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On Break
A Journey to Adafus
Writer Lij Wynter
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A Journey to Adafus
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Dripping Paint
Lij Wynter
Jul 30, 2017
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!CRcnPJBQW8HB9x46uC2Uposted on PENANA

With his bag now returned to his back of frail, he went to the door and thus opened. Not prepared for what was on the opposite, his eyes widened, and he gasped in amazement and horror. His exhaled breath was trailed by a faint frost from the somewhat lower temperature he felt. His glasses nearly fell off and Lassie barked while chasing her tail, completely oblivious to her companion's shock. "Arf arf arf" she barked, playfully... gleefully. In front of his eyes for him to behold, was a town that almost led him to believe his eyes were defective. He turned quickly to Ansen's shirt, the vivid colors burst off, but to the town again he looked. He saw that all the colors, from the flowers to the tiles on roofs, to even the sky itself, was a shade grayer than what it should ought have been. Again to the orange shirt, then to outside.  copyright protection192PENANA1GUmb0LFNm

[Oldman: Why... Why? What is the meaning of this madness? Am I the subject of a joke in bad taste?] copyright protection192PENANA7pejN32pUY

[Ansen: Not at all, sir. Before you ask, Four days. It has been four days.] copyright protection192PENANAyCAH9EOEgQ

[Oldman: (oh heavens no...) Boy! What happened!?] copyright protection192PENANAzixtFJuqoh

[Ansen: Sir, we and the greatest minds in this town could not tell you why what is happening is happening. But I recommend you close the door right now before it comes in.] copyright protection192PENANANvH1Ov5RU0

And so the door closed shut.  copyright protection192PENANAPsCqaM4Yql

[Ansen: It all started four days ago. Everything then was normal. The birds, the flowers... the sky... until out of nowhere, a bird fell from the sky. A mighty strange one at that, unlike any I'd ever seen. It was winged with... with, with horns, both on the ends of its wings and head. Pure black, so back it was disgusting to even look at. It's very presence led to an instantaneous repulsion. It was a-] copyright protection192PENANAP0Enuk6YLu

[Oldman: sin.] copyright protection192PENANAgy0YAPtFGo

[Ansen: Yeah, that describes it. It was a sin. I would go into more detail if I could, but before any had time to notice more, it turned into ash before our very eyes and fell apart as slightest wind. Scattered. Scattered. It scattered. Those of us who thought this as a sign of higher power had left. All 14 wise ones. The rest of us had 3 days to see how grim things could have gotten. Shortly thereafter, a man wearing what he called a "trench coat" came. He was unlike any visitor we had seen. His hair was as black as that disgusting bird, his eyes were cold and repelling, as dead as a sheep to the slaughter and his skin... It was as if he rubbed his damned skin on everything in this town!] copyright protection192PENANAFwQiW041Zv

He almost started to cry at the very thought of the man. A tear almost made its way past his shield.  copyright protection192PENANAnPv2cZmjY8

[Ansen: Apologies. The days passed and long story short, everything gradually became paler. The color flowed like tears from all that possessed them. No more color... No more laughter.] copyright protection192PENANAOfHOdhDHWk

[Oldman: … What do you mean, "no more laughter"? copyright protection192PENANA5CRVUOWYQW

[Ansen: It is exactly as it sounds. We found, we all found it much more difficult to laugh, they sounded drier by the day. Eventually, we just stopped. No more could we bring joy to ourselves. We gathered for the best comedian in town to perform for as much as he wanted, and he could make no one, not even himself, giggle. It felt as if a part of us died. Slowly... slowly.] copyright protection192PENANAudLZgYZDhY

[Woman: But then you came!] copyright protection192PENANAL5dsTqJx7G

She held Ansens hand with both of hers and to the Oldman said. copyright protection192PENANASdiJ8dx5cn

[Anna: Call me Anna, and his shirt was not always this orange until you came.] copyright protection192PENANA1GBNGRLFu2

[Oldman: Me?] copyright protection192PENANADg7RI1hsyp

[Anna: Yes, you. After your poem, we felt happy for the first time in days and with that spark of joy we felt from your poetry, you had reignited, as it were, the color that gives life to our town. Had you not noticed that the room before your poetry was dreary, destitute and devoid of devotion? With your arrival and subsequent poetry, you gave our clothes life and color again.]   copyright protection192PENANA9qCr9LEHQQ

Murmurs of small praise made its way through the atmosphere, small cracks made visible on the faces of those present showed. The young beauty closed her eyes and as the others she followed and smiled. It was small, but under her eyes one could almost see a fire building to burst forth. She opened her eyes ever so slowly to see the Oldman speak his ancient words.  copyright protection192PENANA4SxFFdxqT1

[Oldman: Young mister and missus, and all here present, forgive the redundancy, but I might have a solution for what is happening in this town, but fret not for I know the method to cure you. Ye and all thine kin shall gather in the town square and erect a stage, one fit enough to make my words reflect from its walls so that none may mishear what is to be said.] copyright protection192PENANAsxhAo0BFs9

[Adonis: Excuse my interruption O' elder, but have you gone senile?] copyright protection192PENANA5CAI3KtIrk

[Anna: Hold your tongue you curd! Have you no sense of thankfulness?] copyright protection192PENANAzwd6bSkJjd

[Adonis: I- I do, but, it is true what I have to say, this one has lost his mind to ask us, the few in this town who are not stricken with this plague, to leave the one small refuge we have-] copyright protection192PENANAKMK2m82XOv

[Anna: Pause! I will not hear this from you. Remove your person from this conversation you ungrateful whelp.] copyright protection192PENANA7U7ICbs6UU

[Adonis: Why do you always undermine me so?! Can you for once not hear me out and what it is I have to say?] copyright protection192PENANArtqEACxUlQ

The boys voice cracked at these last few word and his breath already grew ragged. All eyes in the room were locked on him, no words he could speak could be the key to unlock them. He looked around in a hurry, disapproval was all he was met with. The eyes of his captors reflected the sentiments of his sister, not an eyebrow but the elders was unfurled. His knees started to buckle from the pressure he felt he was under, no more could he take this silent judgment. "Out of my way!" He screamed as he rushed through the door of the inn brushing the Oldman in the process.  copyright protection192PENANA86CT8Z1bWQ

[Anna: That boy will be the end of me. I apologize for his outburst... elder?... Ehh, now that I think of it, what is your name?] copyright protection192PENANAH4KPMn0fuV

[Oldman: Hmm, yes, my name, you will have to forgive me but before the thought escapes me I will have to ask if anyone else is in agreement with the boy. My name can wait, for my brain is not what it once was, ohoho.] copyright protection192PENANA9VpAAZc7Uy

[Ansen: A show of hands in disagreement? One? Usher, wherefore do you raise your hand?] copyright protection192PENANAY3EAWMAYYw

[Usher: Well, it's not that I am raising my hand in disagreement, but just that I chose the most inopportune time to stretch my hand.] copyright protection192PENANAOFBzunXvCr

[Ansen: Hhh. All hands raise for those in agreement with the elder?] copyright protection192PENANAqMnPmXPz5K

No hands were raised. They all looked around at each other, murmurs floated around, some of doubt others trying to decide if it was worth it. copyright protection192PENANA73NLEJyeHw

[Oldman: Ahem, I ah, I have a trail of logic for you to follow in order to assist with your judgement. I came here and read my poetry, and life was rejuvenated, yes? Well, if I were to leave, then what would happen, would the grey not overtake you yet again? How long will this last for all of you? Please do consider that the cure I offer is worth the risk. I raise my arms to you in hopes that you may also raise yours.] copyright protection192PENANAKwbm6GJ3bm

[Isra: I will agree, but only on account that you answer my question. If we do leave, how will we maintain our "color" as it were, if all that seems to contain them are the walls that surround us? Will we not fall into sadness yet again? How do you reconcile this?] copyright protection192PENANAvC9SsvPh5V

[Oldman: You, yes, you. Observe.] copyright protection192PENANA2cYQYCzwQh

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