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What Memory Remains
Writer lovepenguins1984
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What Memory Remains
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Chapter 5: The Injection (updated)
May 26, 2015
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!18pWWVcBs1XfHCU0Xzy9posted on PENANA

“Did anyone see you?” Zenapharr said, eyes darted about the corridors beyond his concrete barred door.copyright protection209PENANAXQ4dc9TLxF

“No. Do you really think I’d still be here if someone saw me? I have some news for you…Wiliam Ostrand is dead.” The shadowed man at Zenapharr’s door whispered.copyright protection209PENANAjyOIvKEHl7

“He is….that’s inconvenient.” As sarcastic as he stated it, he was genuinely concerned.Ostrand’s only crime seemed to be working for the wrong company.copyright protection209PENANAIimqUgqSQZ

“He was shot by a security guard. Pennington’s orders apparently. They were arguing moments before he was killed. Pennington ought to be the one you talk to about your past.”copyright protection209PENANA2OP611gVMN

“Pennington…so you are the one with the secret…What do you know? How far down does my rabbit hole go?”copyright protection209PENANAA5moOR8tyt

“It could be endless. How much do you really remember from the Injection? What they did to you, exactly?”copyright protection209PENANAAhMXHHe8A4

  “I’m not sure...they said the Injection could incur memory loss. I was hoping you could tell me more.”copyright protection209PENANA7CTXJUZZPM

“I wouldn’t trust them at all at this point.”copyright protection209PENANANqS9OH1XaA

“I can make Pennington talk, you know we can,” The Voice spoke in Zenapharr’s head. “We can take our time with him, drag him from his bed and make him pay for his treachery. Then we’ll kill him…that’ll make us feel so good! How long has it been since you’ve last killed? Six months?”copyright protection209PENANArLReIzVWHv

 Zenapharr ignored the voice, focusing on his friend’s words. “I think we should pay Pennington a visit. I could convince him to tell him.copyright protection209PENANA0P8UNROMQE

“You can’t.”copyright protection209PENANAyE4rOT8PRi

“Why? Isn’t this the whole point of being here? To find out what they did to me exactly? To find out the truth?”copyright protection209PENANApj4hxMQtIy

“It is, but also realize that it may be too soon. Zenapharr, you are not well. The truth could be more hurtful, and you could end up killing again. Remember…that’s the entire reason you spared me. You broke down, said you had killed a boy. And you couldn’t do it anymore, didn’t want to, not even if you were paid for it. You wanted to get better.”copyright protection209PENANAYJn6DbYsXP

 “Is that the real reason you talked me into turning myself in?”copyright protection209PENANA7wtbYh566X

 “No, but it is a fact. You’re not a killer anymore, Zenapharr. At least you don’t seem to want to be. Once you have complete control, I say that you get him to tell you.”copyright protection209PENANApwgtNOfDhY

 “How?”copyright protection209PENANAbgHznlLlOJ

“Throw him a curve call by breaking him mentally. Make him vulnerable. Tell him the truth…I think you’ve kept it hidden for long enough.”copyright protection209PENANAbVgE7eWdk3

“The truth…yes. I should, but, I’m afraid…for the first time in a long time. Afraid to learn what really happened to me…I have such fond memories of Mother despite her untimely death. And Skye...on the cusp of manhood…and his light was snuffed out so suddenly.”copyright protection209PENANAaJzrdmfs0x

  “I know. As you said, I don’t want you losing control. Something tells me you’ll wish you hadn’t known once you do. This is NOSRAD we’re talking about. There are so many tings that went on that they thought it best for you not to know.”copyright protection209PENANArcO9Lcuxyj

  "I see. So, is this all you came to tell me?”copyright protection209PENANAgJewnlKky4

“No, not at all. This is the main reason I came here.”copyright protection209PENANAnJOWb2iquj

 The mysterious man slipped a small folder between the bars, and Zenapharr took them with great curiosity. He now only wore handcuffs, as the straight jacket had given him a crick in the neck. Due to his peaceful cooperation, they allowed him this one freedom. They already knew it was best not to press their luck.copyright protection209PENANAYVvN5hZzOx

“This is…all about the Injection…” Zenapharr said, perusing the file. And it stated the following.copyright protection209PENANAS4g7AEtlY2

Northern Organization for Scientific Research and Developmentcopyright protection209PENANAplLeiWgBnL

Date: 370 A.W.copyright protection209PENANAUmHp9MG8mu

Test Subject 112copyright protection209PENANAGfzXm9BQuA

Experiment 210-Injection Xcopyright protection209PENANASUVE9dAqOY

Conducted by: Dr. Richard Pennington, Dr. Arthur Miles, Dr. Sandra Wick, Dr. Samuel Calhouncopyright protection209PENANAbIkT8uGOD2

Hypothesis: According to properties of Chemical 42B (a.k.a. Agent Crimson) , by injecting test subject 112 with Chemical 42B, subject should show increased speed, strength, toughness, agility, and cognitive functions as well as superhuman regenerative abilities.copyright protection209PENANAjjiSgF2Svx

Prognosis: Unlikely successful due to past patients’ incompatibility but has interesting potential, based on patient’s rare blood properties.copyright protection209PENANAsnso1BBC1q

Risk: High-Lethal. Subject expendable.copyright protection209PENANAAd9V7iqN63

Diagnosis: After injection, Subject  112 showed remarkable results. Immediately, the subject was consumed in a raging fire that was deemed to be magical as it burned everyone but the subject. All doctors involved were killed with the exception of Dr. Pennington. After subduing the fire, the subject became fatigued as he passed out. Subject awoke showing extraordinary results, successful in all areas beyond human capacity. Military application very viable.copyright protection209PENANAQqn8jENlwi

Side Effects: Subject has shown sporadic long and short-term memory loss. Emotional loss seems prevalent, yet is prone to unpredictable anger which results in the short term memory loss. Whether the deprivation of emotion is long term will remain to be seen.copyright protection209PENANATYGlnHWZjY

Notes: Positive results accredited to subject’s rare blood properties, which show an almost non-existent link to the Seraphim. This anomaly in his blood was suspected when previous lab tests on subject 112 showed remarkable magical abilities. Considering this magical prowess is even further strengthened, doses were applied to his food to suppress his magical abilities, as any emotional stress or outburst could turn catastrophic. Subconscious conditioning applied to defer subject’s use of magic. All magic tutoring have also been halted to prevent subject from increasing magical threshold.copyright protection209PENANApUczQjRg6Y

Classification: Highly Dangerous, yet controllable.copyright protection209PENANAjWpG5IkS4R

There was even more to the document, but it was marked out with a large black pen, making it undecipherable. What else were they hiding?copyright protection209PENANAbXQRidzecS

“I don’t believe it,” Zenapharr said, taking all the information in. “Expendable? Rare blood properties linked to the Seraphim? I’m not so sure about this…I feel like this only leaves more questions.”copyright protection209PENANAdCNpbDI3TP

 “It certainly does. And I will find them for you. I have only just recently found this file, which was kept only in physical form that you see here today. I do know that the Agent Crimson they spoke of is quite remarkable. Other files show that is an ancient rock found by archaeologists. When melted down, it is the very same liquid you were injected with. Your blood seems to have reacted to it. You are something quite special, Zenapharr.”copyright protection209PENANA2dMrTRaeKe

“I’m starting to get that notion,” Zenapharr said wryly. And suddenly, as he sorted out the details of the document, the memory of the Injection started coming back to him in pieces. There were people’s screams…..and his screams…he could see the fire….he could smell something burning…could see black ashen walls…and burnt faces. The skeletal remains of doctors..copyright protection209PENANA5WbWOu9nJm

 “Uhh!” He grunted, and fell to his knees. “I…I killed them…after the Injection.” Then the screams he heard in his memory were replaced by laughter, loud…cackling, maniacal laughter. It was his laughter. Yet, the memory was not in his own eyes…it was like a dream, where he only saw him himself…blood red eyes, a hunger instilled in him. It felt more prevalent now than ever…the Injection had turned into him into a killer.copyright protection209PENANAgWY4laH4eB

  “I’m sorry to leave you in your current state, but that was all I had to discuss with you. The file, please? I cannot arouse any suspicion with it being gone.”copyright protection209PENANAUgOGHIySWj

Zenapharr stood up in a daze, passing the file back through the bars. As the sound of his friend’s foothalls faded away, he wondered what he would do, where he would go from here. The news was enlightening no doubt. All of the feelings, the notions, the suspicions of foul play were all solidified now. And there was still more to consider.copyright protection209PENANA62giY4M8sv

“Hey, what are you doing?” A security guard approached, seeing that Zenapharr was standing at his door rather than lying down.copyright protection209PENANAuJrtNNDuRR

 “Oh, just talking to myself, “Zenapharr said, chuckling darkly. His Friend had slipped past undetected no doubt.copyright protection209PENANA5M8TsQC1Iy

“Well, talk to yourself a little lower. It’s late.”copyright protection209PENANAlOBB6AGSJ8

“Yes sir!” The half-elf gave a sarcastic salute, to which the guard rolled his eyes and walked away. Zenapharr wondered how differently things would have gone had he not spared his informant’s life. Had he not listened, he may have been blindly following orders despite losing his appetite for the kill. As he thought back to the day he had spared the informant’s life, he realized just how strange it was the way everything had coincided.copyright protection209PENANAodRPHECk9u

  In the shadows of the man’s office, Zenapharr had lied in wait for hours. His patience and ability to be still for hours was uncanny, as he disciplined himself in mind and body. With a flair for the dramatic, he had laid out photos of all the wrong-doings and atrocities the target had committed; all provided to him by Minerva’s intelligence, of course. Though his paid mercenary work was all business, he thought it would make it more fun to make his enemies look their mistakes right in the eye before he ended them.copyright protection209PENANAcegk8JaKKS

  “Hello, friend,” he said when he held him fast with one arm and held his blade to his throat with the other. “You’ve been quite the bad boy. Tisk tisk tisk tisk tisk. Look at the mess you’ve made,” he pointed to the photos of multiple innocent civilians, lying in pools of blood, some decapitated, some mutilated.copyright protection209PENANAj5HUHNvnGe

“Wait, don’t kill me, please!” he begged, pleading like a frightened child.copyright protection209PENANAv4snU91xua

 “And why not? You deserve it, plus I’m getting good money for your head.copyright protection209PENANA1Gpi0x1biM

 “Because I’ve been expecting you.”copyright protection209PENANA3BSKwzy2Wf

“Exepcting me?”copyright protection209PENANAgsjJPdSRKm

“Yes. I know who you really are.”copyright protection209PENANA1M3q53Y7eh

“Really? And who is that?”copyright protection209PENANATiSM3pmBri

  “You’re Zenapharr Meridian, they call you the Spectre.”copyright protection209PENANAQILarAoks9

 “That I am.”copyright protection209PENANAGtWKU1NT82

 “You were raised in the NOSRAD facility until you sent to Minerva for military training. It was there you learned about the world for the first time, and honed all your skills to be used as an assassin.”copyright protection209PENANAa2l3Oosa0U

“….go on.”copyright protection209PENANAtRCe13Pqnh

“Your uncanny abilities are also due to a special experiment. Unfortunately, it also made you next to emotionless, and with the insatiable urge to kill.”copyright protection209PENANAA4LwOGxCAG

 “How do you know that? You’ve been following me?” He held his blade closer to the man’s throat.copyright protection209PENANAFKI0NwpgHp

 “No, not me personally anyway. I have a lot of connections. I can prove that I know more. Tell me how good your memory is.”copyright protection209PENANAaagNpiQfIe

“I had toast for breakfast.”copyright protection209PENANAxjjjP8ZnKz

 “No, I mean…tell me how you got your powers. What was it like growing up in NOSRAD as a child? Tell me about your brother.”copyright protection209PENANA3pkLq8hPpZ

“Skye….”copyright protection209PENANAez9vmzNdOw

Zenapharr lowered his sword and sheathed it. He looked the man in the eyes, and they began a long discussion.copyright protection209PENANAslQLFFTE2E

It was then that Zenapharr realized how hazy his memories were, and had almost completely forgotten about the Injection altogether. Upon further conversation, he jogged Zenapharr’s memory with more details, things from his past that no one would forget.copyright protection209PENANAe54yQuH8k6

This man he had sworn to kill had contacts in both Minerva and NOSRAD, and could use them to find out more about his past. Yet, some of that information only went so far. So he agreed that he’d find out more for Zenapharr but only under one condition…that Zenapharr surrender himself and try to control his desires to kill. The whole situation was so extremely odd The man even understood the torment that Zenapharr had been through, specifically the  recent incident where Zenapharr’s impulse to kill had gone wrong.copyright protection209PENANA7zGh43QShF

 Reminiscing on this all brought Zenapharr’s oncoming anger back down, and reminded him that he was here on a promise. And if there was one thing that Zenapharr did, it was to keep a promise, no matter the cost. The Voice inside him chided again, prompting him to kill all the scientists responsible for his Injection, but he cursed at the Voice.copyright protection209PENANApJ1fvGVolX

“I don’t want to be that person anymore.” He whispered. In fact…in spite of all that had done to him, he wanted to be the one to be forthcoming.copyright protection209PENANA3z378UCQ2X

William Ostrand was right about him all along…he was a hypocrite. One who killed in secret, yet claimed to uphold the truths that were being hidden in the world. Finally, he made a firm decision in his mind. In hopes of turning away from his egregious actions and impulses, he was going to confess some things that had been bothering him, and knowing he had some sort of conscious in there made it all the more compelling to do. To save his soul, it was time he revealed a truth of his owncopyright protection209PENANAWawCsBGiuX

He was going to tell Dr. Pennington the truth about his son Nathan. It would hurt him, it would most likely break him on the inside, but it had to be done. He didn’t really care if Pennington would reciprocate, there was no way he’d do Zenapharr any favors after it all. The more he thought about it, they weren’t going to tell him anything unless he forced it out of them.copyright protection209PENANAYUGZabF5A0

Either way, it would be one hell of a show.copyright protection209PENANA3EA6LJ1oz4

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