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The Sun & Moon
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Writer Chat Noir
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The Sun & Moon
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Ill make your wildest dreams come true
Chat Noir
Sep 24, 2017
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!q2ueT6TCNkBjy6PDQpaLposted on PENANA I explained almost everything to Brendan with Stefan observing closely, listening contently. He listened to my story without interruption but towards the end he just blurted out, "Enough sadness! Lets forgive and forget!!" He changed, I smiled, letting out a small sigh. I felt someone prodding my shoulder, I looked at Stefan, "Im sorry.." he muttered embarrassed, I nodded, "It's okay, you didn't know." I responded and grinned as his expression lit up by a milestone. 

A strangely loud clap echoed through our house, "Im hungry!" Brendan demanded, I laughed while Stefan sighed sarcastically, "One minute you're behaving like an adult then a child." He chuckled. I watched Brendan puff his cheeks and start to sulk cause he didn't get any food. I stood up to go get my phone, dusting myself off, "Fine...Ill call pizza." I offered and watched as even Stefan turn to me with a satisfied look on his face. I giggled, dialling the number. copyright protection86PENANA7j9oMsMN9x

-time skip!-copyright protection86PENANAhAAMOtSI5G

It was nighttime already, like holy crap that was fast. All of us had settled in our rooms for the night and we're just having our own personal time. After adjusting my desk ornaments, I heard the boys shout out to each other, "NIGHT!" I suppressed a light laugh. To think we're only years apart. copyright protection86PENANA2HZBNPeEep

I flopped onto my bed, which, I do admit, was very comfy. And bouncy. Peering into my phone I felt slightly guilty that I hadn't told Brendan the full story of what had happened earlier but hey, I sorta don't want to..it's not that I'm afraid he'll kick me out or something like that, it's cause I know he'll worry. And I don't want that. A bit saddened by my thoughts I looked at the time: '23:00' Meh, it was a Friday so I was good, but my body said otherwise, refusing to keep awake. So I just switched off my phone and drifted off to a peaceful sleep...copyright protection86PENANAqmJzKv1wib

[Dream Sequence]copyright protection86PENANA4zMElA8eie

We were sitting in the living room, just two of us. As we were playing a game of cards, my phone buzzed. I was going to run to the kitchen to get it, but Brendan was closer, reading the message I had received:copyright protection86PENANAUlVUWJJbnY

'Why Brendan of all people?!'copyright protection86PENANABNkkm5PoC8

I noticed his face pale and his expression darken. "Camila, do you love me..?" His tone sounded broken, I nodded slowly. "Then why didn't you reply to him?" He asked, spitting out venom when he referred to the sender, "Who? What was the text?" I asked him, scared. He didn't respond, typing something on my phone and pressing send. I gazed in horror, I really hope he signed off his name! copyright protection86PENANAAGHml3Wtif

He tossed me my phone, which I caught safely within my palms. Shakily, I ran my eyes over the rather aggressive reply:copyright protection86PENANAHcBC7ylRJJ

'A: Why Brendan of all people?!copyright protection86PENANAPkw9ESeuhQ

C: (it was Brendan's reply) Cause he's better than you, so much better. Cause I deserve something more than you.'copyright protection86PENANACRxkdSnamF

I felt myself start to tear up, but I held back, why? Because that person was actually someone I cared about. I charged at him, knocking the wind out of him and causing us both to fall, with my hands on either side of his head. "Why?!" I nearly screamed. He just stared at me silent. "Why?!!" I exclaimed a little louder. He didn't budge or move a muscle, I tried again and again, and as I tried, a voice in the back of my head grew louder and louder...copyright protection86PENANAp3S1G0z2Rj

(mentions of pyschotic thoughts and violence, please skip it if it makes you uncomfortable) copyright protection86PENANAMGDiQib5Ns

'Go CrAzY, copyright protection86PENANAWpjtJwm7HJ

yOu CaN dO iT!copyright protection86PENANAM7NF8tFIww

hUrT hImcopyright protection86PENANA1idFB4YM9L

JuSt ChOkE hIm!'copyright protection86PENANAf5ayzT5W0N

I nearly lost it, I stopped saying anything, backing off, trembling violently. "...no.." I whispered to myself specifically, "nononononono!" I was getting progressively louder as time skipped by. Thoughts of my deteriorating mental sanity flooding my mind as I picked up the nearest object, which so happened to be an apple peeler. I grabbed it swiftly, using my rage as a catalyst to force my weapon to his nape. "WHY?" His voice pounded in my head as he caught my wrist.copyright protection86PENANAFNUst2W8Kt

I nodded, walking closer till our faces were inches apart, I tried pushing my hand down and saw it touch his neck, "Because..you're mine.. no one else's." He breathed out, I stiffened, feeling a blade prod my back, he chuckled darkly, "You need to work on your reflexes dear..." he commented, I let out a small: 'Hmph' before doing something I bet he wouldn't have expected, I purposely leant back, piercing my back on the knife, his eyes widened.copyright protection86PENANAFMMTroXpa6

"Oh my God.." he breathed, I smirked, stumbling back and pulling out the bloody blade with a satisfied groan. He didn't step back, plastering his eyes on every step I took, "You're insane.." I panted at the loss of blood, "...but I love it..." that was my last phrase before fainting from the low blood pressure. The last thing I could hear was him shouting, "Cam! CAMILA!"copyright protection86PENANAapckYMe4Jf

[End of Dream Sequence]copyright protection86PENANARp3LSxOOFz

"CAMILA!" I shot up to face Brendan, the roots of my hair soaked in sweat. "Wh—wha—why..?" I questioned unclearly, scampering to my headboard, trembling. "Camila, are you okay..?" He asked me calmly, I nodded fearfully, "Liar," he accused, crawling closer to me and sitting in front of my shaking form. "What happened?" He demanded lightly. I looked up a bit and asked him, "Will you be angry if I told you?" copyright protection86PENANAill5fMtccE

"No, well, depends..." He shrugged, I nodded, gripping the covers tightly as I handed him my phone on that message, "Is that it?" He asked, my eyes met his dumbfounded, "What do you mean?" I squinted, he repeated himself and I just stayed silent for a short while, "Here we go again..." he sighed. My heart nearly stopped, what..? Truth be told, I was always a very sensitive girl. But I hated it when someone would judge  or cut off another before they heard their story. I never said anything and I don't intend to, I don't want to loose Brendan.. "Oi?" I ignored him, his voice was always cheerful but I think I'm the only one who found it like that. copyright protection86PENANAjm4wH2jW72

"Camila.." He poked my side but I had no real reaction, I just couldn't. It hurt me to lie to him but I couldn't stand telling him anything either, feeling as though I'd loose him if I tried, it was driving me mad. I hadn't even realised I was crying until he pulled me in for a hug. "Hey..why're you crying over such a small thing..?" He asked me with pity, I zipped my mouth shut, trying to squirm away but his grip tightened, "Tell me." He ordered.copyright protection86PENANAcZrgLjNz8t

I took a deep breath and looked at him, explaining from start to finish on what happened in my dream and why that text bothered me in the first place. He let out a soft smile, pulling me close, then taking out my wrist and putting two fingers on it. "Feel that.?" He asked, ushering me to layer two fingers on my hand. I nodded, feeling my pulse, "You're alive Camila..that's all we could ask for.." He stated shyly, I looked at him, "we?" "Yes, we. Prudence, Me, Stefan and so on, we all want you to live..." He smiled. I smiled back, feeling warm inside. I watched him get up to leave but I pulled his sleeve. "Brendan can you..stay with me..?" I asked him with a tomato red face, he sighed happily and nodded. copyright protection86PENANA9rOuw4h0gu

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