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The Sun & Moon
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Writer Chat Noir
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The Sun & Moon
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Weird feelings
Chat Noir
Jul 23, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!NCWhNUr2uvt3qhOEALlJposted on PENANA ~Third person p.o.v~

Months have past and the three friends have gotten even closer if that's possible. They laughed and walked down the halls together, cursing the jerks and bullies that they bumped into...copyright protection71PENANAkaQByDHXxX

~Camila's p.o.v~copyright protection71PENANAslzpCnj3qO

Sometime has passed and Casie and Derek have left school. So its just us and Alex, who said he needed to take care of his sister and didnt join us today. As we walked down the hall I felt strange, like there were eyes on me or something like that but I just shook it off, that idea was stupid. Brendan, Stefan and I walked to our language classes, spliting at our halls and heading our own ways. As I walked into my Malay class, I noticed a new looking girl, she was tall but judging by her looks she wasn't any older. I dont really know what it was about her but whatever it was, it bugged me.copyright protection71PENANAzTSZaGELs0

Soon enough though, our substitute walked in. "Selamat pagi kelas!" She began, "Hari ini adalah pelajar yang baru." she stated a matter-of-factly, we all turned to the new girl, who, already was standing to attention. "Selamat pagi Cikgu dan pelajar-pelajaran, nama saya Prudence dan saya berumur 13-tahun." She spoke fluently, we all smiled, including me, and waved at her. She waved back and classes began.copyright protection71PENANAuNblpJY6Hw

-Time skip!- copyright protection71PENANA39RDyt0Sxr

During break, I could only find Brendan. "Where's Stefan?" I asked in confusion, he himself is so tall, he wouldn't be that difficult to miss would he? Brendan shook his head, typing a message:copyright protection71PENANAH6lz6wgLhJ

'B: Stef, where are you??copyright protection71PENANAMLwX6VH52o

S: Detention, you guys can go hangout, I'll meet up later.copyright protection71PENANAB5ytI7WJ0u

((I let out a light chuckle))copyright protection71PENANAaHBvhH2ytj

C: Ms.Valery really got you? And you're using phone, you're gonna get in troublecopyright protection71PENANAhf4OcbKUgM

B: Nahcopyright protection71PENANAjSRRlzZijZ

S: We'll see about that. 😐'copyright protection71PENANAMtHoZZ51xz

We both laughed and started arguing playfully on who was right. "That's not fair!!" I shouted out at one point, "You're not fair!!" Brendan fired back, all of a sudden, it became awkward. "Well you're—!" Nothing came out. "Well I'm?" He repeated in a concerned tone, that wasn't like me at all! "Y-you're so...—" Cute. Childish. Fun— NO!! STOP THAT!! I mentally slapped myself, is this a dream???? If it was, Brendan's hell of a clearing throat surely brought me out of it. copyright protection71PENANAkPOpD1BoVS

"Cam? You alright?" He asked, putting his hand on my forehead, "Your head is warm." he commented, "I-its nothing." I crossed my arms over my chest and giggled nervously. "Come on! Lets go eat yeah?" I burst, grabbing his wrists lightly, "Uhhh okay..?" he mumbled unsurely. I smiled and dragged him along to the cafeteria. copyright protection71PENANAaeK266C5oV

-Time skip!-copyright protection71PENANA5bpNzpMFqj

Now it was lunch, and I kinda just wal— scratch that I ran and...well....hid... Why hide? Because right before art class began Stefan had heard about my reaction during break from Brendan and is also concerned. So now Im just chilling here, squatting down on the staircase, and eating my lunch. I didnt hear anything for the first 20 minutes so I decided every now and then I'd peep over the railing and check if they were near. I dont remember when it was but when I peeped up and sat back down, I suddenly heard footsteps, I panicked and stayed stiff. copyright protection71PENANAeL92bN3NbZ

And would ya' guess what happened? There he was! Stefan in all his freakin' glory, at the bottom of the staircase. I stood up and tried to step down quick but he blocked me, putting his arms out and blocking my way. Buttttttttttt! Let me tell you something funny, he is tall. Im short. So when he did that, I was able to crawl under his arms and actually squeeze through. "Stef. Catch her!" I heard Brendan yell from the distance, problem was that I couldn't identify where he was in time and as a result I ended up running straight into him. "Camila, what the hell is wrong?!?" He demanded more sternly this time, my face started heating up and my stomach was doing flips. "Ill text you later." I told him and he nodded.copyright protection71PENANAFmdqokw1pU

This surely meant trouble...copyright protection71PENANAWv5miEL4jc

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Lunassandra Hughes - Oh, Hindi, as in the language. I've never stumbled across a school that taught that lol. The Butttttt in the last chapter is annoying. We're several issues in and I still have no clue as to what the main conflict of the story is supposed to be. I'll probably give it a few more, but I'd usually quit about here for something like that.
11 months agoreply