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On Break
A Journey to Adafus
Writer Lij Wynter
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A Journey to Adafus
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A Tale in the Night
Lij Wynter
Jul 25, 2017
11 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!qIy88bK896tq3Sepr4BGposted on PENANA

A few times he found himself nearly napping, as his eyelids slowly grew heavier to hold, safe from his glasses it would be too easy to, at a glance, tell. "When I find myself on a lonely night such as this one, to myself I often think of what reason I bother to travel on these roads. Perhaps it is the pay I get to deliver cargo, perhaps I only aim to run away from something that I had done a long time ago. I oft don’t know. It could be that I never will. Hardly do I find myself with the capability to engage in talk with others... For my size I have been ridiculed as oafish. Is it from those people I run? Maybe, I sometimes think it is better I do not know. But to think that, to think that, to think... that. Is for me to accept that I am an oaf, a fool. A folly of intelligent design. But now that I find myself with you, I find myself, in a long time, stationary enough to speak with another. It has been too long. Again I ask myself, for what reason do I ride these roads? And an answer I sometimes want to seek. You?" He paused, the mountain of a man said to his company. "For what reason do you find yourself on the road? Perhaps through you I may find my own answer. Though likely not. Still, I would like to know." And with this he grabbed the attention of the elder even more. To that, the exchange would begin.  copyright protection88PENANAJGuE6fWm42

He who was aged as fine wine responded thus, "Hm, it has been a long time since you have spoken with another, say it is due to my age I can identify. In a time far from your own, a question not relating to what main topic you would ask first would come to be asked first. Perhaps of the weather, or family, a job maybe? Yes. But times such as that are long gone. But not too late to rejuvenate, for I, a relic of such ancient times am still here. So I now ask in return to your question, mayhap I may ask thee of where you came? For I am not aware of any town further west from whence we came. Perhaps you might be able to enlighten my darkness, such as the lantern sheds light on this night." He of bears stature spoke "A new village." He continued. "A new village is to be erected, soon to be a town. A name has not yet been decided of course, but for the last few nights I and others have journeyed to the new settlement. To save your breath of what it is I find myself doing there is a simple task. I deliver to any who needs, any that they might. Alas, this be not the answer you seek, for there are indeed several more to pass before that one is reached." The elder sighed and then chuckled softly and to himself thunk "Curious that none had made me privy to this news, perhaps I am too often busy." To the larger man he spoke, "That is indeed news to me, thank you for sharing the knowledge, but now I ask thee, I find it curious that you stopped to me, and then asked for a poem. Do I know thee from somewhere?"  copyright protection88PENANAMuLkDTwo2F

The reply he received was that of a no, followed by "Stopped was I by one in your village, to her I spoke to hear the query that if I stumbled upon a man of old, I was to ask for a poem, for that she thought that I was sad and you would cheer me up. To carry you had crossed my mind if you were to truly entertain me... But now a new question has entered my brain. For what reason would you carry so much luggage without aid?" A burst of laughter erupted from the Oldman and nearly woke the foxling from its deep slumber. As soon as it erupted it died. "Apologies for the outburst, I had not thought much of that either. Was not my original intention to carry so much of anything. This that I carry, are the best wishes of my children and grandchildren to have a safe journey. But wishes are never light I'm afraid." The large man too did laugh as he nodded his head to agree. Both men made their laughter resound in the caravan. Slowly did it fade away.  copyright protection88PENANAvv6yokYPoz

"They of the village seemed to have enjoyed your presence, so for what reason would you leave?" The larger of the two asked. The Oldman turned his nose towards the sky and began his answer as the cold winds brushed his face. "That. Hm, yes, indeed, why did I leave? Hmm, my brain is not quite what it used to be. But even so, I do live a happy life. Why I would leave is a question worthy of answering, yes. To the best of my ability to explain so as not to cause any confusion, I am on a journey."  copyright protection88PENANAv8gZMnfJJj

He paused and exhaled to see the frost of the air rush past his face just barely. "A journey to a certain entity." "Wherefore would you go?" He of deep voice asked, the response was thus. "The world as I know it is not quite what it was in my time. There is much more grief that plagues us than is necessary. A simple cure is much needed in the advancement of our country, yes. This is a cure that I believe I may have. I am no doctor, do not mistake me for such, but a healer of the spirits I may be. I am a man who believes in a higher power, yes, but I preach not to others. So who am I? If I heal but do not touch the body but I do the soul, although I am not a holy man, who would I be?"  copyright protection88PENANALvOwQrqmPt

The large man replied "You are a mediator for pain then. A man who heals not with touch, but with words. I would think that from what you said, perhaps an entertainer for the spirits?" The elder let his fingers flow through his beard and continued. copyright protection88PENANA2kZ8TnsRcR

[Oldman: Yes, I suppose I could be an entertainer, I do bring joy to those who are in need of happiness. But I apologize again, I have went off of our trail. But this is necessary for the reason I was to leave. You understand that I make people happy. But that is not my mission. That is a byproduct of what I do. For at heart I am a writer, a poet in fact. It is my specialty. That is by which I have the means to make those saddened less so. So the question is now, why would a man who is a poet, leave his home at this age to venture into a world he has so long forgotten?] copyright protection88PENANArH0HHN4WwO

The larger man took his eyes off the road for an instant to look at the man confused. copyright protection88PENANAgij4P9vfwl

[Other: Yes, that is indeed the new question, but for what reason? I see no logic in your words, why would one such as you leave. I feel I am liable to be confused. Could you not tell me without the extrapolation?] copyright protection88PENANAJyGIGA59ri

[Oldman: Indeed I could, but that would only leave more questions than answers. For instance. The answer in short is; My quest is to fulfill a promise long forgotten. The question after would be, "What promise would require you to go out at this age and for what reason would you keep it?" To which I would reply that it is to seal that which has been set loose. A terror if you will. To which again, if I were to say, you and anyone else would think me quite mad and would send me to asylum.] copyright protection88PENANA1S01AHOFEk

[Other: But I know you not to be a man who I or any other would consider mad, so why not give the benefit of the doubt to me if I promise to not send you to the purgatory of life?] copyright protection88PENANAtUCMYrWuHs

[Oldman: Apologies yet again, but such risk I cannot take. But this as well, will only lead to more questions, so to answer the query first asked, I would say that the matter I have to deal with would be quite tragic in nature to demand my presence. The death of a loved one? Maybe, that I do not know. She might be in turmoil and I am to save her, or she might have met her end and I am to confirm and sacrifice what is left of my life to the task she had. For years I have had the final seal ready for... I have spoken too much on that matter. But I can only now say that before a new bandage can be placed, the old one must fall off. After many years, a perfect bandage can be made to stop all bleeding for virtually all time. The first bandage of course, to have a second made, would have been known to only last so long. So now I state again, I am a healer, not of the body but of the spirit, and I am to place a bandage on a certain wound.] copyright protection88PENANAPr0w9H6fQy

[Other: I feel that I am almost confused. Not quite, but yet still so. So you say to me that, oh hold on!] copyright protection88PENANAyRryT1gHGU

The caravan jerked violently for a short time and the horse slowed to a steady trod. Rattling of what sounded like empty containers of glass could be heard to collide with each other in the caravan and one seemed to had shattered. The elder grabbed one hand to the seat rail and the other to hold the slowly waking foxling. The wooden wheels creaked and the Oldman softly gasped. copyright protection88PENANA19OEWN6ThO

[Other: Darn.] copyright protection88PENANAl7fmDp3KFU

[Oldman: What was that?] copyright protection88PENANAidMJLFK2mr

He said with a worried face. The shaking stopped. copyright protection88PENANAWoBL3xy9rQ

[Other: With your eyes you may not have been able to see it, but just now we encountered rough terrain, there are, for some inexplicable reason beyond my ability or understanding to fathom, some large stones in the road that I have been unable to avoid.] copyright protection88PENANAYNXd9BCdli

[Oldman: Were they there when you went to my village today? And if so, could you not have moved them?] copyright protection88PENANA7DvTmhy7jV

[Other: Aye, that I did do, even before yesterday, and the week that has passed, have these stones been placed here, and though I moved them on numerous times, they always appear. I know not why.] copyright protection88PENANAygj91nHzw8

[Oldman: Then this is a sign indeed.] copyright protection88PENANAquVnI5Ylik

This he whispered to himself.  copyright protection88PENANADpX8jkqSrJ

[Other: What was that you said?] copyright protection88PENANANZZ791uRB0

[Oldman: Oh nothing, do continue with what you said.] copyright protection88PENANA01vVoe1nzj

[Other: Ah yes, I shall. So as I was to say, you say that you are... Hmm, I can't quite remember to be truthful. But I know it was along the lines that you say that you are a doctor of the spirit that heals with words yet does not preach. You also say you are to place a bandage on a wound that has reopened. That I do not understand, could you not just get someone else to place this bandage for you?] copyright protection88PENANAIcJFl2ZLUr

[Oldman: That I wish I could, but alas, I cannot, as I said, I am the doctor. It is my responsibility to treat the ailment. But that is, in the shell of a nut, all I can say regarding the matter of why it is I travel.] copyright protection88PENANAvIrvPAwjr8

[Other: Ahh, you are a man of confusion as well. I think that I understand what it is you say. I wish you the best of fortune.] copyright protection88PENANAkr9Qny4oWE

[Oldman: I thank you. Hmm, perhaps you would like to enjoy a poem while you ride to keep your mind occupied, of the variety that rhymes though.] copyright protection88PENANAIEQrkcukYp

[Other: I do think that it would be enjoyable. Entertainment is not something I come across much if at all on these roads. So please do share a poem... as long as it is not of rest or sleep in nature. *Hahaha*] copyright protection88PENANALt7cZWMwge

[Oldman: *Heh* Of course.] copyright protection88PENANAEAGOq3mvsj

And so he, from his bag, pulled his book of poetry and turned to an undefined page and began to read to the best of his ability in the varying light and shaking. Feeling his eyes hurt of course, he still tried to the best of his ability. copyright protection88PENANA9aX0Chc6Ba

-How Sleep Spurns Me So- copyright protection88PENANAvmECzEzmaP

.copyright protection88PENANAAOqgDRkZmM

Tis unfair what she does, copyright protection88PENANAiwXgwzxJF9

I am not one she's loves. copyright protection88PENANAUbwzO5dnrn

Often I seeketh the sweet nectar she gives, copyright protection88PENANAd2cDiPvDPS

The honey so sweet, urges me to live. copyright protection88PENANAp8onoVWWEC

.copyright protection88PENANA6zNC8BImY9

I love her yes, copyright protection88PENANAJcbWQuMl7B

 With all of my heart. copyright protection88PENANAdxKCU9xR5c

I give her my words, copyright protection88PENANAtbMgOURwgQ

But she always departs. copyright protection88PENANAG03SXTmJeu

.copyright protection88PENANAls254XeCOk

I try to chase her,  copyright protection88PENANAPhwBxkvpQM

But she is like quicksilver in palm. copyright protection88PENANAfwNioKcLuq

As she is in my grasps,  copyright protection88PENANAgPTiVYfaA3

*poof* she is gone. copyright protection88PENANAupk11Slxhb

 . copyright protection88PENANAjwI7P6R1Rl

Her dark allure which dangles in my face when my eyes shut close, copyright protection88PENANAs7blq6kFhU

Serves no purpose other than to juxtapose, copyright protection88PENANAJMk3NlV8Tc

The dichotomy I face between night and day, copyright protection88PENANAkcJ2kz8bB0

One when sun shines,The other where dreams play. copyright protection88PENANAx38IpyPJe6

.copyright protection88PENANAEXTZ1GlXPe

I love my dreams and they love me, copyright protection88PENANAa9rTbLtkX4

But the gatekeeper of sleep, copyright protection88PENANAku7tdx22hh

Despises my being. copyright protection88PENANA9Ve2VgJgdy

.copyright protection88PENANAvnIWhTHLeE

She keeps us apart, copyright protection88PENANAPz9X2mu5oL

She toys with my heart, copyright protection88PENANAmyHBBCRlT5

To me this is torture, copyright protection88PENANATotBkLv2wJ

To her, this is farce. copyright protection88PENANAGliPilcNqB

.copyright protection88PENANAzM9goLTf6M

All I need is a drop, copyright protection88PENANAlZaOBuz7x5

Of dreams sweet dew, copyright protection88PENANARdra3KvfxW

But she doubly restricts, copyright protection88PENANAQ6J0m7LgnR

My joys rich juice. copyright protection88PENANA2IRcxtH7Be

.copyright protection88PENANAdssECwo8LV

[Oldman: Kids call this poetry?] copyright protection88PENANA5C2ODpWoFk

He mumbled to himself. copyright protection88PENANAgH27UABCHc

[Other: That was quite good, I liked the inconsistency of the rhyme scheme, while it may have been a bit jarring, it certainly did lend to the flexibility of the piece. Do you have any others?] copyright protection88PENANAQVEjzhPYqB

The giant was replied to with silence. He turned to see the Oldman asleep with the book in-between them and the fox in his arms resting on his purple robes. The burly man smirked to himself as he saw the elders head bob up and down by the neck. "It seems liable to pop off, perhaps I should... yes I should." He tugged on his reigns and slower the caravan went, slowly it was at a relative crawl from what it once was. The head of the elder stopped bobbing and now could rest easy. "Ahh, I'll be pretty late now, but I guess it’s the least... Thank you." He turned his eyes to the elder and gave a small smile as he rode gently into the darkness. copyright protection88PENANAUveWkRmhf1

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