ~toooo~?"copyright protection22PENANALSuBsTQ3Bd

James was looking at the sky singing while someone was playfully letting iT do what iT wants and watching iT through a monitor.copyright protection22PENANA3FTPNpApzx

-------------------------------------------copyright protection22PENANAi8aRfV11ix

Tears filling his eyes, he said: "Did she.... did she just die? She didn't die, right? She can't die. Huh... She is God. ~God~ can't die, can she!!!!!!!! She's alive, right? If I tell her there's still a lot of things to do in this physical form, or just call her- call her repeatedly she'll wake up right? right?? RIGHT!!!!!? Fucking Answer ME!" and grabbed her head in his hands. "She's not dead. She- sh-she-she lives, forever. Even after everything goes black. Even after everything burns to ashes... Even after that moment everyone is asking 'why', looking at the sky in despair.... my unreal Mary is beautiful, knowingly and unknowingly. She's alive... She must be. Why isn't she breathing...? why isn't she moving...?"26Please respect copyright.PENANAYFDdrtoLve
copyright protection22PENANAV3pqERkvVV

He knows she's not in that body anymore, and sits on the bed looking away. The nurse gives him a sad smile and he smiles back.copyright protection22PENANAIYABOo0pNA

-------------------------------------------copyright protection22PENANAW6I6XY1ZZj

26Please respect copyright.PENANARDtbczKLPX
copyright protection22PENANAwVnWl2OFxJ

26Please respect copyright.PENANACYvDzNdscb
copyright protection22PENANAAgHbRwzSVn

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