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What Memory Remains
Writer lovepenguins1984
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What Memory Remains
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Chapter 3: More Than Meets The Eye (updated)
May 26, 2015
13 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!BHAIvFPhOXlccZnGIYfMposted on PENANA

“So…you just drank the rest of your ale and walked out?” William Ostrand said quizzically. He had heard about Zenapharr's actions, but hearing the details of it was all the more alarming.169Please respect copyright.PENANA9LoIdjIT53
copyright protection165PENANA2CUzPkZaaj

“Well of course I drank the rest of my ale. I’d hate to waste a perfectly good pint.”169Please respect copyright.PENANAPYexXhqA5l
copyright protection165PENANARM1rux7jOW

 “I don’t understand. You just butchered thirteen people, all because of a comment that the bartender said. You weren’t worried, sad, or still angry afterwards?”copyright protection165PENANAh99t9waRvq

“Not really. The bartender made me angry, so I killed him. I got it out of my system so I went back to my drink. Then the rest approached me and I defended myself.”copyright protection165PENANAEx2y6RS622

“Yes, you….’defended’ yourself. What about the last man who pleaded for his life?”copyright protection165PENANApUOrmiYuCM

“I just explained why I killed him in the story…weren't you listening?”copyright protection165PENANAqTWAn56xXB

“I just can’t understand your reasoning. What was it about the bartender’s comments that made you so mad?”copyright protection165PENANAXB909gS2mU

“It should be obvious from what you already know about me. He brought my mother’s name into it...” A passing look of anger seemed to waver over Zenapharr, making William nervous.copyright protection165PENANA4MPTebccGO

“I see, and rightfully so considering all that’s happened.copyright protection165PENANAZ6IVG61NDY

At this, Zenapharr gave a slight nod and moved his eyes downward. William thought at first that the assassin was trying to break eye contact until he noticed Zenapharr’s eyes were looking down to his necklace. The half-elf adorned a simple amber stone held by a black leather strand. It only took a moment for William to piece everything together.copyright protection165PENANApAzzBJPtLc

“That was your mother’s, wasn’t it?” He asked tenderly.copyright protection165PENANAoQZdJdpWq5

“Yes, it was. After she passed it was given to me and I’ve never taken it off since. “copyright protection165PENANAKqctmTznGd

“Ahh, could I guess that was what happened to that security guard’s leg, then?”copyright protection165PENANAm6OWFpFvSq

“Yes. I was very clear when I told Sade and those other officers I would go peacefully if they would let me keep the necklace on. One of the guards must have had trouble hearing that day, and that is why he now walks with a limp.’copyright protection165PENANAHggHu0VTWl

  "I can understand under the circumstances of your life. She really meant a lot to you.”copyright protection165PENANAZHLbb85KvM

“Of course, she was my Mother. To everyone else here at this facility, she  was only a number. The same went for me. When they documented tests about me, I wasn’t Zenapharr, I was Test Subject 112. Dehumanizing, to say the least. My family…they were the only ones who truly loved me. And then they were taken away.”copyright protection165PENANAYSSMOybt33

“Why didn’t you run away?”copyright protection165PENANAULkbsObnI8

“This facility life was all I knew. I was afraid of the outside world. Only after I was trained completely through the Minerva military program was I allowed to freely roam outside. I would have been poked and prodded two more years in this NOSRAD facility before I could have my freedom. So strangely after it all, the Injection procedure was not only a curse, but an early way out of here. Since I was a good little monkey and showed some that my results had military applications, Minerva made an offer that NOSRAD had a hard time refusing.”copyright protection165PENANAJIPvT0DZL9

  “What exactly was that?”copyright protection165PENANALK1EwQcHkf

 “Well, they had so many subjects who didn’t react to the Injection, NOSRAD was in danger of having their funding pulled. Minerva offered to remedy that solution by giving a generous donation. I was more than glad to leave, considering I was given more freedom and trained to push my skills to the limit. I even got a guaranteed job with the military. NOSRAD seemed reluctant, especially Dr. Pennington, but the Director of NOSRAD seemed convinced they had no other choice.”copyright protection165PENANALe16qtVCRD

“I see. So, change of subject, you seem to have a bit of a soft spot for women.”copyright protection165PENANAKBlz6fAKfm

“Don’t say that, it makes it sound like a weakness. I have an affinity for them.”copyright protection165PENANAU06VFDMRl6

 “Okay, affinity. Have you ever had to assassinate women before? For the military”copyright protection165PENANA76l8dLC8nu

“Yes, I have. It was the same as assassinating men…all business.”copyright protection165PENANAM758HcoiWD

 "But killing them for fun is different, I take it?”copyright protection165PENANAFRELMkpzbK

“Who said it was fun? I don’t necessarily enjoy killing, as I’ve told you before. It’s out of need, and every situation has been slightly different. It does exhilarate me once I perform the act, and right before but nothing more. I’m not carefully planning everything out, giggling like some school girl.”copyright protection165PENANAFjR0s4L5d8

 “I still don’t quite understand. You said that you were excited at the sound of their heartbeat.”copyright protection165PENANAzZgF8XRwgO

“It is merely a reaction, Mr. Ostrand. You think I fully understand my condition? That is the main reason I’m here.”copyright protection165PENANAaVFPHs961l

 “I mean…you have dealt with it all these years I thought that…”copyright protection165PENANAQGEHH7LscZ

 “DON’T THINK, WILLIAM! YOU ARE ASSUMING!” Zenapharr stood up suddenly, glaring down at William in a contained rage. A security guard abruptly came inside. “TELL HIM TO BACK OFF BEFORE THERE’S TWO INJURED GUARDS!”copyright protection165PENANABMYSr7QiE6

“It’s okay, it’s okay. He’s in control, right Zenapharr??”copyright protection165PENANA7O1MDIfMPg

“Don’t lead my sentences, that’s rude,” Zenapharr said neutrally, then sat back down. “But he’s right, I’m in control. You may leave.” The guards looked confused, and William hastily waved them out.copyright protection165PENANA7FXMnFU986

“I’m sorry, I just thought you understood your condition.”copyright protection165PENANA8JS7BjesCS

 “Well I don’t. As you said, I’m sick, right?”copyright protection165PENANAyJHzwliL78

“I wouldn’t guess that you think that way by talking to you. You don’t seem to have any remorse. What do you think about all of your actions, anyway? You said that it’s a need, so are you a moral person? Or are you bad? Or perhaps just misunderstood?”copyright protection165PENANA1fOZ2bEWkM

“It doesn't really matter in the long run, but I can see why that would be an intriguing question. It’s also one that I don’t know the answer to. Sometimes I think I’m right and justified in my actions. Other times, I do question what I’ve done and my motives, and wondered if I am a bad person. Other moments I just think there is no right or wrong and there is only compulsions and choosing to ignore or embrace them. With therapy, I’m hoping to discover that.”copyright protection165PENANA3twVA8fPAR

“So you do realize that you need help? That’s good Zenapharr, that’s really good. As Dr. Pennington has said, this is the hope of NOSRAD as well. To help you get better. This has been a good conversation, and I think I’ve gotten plenty of facts to write about you. From now on, you’ll be speaking with Dr. Monroe, and all her records and logs will be forwarded to me to use for your case file. If we can prove insanity, we’ll run with that. If not, NOSRAD and Minerva always have ways to make things work in their favor.  It was a pleasure speaking with you.”copyright protection165PENANAI8BpI7L1ST

“I’d love to say the same. Good day.” With an awkward bow, William Ostrand backed out of the room and into the hallway, where Dr. Pennington greeted him.copyright protection165PENANAaU8YUb9y8u

 “Good talk,” Dr. Pennington gave him a slap on the back. “He seems to be strangely open with you. I hope it isn’t a mistake for you to go so soon!”copyright protection165PENANAlbYS7y0moB

“Oh, I wouldn’t think so. I found a psychiatrist that looks like his mother.”copyright protection165PENANAe7KPxtXivP

“You dastardly…that’s brilliant! If you were a snake…”copyright protection165PENANAbFKkDEvNdE

“I’d have bit someone, I know. I have all the information I need to spin a good story. I’ll await all the records of Dr. Monroe’s conversations and work them in. We have a long time before the trial starts, so we’ll get to know Zenapharr plenty more before then.”copyright protection165PENANAiyPgrWPrjd

  “Yes, as long as he cooperates.”copyright protection165PENANA3ykNoShlaM

  “Wow, so he can really break out any time then?”copyright protection165PENANAblrVF5zbSM

  “Mr. Ostrand, I don’t think you quite grasp what Zenapharr is capable of. You’ve never seen him in action before. All that’s been said about him is no exaggeration. The only reason we caught him was because he let us. I didn’t know the reason he wanted capture was to get help, but that’s all the better. We must keep him satisfied in the meantime. That straight jacket…it’s just to keep the guards at ease. You recall The Injection, which caused his excess powers, correct?”copyright protection165PENANAPalEqMBgeV

 “Of course.”copyright protection165PENANAtitO6RGndR

 “What people outside of NOSRAD don’t know is that…the reason we gave him the Injection was because of an anomaly in his blood.”copyright protection165PENANA9ocAjSFS3y

“What do you mean?” Dr. Pennington looked around then led him over to a more private area of the hallway.copyright protection165PENANAFSJ1xaO9q2

“When Zenapharr, his mother, and brother first came here we did blood tests. Unknown to them, we found a rare blood type that we’ve never seen before. Other tests confirmed it…it’s a rare bloodline dating back to the Seraphim. We have strong belief they could do even more with it, but that potential had not been unlocked due to their lack of magical training.”copyright protection165PENANA5UlyIrqpOE

"The Seraphim? As in the line where elves came from? I thought all the purest bloodlines had become extinct.”copyright protection165PENANAhX2tylldep

“Apparently not completely, because a bloodline still exists in their family. More prevalent in the males, apparently. His brother was older and we thought he could take the Injection but…as you know…he didn’t survive.”copyright protection165PENANAMUhvVPFJZ5

“Wait…I thought they’d gotten sick?’copyright protection165PENANAM4Z7DIz48n

 “They did after the Injection.”copyright protection165PENANAIpkKTS6f6l

“So you gave them the Injection process as well and it made them sick?’copyright protection165PENANAESgWobL4VL

“We were unsure of the results, but yes.”copyright protection165PENANA9IP9QtSpx1

“Did you know they would get sick?”copyright protection165PENANAMgr71kZ7z6

 “We didn’t know anything for sure, but all other subjects before Zenapharr had become sick and died. We told Zenapharr his family was sick because it was the truth. Knowing about the Seraphim bloodline gave us hope that they’d be a success, but we weren’t completely surprised by their deaths. There was no sense in him knowing the truth, it would only complicate matters. Zenapharr is not just the only person who has ever had extraordinary results from the Injection, he’s the only one who has ever survived it at all!”copyright protection165PENANAtdZJ9nVVsR

“So you killed his family and lied to him about it?”copyright protection165PENANAGCzwLpZEPw

“I’m not liking your tone, but no we didn’t kill them! We did everything we could to save them, but it didn’t work! Try explaining to a twelve year boy that we did an experiment that killed his family, and then get him to agree to the same experiment! Who in their right mind would cooperate after that!”copyright protection165PENANAGBN7IOsIW1

“So you lied just so he’d go along. You know at first when I get on board with representing NOSRAD I thought there was something off. Yet, in the name of science, I can understand there being some gray areas, and so I rationalized it.  Had I known this was going on...I just don’t know. What if he finds out?? I can’t believe…do you know how many Human Rights laws you’ve broken?”copyright protection165PENANAPpfO9pc4kE

 “Mr. Ostrand, you represent our organization, which means that we tell you how we do things and you convey it to the public to make us look good. Nothing more and nothing less. If you want to make the ‘moral’ decisions around here, I suggest you apply for a position at the board. Otherwise, you follow orders. Are we in agreeance?”copyright protection165PENANAV1gvx2VwHK

 “Yeah, we’re in agreeance. I agree that you’re a soulless scumbag. No wonder he is the way he is! He’s not a monster, you made him one. I’m going to report this…consider this my resignation.” He took off his ID and threw it on the ground.copyright protection165PENANA3nmQu5EWNA

    “Have it your way. Guard, see to it that Mr. Ostrand leaves the building.”copyright protection165PENANAYC0dr9CDeX

  A nearby guard came and began to escort William towards the elevator. Halfway there, the guard answered a call on his walkie talkie, furrowed his brow in some sort of understanding, and made their way to the elevator.copyright protection165PENANAiaYzFwBA3i

  “Can’t wait to get out of here,” William muttered to himself. “Bunch of immoral sadists! No offense…Bagan is it?”copyright protection165PENANAl6GHXbMC7A

  “Yes,” the guard answered. “None taken. Is there anything you would like your family to know?”copyright protection165PENANAc6ddkFnXjB

“I’m sorry…what?” A feeling of eerie suspicion came over him.copyright protection165PENANAUBLTbrpM1s

            “Dr. Pennington on the radio was asking. Is there anything you want your family to know before you die.” Bagan pulled out his sidearm and aimed directly at Wiliam’s head. “You don’t have long.”copyright protection165PENANA5nzL5wXR94

 “I, uh…why are you.. you lied to me!”copyright protection165PENANAsmbGzvlWsF

“Dr. Pennington said to escort you out and I’m doing that. He never specified whether you’d be alive or not. For a smart man you’re not very bright. But you DO get to send a message to your family at least, it’s not like we’re complete animals. Now, say what you’re going to say before that test subject from the facility shoots you…which is what we’re going to say happened anyway.”copyright protection165PENANAxngjgsKGeM

“You’re bastards, the whole lot of you.”copyright protection165PENANA9k9J6eg36p

“Five seconds, better make it good.”copyright protection165PENANA8zLjfkOBhh

 “Oh my God…uhmm…Salena …I love you so much. I didn’t mean…”copyright protection165PENANAgOEx8VZSBe

“Haha! Just kidding! I don’t have a pen, you think I’m going to send your family a message!”copyright protection165PENANAELyNvF2LI8

The report of the gun resounded loudly through the elevator, making the guard momentarily deaf. In the split second that he felt the bullet tear through his skull, William wondered what it would be like in the After, and how long before he saw his family again. Blood began pouring out of his wound as he slumped to the floor, and in mere seconds, William knew no more.copyright protection165PENANAaQHWaXhYyy

“It’s done, boss.” Sagan spoke into the radio.copyright protection165PENANAgPnUnvPmnr

“Good. Take him to the Morgue. The doctor there will fix everything.”copyright protection165PENANAB2daQIPStx

“Copy.”copyright protection165PENANA1EoIAzGRye

On the other end of the radio, Dr. Pennington set down his radio and sank into his office chair. Cradling his chin, he watched Zenapharr being led back to his cell. Thinking on the conversation Ostrand had with Zenapharr, he took a bottle from his desk drawer and kicked it back.copyright protection165PENANAqO4NIrjyOH

“Starting a bit early, are we?” A voice spoke from the shadows, and Pennington nearly wasted the rest of his liquor.169Please respect copyright.PENANAud0Pq1PG9V
copyright protection165PENANA0qJdAAWpsp

“Jumpy?” The voice chuckled, and a well-dressed older man stepped into view.169Please respect copyright.PENANARiGf1UyJOD
copyright protection165PENANAXt4mcFVSxt

“Director Krane, wh-what are you doing here?"169Please respect copyright.PENANANDB1azjAao
copyright protection165PENANA7XhbL0D4zs

“Just checking in. Especially since Ostrand was a family man, and I know how that…affects you.”169Please respect copyright.PENANAVFCWu3YjJ7
copyright protection165PENANAMzSvNs5JSy

“Nothing a bottle won’t fix. Anyway, I knew something had to be done once he started getting too nosy.”copyright protection165PENANA9Q2eceT86q

“That was clever, turning the radio on so I could hear exactly what he was saying.”copyright protection165PENANACeoTqaU3et

“I figured if you heard him firsthand, you’d know better what I should do.”copyright protection165PENANAv03owQQCAJ

“You did well. Well now it’s done. As far for as Mr. Meridian is concerned…” Krane turned to the video feed. “Keep a close eye on him. Vera has vouched for their potency, but there’s always the possibility that the runes to suppress his magical powers may not fare as well as we’d hoped. Can you inform us if he manifests any magic?copyright protection165PENANAbKzdYMrRUy

“Yes, yes of course.”copyright protection165PENANAiwMHqcRlg6

 “Very good. Have a good night, and hopefully you’ll have enough left to enjoy that bottle haha.”copyright protection165PENANAPM7TaDJ1gk

The Director quietly slipped out, leaving the doctor alone with his thoughts. Hesitantly, he lifted the bottle back to his mouth and he emptied its remaining contents. He fought back the urge to tell Krane about Zenapharr using magic in his cell, but he thought better of it. Instead, he watched the assassin on the video feed and wondered aloud.169Please respect copyright.PENANAeAqVQrQobE
copyright protection165PENANALr4kE276U1

“If Zenapharr finds out the truth, that bastard Krane’s getting what comes to him. William has a family…just like I had one.”copyright protection165PENANAFdysUZFMlV

 Pennington drunkenly picked up a photo of a young boy and his eyes welled with sadness. He fought against the tirade of emotion that came with the memories.copyright protection165PENANASaIZ3TDNUT

“I may get what’s coming to me too, Nathan. Let’s just hope I get enough time to see you again first…”copyright protection165PENANA8Fkc0Zf76a

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