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The Sun & Moon
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Writer Chat Noir
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The Sun & Moon
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The last breath
Chat Noir
Jul 14, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!gehpaVfhwUQXIaz5yIUdposted on PENANA ~Flashback~ (Camila's)

"Camila...." her parents placed their hands on her forehead as they continued, "Im sorry we couldn't stay any longer..." her mom struggled to voice out.copyright protection90PENANAKLSLPbBVAo

"Take these, as remembrance from me and your father.." she coughed as she used her remaining magic to infuse the two crystals, along with her father. copyright protection90PENANA8RCphMlx3R

Her parents coughed for the last time as they turned to dust. Only leaving the dark blue sapphire and pink morganite as remembrance. "Mother? Father?" The young princess shook her parents, no use. copyright protection90PENANArUO95oeD79

They were gone. copyright protection90PENANARSUJEJVfFw

She clutched the two gemstones tightly towards her chest as she cried softly. copyright protection90PENANADNngcF2yc6

~End of her Flashback~copyright protection90PENANApE0eN6D2KK

~Flashback~ (Brendan's)copyright protection90PENANAbBC6lgPgvu

"Olwen dear, would you mind taking our son out for awhile?" Brendan's dad whispered to his mom, it was difficult to make out but thats all the curly haired prince could get. He wondered....Where is Mama taking me? copyright protection90PENANAM9iapvPs32

He looked up at his mom, he was about to question but his mom was already dragging him out. "Come on Brendan, lets go okay?" she smiled at him through the daylight. The prince smiled brightly, his eyes shinning like a light. His mother's look softened, then became sad, without loosing his positivity, he looked at his mom, "Mama? Are you okay?" his mom nodded.copyright protection90PENANAysGzHuFkwp

"Im fine dear, but listen." Brendan nodded carefully and slowly, she brought out a beautiful necklace. It was a pure golden chain with a star-carved fire opal embedded in the center. "You must run as far as you can, keep this with you. Keep it around your neck at all times. Got it?" she asked again. copyright protection90PENANA4H1GNmXDDt

The young prince, confused but trusting nodded with determination. Snatching the necklace from his mother, he gave her one last hug before saying his goodbye.copyright protection90PENANA8pCqA2VqvZ

For good...copyright protection90PENANAt3r9D9Djta

~End of his Flashback~copyright protection90PENANAJyRKfF7cjK

~Flashback~ (Stefan's)copyright protection90PENANAGrajSKlObR

"Dad? Where's mom?" Stefan said as he waltzed in, adjusting his glasses, "Out." was all his father replied, not even bothering to glance up at the 14 year old prince, "Its late, are you sure she's okay?" the prince asked, glancing at the wall clock.copyright protection90PENANANEUfNyprRS

His father grunted, slamming his newspaper on the coffee table, "YES! Now stop bothering me and go to sleep!" he scolded, but the teen just brushed it off and proceeded to walk into the kitchen for a small snack. But he quickly paused himself due to the faint smell of blood in the kitchen. copyright protection90PENANABBrtlH9tUs

He wouldn't... The dark skinned prince grimaced. He made his way to the sink and peered in, indeed. There was a bloody knife there. copyright protection90PENANAdAUoTM8fBk

"Crap." he muttered, oblivious to the volume he exclaimed it in as his dad yelled back from the living room, "WELL IF YOU'RE GONNA BE SO NOISY MIGHT AS WELL MAKE ME A COFFEE." he stated matter-of-a-factly. Stefan sighed as he began making his father's coffee, but he added a small extra ingredient.copyright protection90PENANA6oY1EMz3er

Sleeping pills.copyright protection90PENANAWQ2ojo5sSZ

He poured half the bottle into the cup and stirred. He brought the cup back to his father, who slapped him. "Took you long enou—" and he was out like a light. The clock was ticking, Stefan bolted to his room, packed and went to his mom's room as well. copyright protection90PENANAU5APutBDJd

As he was searching, he came across his mom's diary. At first he hesitated, but he flipped through the pages and and a necklace neatly placed within it. copyright protection90PENANAXPCVQgIqjW

It was beautiful, a long black ribbon holding a small midnight blue Aphrodite shaped like a crescent as a pendant. Under it was a note:copyright protection90PENANASgMUE5jKyb

'Dearest son, if you ever find this notebook. Its time, take this necklace and hide.copyright protection90PENANAJthkiLOUox

-Selene'copyright protection90PENANA7lmJhd0ZEk

The prince teared up a bit and grabbed the necklace and fled somewhere safer.copyright protection90PENANAVwAHrfNLZm

~End of his Flashback~copyright protection90PENANAWJPe38ZR2o

Comments ( 3 )

Lunassandra Hughes - I think its an interesting beginning. Im should be I'm. Titles and Relations are capitalized. None of the characters are given any real trait? I wish they were because as of the first chapter none of them seem memorable which could cause trouble for the reader as they progress in the story. I'll continue on.
11 months agoreply

Chat Noir - My apologies for that, however that's my style of writing. I don't mean it as a threat of any sort, I'm just stating it so sorry if I caused an offense
11 months agoreply

Lunassandra Hughes - @Chat Noir , Oh no you definitely didn't. I know I can come off as an ass lol. I tend to be brutal with critiques lol. You're good. 
11 months agoreply