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On Break
A Journey to Adafus
Writer Lij Wynter
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A Journey to Adafus
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What Sorcery is This?
Lij Wynter
Jul 30, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Ih4AGKp2oHd8pM0HCq6iposted on PENANA

The elder walked towards the owner of the inn, and on the side of her arm he caressed her skin. Visible discomfort was already painted on her face as she raised her eyebrow. "Excuse me?" She said with displeasure laced in her face and words, but she was hushed with a shush as he brought his other hand to her cheek and rubbed that as well. Smack. She slapped his wrinkled face and her hand was printed in red on his cheek. copyright protection65PENANAa1QVc8uAaH

[Oldman: Ow...] copyright protection65PENANAWTY1uFLTH9

[Anna: Isra! How could you? Then again, Oldman, why would you?! Are you depraved?] copyright protection65PENANABVi0HiIkJO

[Usher: What sorcery is this?!] copyright protection65PENANACUQtP3BkDM

[Isra: It's called a slap to a depraved old man.] copyright protection65PENANA1AG0BaFm3n

[Usher: No that is not what I meant, but your face!] copyright protection65PENANAwFiOG07okR

[Isra: What about my face?] copyright protection65PENANAdXL4qB72VL

The occupants of the room all started to back away from her with eyes of disgust and fear.  copyright protection65PENANAPXlvXWGDjK

[Isra: Wh- why are you looking at me like that?] copyright protection65PENANA0PpjE5jLuE

[Oldman: I believe this is the reason] copyright protection65PENANADICoM3ZU5V

He said as he raised his open palms, on his fingers were a light tan paint that dripped off his fingers, and on the other were drops of azure falling from his tips. copyright protection65PENANAFVS0rQW7tf

[Isra: What manner of...] copyright protection65PENANARt5gMJm6vR

To her own face she placed her hand and a look of befuddlement and fear betook her. On her own hands were the same drops of paint that decorated the elders' hands. Quickly she turned to the occupants of the inn, all of which cowered to the back of the room, huddled in defense. "Why? Why are you backing away?!" she screamed. Polmo pointed towards the mirror on the wall opposite to her. Isra screamed in bloodcurdling fright as she witnessed helplessly the color from her skin dripping off her face and arms. Grey began to dominate her visage as only a patchwork of color was left on her face and clothes alike.  copyright protection65PENANAK8zmxlpxfv

[Isra: You! You did this to me!] copyright protection65PENANAsVqlVSbSZE

Open palmed as a monk to wish good will to others, the Oldman braved her storm of hate. copyright protection65PENANA8Q8d7UWu1s

[Oldman: I hope for your forgiveness. But, this was a necessary evil for me to make. I did nothing more than wipe the ink off your face. Behold all who cower, this is what is on the underside of you all, this accursed grey. You may have thought that you would be safe here, that you may have been cured even, but such is not the case. I had merely, as it seems, placed a bandage on your already opened wound.] copyright protection65PENANAlLAU88gxFw

[Isra: And what is that to mean?! You have given me misery again!] copyright protection65PENANA37rutnmFfl

[Oldman: It simply means that you all have only... This is indeed a bit hard to explain. Think of it as a coat of paint in a constant rain. You may have had the coat for healing applied, but with the rain always there, you will always have it washed away.] copyright protection65PENANAjncsAknxOo

Suddenly she fell to the knee, sobbing. Weeping. Groaning. To her side the Oldman went, and on her shoulder he placed her arm and said. copyright protection65PENANA099A4iJlPo

[Oldman: You all! I apologize for what I have done, but this is already happening to you, and you need to recognize that no matter how much poetry you have me give you, the rain will wash your joy away. Unless. Unless you follow my plan and construct the stage. As for what will happen when you exit this room, to paraphrase from the illustrious author Nosferatu to assist you with this hesitation you may feel. "We will have to pass through the bitter water before we reach the sweet" So will you rise to the challenge to heal your damage?] copyright protection65PENANARTwjnZGKEV

Some shook, the others coughed. Until Usher stepped forward. copyright protection65PENANA6YjiqUCNsr

[Usher: Aye.] copyright protection65PENANAcsBl3FDM1t

And another. copyright protection65PENANAaSnHbKGSvl

[Fandra: Aye] copyright protection65PENANAOBk7TK2wyu

[Lenore: Aye] copyright protection65PENANAXKWz60fKNg

[Bob: Aye] copyright protection65PENANAeX8BEkmlcR

All in the room stood up, and took a step forward with resolve in their souls and accepted their task. copyright protection65PENANAH0s18mMaTk

[All: Aye! Aye! I!] copyright protection65PENANAER5BqcCFWp

[Oldman: I look forward to working with you all.]  copyright protection65PENANAWan5M2p9oC

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