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On Break
A Journey to Adafus
Writer Lij Wynter
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A Journey to Adafus
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Rosenbalm, the Town of Glory
Lij Wynter
Aug 8, 2017
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!mFIwdklHqVgCyzi86Xfcposted on PENANA

Lo and behold, the townspeople were amazed to see that color had once again pervaded their sights. The amphitheater was no longer a huge structure made of grey stones, but a structure colored in the full spectrum of visible light. Upwards they looked, and it too, the sky, gradually ceased its gray tune and begun to bellow a brighter blue. Excitement filled the air, the screams mushroomed even higher. Tears of joy fell heavy to the earth and watered the bright brown soils. Anna fell to her knees and so did Ansen, the both of them hugged with tears in their eyes, when out of nowhere a feeble, yet commanding voice penetrated the thick of the festivities. copyright protection63PENANAoAp3hYNKLb

[Oldman: People! Heed my words! March through the town in this moment! March!] copyright protection63PENANAt7QbE4wZMW

It was the elder who liberated them. There he stood in his azure robes and red sash just barely holding himself up with some stick he found. His doctors were trying fruitlessly to alleviate him of his vain calls to the people, but shrugged them off he did. Only some could hear his words. Those who did knew not of the severity of his being, but they did indeed follow his order and commanded a march. [Ahead! Ahead! Let us march ahead and through the town!] said those of large lungs to the masses! Leading the way, the congregation of the town diffused like a massive drop of water from the amphitheater through the streets of the town. Large droves of colorful people dressed in rainbows marched forward in chaotic joy. Their facilitated their march steadfast with mad excitements polluting the air.  copyright protection63PENANAV2zuCRCIPR

The streetways flooded with multiflavored fluid, the gutters and drains saturated in vivid inks of all tones. The eyes of the marchers saw nothing but alleviation of their woes, as before their eyes the buildings reignited with colors and splashed them in browns and reds and oranges. Plants and flowers absolutely dripped with reds and indigos, all things in eyesight were being pervaded in color. copyright protection63PENANAVdskgKj4u4

 Out of eyesight however, the flowers nearly dead and dying, were slowly regaining their shapes and vigor, slowly overcoming the lameness cursed upon them. Veins of green started to appear and dissipate throughout the leaves and stems. Flowers began to strengthen their purpose of existence and those not yet bloomed now did. Strains of colors spread everywhere, truly tears of the inanimate. Oh how the town once again had life, oh how truly rare and radiant it became. The towns march had lead through every alley and corner available, not an ounce of monochromatic tints remained. On the ground all who walked fell, their throats sore and eyes reddened from their tears. The sighed and breathed heavily, not one of any age or gender spared. All were victim to fatigue, it overtook some to the point they could not breath straight in the slightest. Not a speck of grey remained, only a mishmash of colors left in the wake of the celebrations. Once again, they could look to the sky and see its brilliant blue burst forward. Panting overtook everyone, only the elder and his doctors were spared of this affliction. copyright protection63PENANAfXc69QaFQW

Later that night, the entire town unleashed a festival like none ever had by them before. Through the thick of the night, torches lit and illuminated the sides of buildings and streets. Wanton drinking of many fluids and feasting of many salted meats took place. The towns people now returned to their normal look of plain clothing and lack of multiple layers of colors on their person, all partook in the ecstasy of existence once again. They could taste the salts of the meats, feel the heat of the dripping oils on their chins, the tangy flavor of the beverages they drank, the vivid display of reflected light on all they saw. Again, they were alive. Music could once again be played, its sound carried through the air, the strings strummed, the drums beat. All could experience what they were depraved of for so long.  copyright protection63PENANACMZbgC3SlS

In the thick of all the festivities was a man in a certain inn, seated on its best chair.  copyright protection63PENANAKh5dBmXVqr

[Duval: How goes it elder?! Enjoying yourself? I know I am!] copyright protection63PENANA0GpcNy3YeU

A youngster with wild yellow hair with a slurred tongue staggered to walk towards the elder with a cup in one hand and a plate of roasted meat in the other. The elder spoke not a word and instead raised his flat and opened palm to the man offering him sustenance. Duval hiccupped and staggered elsewhere, handing the meat to some person unseen and released the plate and drink, only to have it fall on the floor. He started to laugh at the person who seemed to be the wall he spoke with. [Is this what I lost my voice to save?] thought the Oldman to himself whilst sitting with a disappointed face. He looked around with a tinge of happiness on his face, absorbing the joys of the celebrations with his eyes as everyone else did. He smiled.  copyright protection63PENANAVQGV2Xx5QT

[Ansen: Elder, so good to see you again! How goes it?] copyright protection63PENANAYBa4OMqLHR

The elder pointed to his throat and shook his head side to side. copyright protection63PENANAdHyCUlbYjq

[Anna: Be more realistic Ansen, don't you think one his age wouldn't be able to speak like that for long?] copyright protection63PENANASfgzajxIon

[Ansen: Ah, sorry elder. Say what's your name anyways?] copyright protection63PENANABmYLqNyRyf

[Anna: Ansen! What did I just say?] copyright protection63PENANAJMXhpSDBRX

[Ansen: Oh sorry.] copyright protection63PENANA1KcikmBR40

The elder chuckled softly at this exchange, he waved them off as they went to dance with the rest of the patrons. An hour or so passed and he received many more compliments and thank you's, nodding in contentment. He sat there, silently observing. He went to his room to retire from the noise. To his room he went, and still could feel vibrations from below his quarters and still hear quite audibly the noise and exuberance of the townsfolk. Not just in the inn he stayed, but from all over the town, truly he thought it would be a sleepless night. Lo and behold he sat upon his bed and shut his eyes. He fell sleep in that instant. copyright protection63PENANAfGmdrN00Fz

Long after the sun had risen, and the cool, crisp air had long left. A certain man of old age rose from his bed and changed his robes into a set he felt was more familiar. Wasting no time, he made his way down the creaky stairs with his heavy bag on back. His eyes detected the partiers from the night before, all of which were fast asleep. Ignoring the awkward sight, he went to the door and placed his hand on the handle. He stood there in silence, staring at the wood before him. A minute passed and he finally pushed it open. Outside he beheld that those of the town, not fast asleep, had gathered around the inn, in anticipation for the elder to depart its confines. Of course, no all of the town were present, but around 30 of those with authority were present. Amongst them was also the mayor. copyright protection63PENANAgomeFL6inY

[Mayor: Hello mister uhhh, what is your name?] copyright protection63PENANAgoIsG2PiTU

[Oldman: …] copyright protection63PENANAi9AEm2sn27

The elder stood there biting his lip and furrowing his brow slightly. With one eyebrow raised barely, pointed to his throat. An advisor to the mayor whispered into his ear and with eyes opened more widely apologized and continued. copyright protection63PENANAXivkxb6Dut

[Mayor: Oh my, I do say I apologize yet again. Since you are unable to, I will introduce myself to you. I am the mayor of this town as I am sure you already knew. My surname is Glass. So, I am known as Mayor. Glass. Not "mere glass" I assure you, I am quite a sturdy build if I do say so myself. (Verily so from the looks of it.) the elder chuckled to himself. Before him stood a man dressed quite finely in expensive clothes and accessories. He had a gut that protruded quite amply, and multiple chins. His build was rather short and husky and had the most majestic of beards, one which displayed a bright orange hue. And with his hefty voice of gravitas and regality said. copyright protection63PENANABKRkcym2Qg

[Mayor: I have been informed by some, that you are in a hurry to somewhere and sacrificed your precious time to us. Not one for large ceremonies or anything of the sort, and taking in your ack of time into consideration, I would like to present you with the thanks of the towns people. Thank you! Thank you for all you have done! You have saved this town from certain doom, and though I know not how, I and on the behalf of everyone else, thank you!] copyright protection63PENANAW8pxNMzgaC

He and the gathered also bowed their heads and gave thanks to the elder. He of course stood there unimpressed by their display of gratitude, but nevertheless bowed his head in appreciation.  copyright protection63PENANAn8VTss4y6y

[Mayor: I have three gifts I would like to bestow upon you, three of this towns treasures that I am sure you would find use for-] copyright protection63PENANA2IiT2vspxj

The elder raised his open palm in rejection and pointed to his bag thus. The mayor and the others noticed his bag was already too large for him to carry anywhere on his own and so formed a circle and whispered. The mayor to him looked again and said.  copyright protection63PENANAGur61fTBv4

[Mayor: We shall assign you a coach to carry you along to the next town and payment for subsequent trips. Would that be alright with you, we need to express our thanks somehow.] copyright protection63PENANAdTc9MFBQeI

The elder stood still and placed his hand to his chin and thought. He shook his head in agreement. copyright protection63PENANApgqIatdDSL

[Mayor: So then! We have reached a conclussion! We shall have the coach ready in less than 15 minutes! You may wait here while we carry it to you.] copyright protection63PENANAWzfoFgDzR9

With these words the mayor and his cohorts left. Or so they thought they would, until a strange figure walked from the street towards them. It was a boy that appeared to be in his teenage years. He walked slowly towards the gathered men. He emitted an aura of grey, almost as if he were lit aflame and burned slowly, but this aura surrounded him as a wisp of smoke. Through the emission of gray was seen two dents in what could have been made out to be a head. They were pitch black dots that were clearly visible to anyone, no matter the distance. He stopped in his tracks and outstretched his hand, he opened his palm. All the men there stood confused and not quite sure what to make of what they were seeing. The elder squinted his eyes trying to piece together what this being was. copyright protection63PENANAD52PeOvQFJ

[Anna: Adonis! Stop! In the name of all that is good! Stop!] copyright protection63PENANAy40YMas0Nk

Anna screamed helplessly at the cloaked figure to no avail. The elder's eyes suddenly widened. [Adonis?] whispered the mayor softly. Some vortex appeared to form from the beings opened palm and erupted a beam of smoke at sonic speeds. [(Move!!)] thought the Oldman as he pushed the stout mayor out of the way. The mayor landed flat on his back, his eyes were shut in pain. He gritted his teeth and forced his eyes open, what he saw was utterly baffling. The Oldman posed, hips and arms outstretched in a pushing manner, but a ghastlier sight was seen. The rich purple robes that dressed his arms and upper torso were faded in grey and soon withered to dust.  copyright protection63PENANALKT18ziL89

The lower parts of his robes fell from the upper being turned to powder. His arms and body were deeply scarred, cuts ran from his forearms and upper arms and riddled him with permanent marks of damage. His exposed torso showed the same merciless scarring he received. It was as if some flame ravaged his being and wielded swords with which to cut and pierce him. Barely any of the flesh on his exposed being was unmarred by some gruesome injury. His legs received no fairer mercy, they were blackened severely and swollen, blues painted his knees and patches of his thighs. It could be perceived that they were cut deeply and ravenously by razors and prongs, a dent was in the same place on each calf as if some beam had went through them both. The mayor started to have his vision blur as his eyes filled with tears. The elders body had a thin layer of frost covering where the cannon of greys aura fired. The mayor could see his own breath, the temperature had fallen.  copyright protection63PENANAVLfXBuM6kr

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