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Assassin's Blade
Writer Imascribble
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Assassin's Blade
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No Plagiarism!S6S7GLPZIStqEKCTkEsIposted on PENANA

A scarred man, his face hardened by years of battle, remained crouched in the shadows, waiting. A former mansion on the outskirts of town - this was the address his employer had given him. This was where his target was staying. He gave a low chuckle in his throat as he thought about how surprisingly easy it was to break in to.copyright protection65PENANAigu4Brvj8f

The assassin knew his target would have hired somebody to protect him, due to the nature of what he carried, but he was hardly concerned. He had never been bested, especially not by some cocky mercenary hoping to earn a coin.copyright protection65PENANA31lW82HY1p

The door creaked open and a guard slipped through. The scarred man silently cursed his luck. The man was employed by the city, he could tell from the uniform. A city guard killed or missing would attract far more attention than a wandering adventurer or mercenary would.copyright protection65PENANAQvQvfsoA6R

Of course, a murdered nobleman would attract even more attention, the assassin thought with a grin.copyright protection65PENANAjp7NuJfZ2o

The guard wandered about, searching for a killer he would never see. Assuming all was safe, he motioned for the others to enter.copyright protection65PENANAe6pA2yCJwD

Two more guards walked in, a nervous man between them. The crouched assassin licked his dry lips, wondering how he could kill three guards and the nobleman without drawing too much attention to himself.copyright protection65PENANA9n8ZTosiYz

The first guard said something to the group and went through a door off to the right. The assassin recalled that door led to the kitchen. Good, he thought to himself with a grin, he'll be isolated from the fight.copyright protection65PENANA9iYh6s0lr3

The nobleman and his two guards went into what the assassin knew to be a study. He held his breath as the group passed by him, his trained muscles remaining perfectly still. The nobleman, as if sensing the presence of danger, glanced up and looked around, a look of concern on his face. When he saw the two city guards flanking him, however, he was reassured. After all, who would attack him in the privacy of his own home with city guards standing at the ready?copyright protection65PENANAKG9agbISVf

They left the door open carelessly, and the assassin crept over and peeked into the well-lit room, quickly glancing around. Books and papers were piled all around the room. The nobleman sat at a desk, hurriedly scribbling something down on a piece of paper. One of the guards was positioned at the end of a narrow corridor off to the side of where the fearful nobleman was sitting, facing away from the deadly assassin. The other guard stood at attention beside the man’s chair, idly staring off in the intruder’s direction.copyright protection65PENANAw5DF4w4xO3

He ducked back behind the doorway, hoping he was not spotted. After a short while, he dared move away from the doorway and look back into the room. The guard facing him seemed lost in his own world. The other guard occasionally stared over his shoulder at the obviously inexperienced guard, but quickly turned back. As soon as his back was turned, the assassin made a quick dash inside the room and melted into the corner shadows.copyright protection65PENANA6Yl4frxgNZ

The inexperienced guard yelled out when he saw a man’s form dart into the room, but his yell ended in a gurgle of blood as a dagger came flying out of the darkness and into his throat. The guard clutched weakly at the dagger that had appeared, and crumpled to the ground without another word. The terrified nobleman screamed, and the guard across the room whipped around, drawing his sword as he turned. He crossed the room in an instant, searching into the shadows for the unseen killer.copyright protection65PENANAjxGsHWEqPA

The assassin heard the sound of running feet enter the doorway, and he knew the guard from the other room had heard the commotion and come to investigate. Knowing it was only a matter of time before he was trapped, he drew his saber and remaining dagger, preparing to fight his way to his target.copyright protection65PENANAFmFj1KP6hE

The guard in front of the killer yelled out a warning as he saw the flash of metal, but he was already moving, skirting around the corner of the doorway to come face-first with a confused guard. Before the guard could bring his sword up to block, the assassin stabbed him with his saber, a powerful strike that had the end of the sword extending out behind the impaled man. The guard crumpled over the assassin’s sword, and the victor kicked the body off the blade and pivoted around just in time to parry the other guard’s downward strike.copyright protection65PENANA9nCusSW08J

The guard pressed forward, trying to keep the assassin off-balance. Behind him, he heard the nobleman gathering up papers, preparing to flee. If only he could hold the assassin off long enough for the nobleman to be safe…copyright protection65PENANAZshFVYCAps

The guard felt a hot explosion in his side, and doubled over in pain. The guard heard his sword clatter on the floor, but he did not remember dropping it. He grabbed at his wound with trembling hands, desperately trying to stop the pain. He collapsed to the floor in a heap, his life-blood pouring out onto the ground. A shadow fell over him, but the guard was far removed from the room, from the nobleman, from the assassin.copyright protection65PENANAa5OPoQzdWR

Certain that the guard was grievously wounded, the victor turned his attention to the stunned nobleman standing nearby, his arms overflowing with bundles of papers and scrolls. The scarred man sheathed his saber and followed the nobleman’s gaze to the guard squirming around on the floor.copyright protection65PENANAS6euBHnxHv

“He will die soon,” the assassin answered the nobleman’s unspoken question. The nobleman’s attention snapped to the scarred man in front of him. The killer noticed that he was slowly backing away towards the long hallway the guard had been watching.copyright protection65PENANAhHYynTxZtW

Laughing silently at the nobleman’s fear, he walked purposefully to the first guard he had killed. He dropped down on one knee and yanked the dagger free from the man’s throat. He hesitated for a moment before standing up again, admiring the beautiful craftsmanship of his most prized possession. He began a slow approach towards the terrified nobleman, who was still backing up towards the hallway.copyright protection65PENANArD1gtp63D3

“As will you.”copyright protection65PENANAUv990KQnhy

The nobleman looked around, a panicked look on his face as the assassin began his steady approach. He looked at the guards, noting grimly that the guard who was earlier squirming had fallen quite still. He looked down the hallway behind him. If he could make it down the hallway, the nobleman knew, he would have a chance. His eyes bolted back to the dangerous killer in front of him, gradually closing the distance with his long strides. The nobleman understood that he likely wouldn’t outrun him, that the assassin would catch up to him quickly. Besides, the nobleman would need to leave the papers he was carrying behind. They were important documents that really should not fall into the hands of a murderer! Deciding it would be best to stay, the nobleman looked down at the beloved papers he held in his arms.copyright protection65PENANATzfS7DLECf

The nobleman stopped backing away and blinked at the papers, glancing up at the assassin every so often. He could have sworn he saw the papers turn red with blood. His own blood.copyright protection65PENANAB4TDkn2rqG

The nobleman dropped the papers and bolted for the hallway.copyright protection65PENANAulcDucolAG

The scarred man stuck his dagger in his belt and rushed forward in pursuit. The nobleman ran down the hallway and stopped outside a sturdy wooden door. He fumbled with the handle and dug a hand into his pocket, pulling out a small key. Unfortunately, the assassin grabbed him from behind and threw him down to the floor. The key went tumbling away, and the nobleman stared into the face of death.copyright protection65PENANATuf9nmM81p

The nobleman scrambled away on all fours, trying to put as much distance as possible between himself and the face of death. Following closely, the assassin drew his dagger.copyright protection65PENANAoDthgOFig5

The nobleman came out of the hallway and knew he was dead. The scarred man picked him up roughly by the collar of his shirt.copyright protection65PENANAZKqboVoMgZ

“Wh-why are y-you doing this?” the terrified nobleman asked.copyright protection65PENANAs9uHjR4506

The answer came in the form of his dagger tearing through the man’s heart. The killer let go of the nobleman, who slumped to the floor.copyright protection65PENANAuoJYGZMli3

The last thing the nobleman saw were the papers he had once held turn red with his own blood.copyright protection65PENANArhNStcNRZ4

The assassin walked over to where the wounded guard lay, curled up into a ball nearby. Crouching down, he heard the guard’s laboured breathing and knew he was still alive, if only barely. He may survive, the scarred man thought. His friends may be able to save him. He may live to tell them what happened. He may live to tell them of me. He may live to hunt me down…copyright protection65PENANARrel9xceCd

He shoved those thoughts from his head before any could take root. No, he told himself, he will die on his own.copyright protection65PENANAk6C44j3RFl

Forcing himself to leave the injured guard as he was, the assassin strode confidently out onto the dark street and applauded himself for a job well done.copyright protection65PENANAU6DIZ6UMYT

The murderer continued walking until he was in his room at the inn. He heard the commotion down the street and knew the guards were around, searching for him. He was hardly worried, however. He was being hunted by nearly every guard that side of the world… those amateur soldiers would never find him.copyright protection65PENANARPl5avCnKe

Or maybe they wouldn’t even survive the night, he thought with a grin as he stared out the window at a young guard standing alone in the middle of the alley below, waiting for his comrades to catch up. Yes, maybe they wouldn’t survive the night…69Please respect copyright.PENANAychbUgiP3g
copyright protection65PENANAA4lc9pwchb

Comments ( 5 )

Aretice N. Treader - I'm a real sucker for assassins. Don't ask why because I don't know. So, honestly, you had me intrigued from the very beginning, and I'm glad to say I'm not disappointed.

I like the way you used dialogue. It really accented those moments in the chapter. In my own writing, I tend to lean toward more dialogue than description, so I really hope to learn from you. I've already learned a new phrase: "at the ready." At first I wondered if it was a mistake, but I looked it up before mentioning it, and I'm glad I did. There's always something new to learn.

There are a couple things I'm worried about, however. This is probably just me (though it would be nice if you could clear it up for me) because I'm actually pretty bad with third-person narration, but is this limited or omniscient pov? Also, I'm wondering how much of an impact this scene really has on the rest of the story. However, I also feel like it's not so much this specific event that's important, but more what I took away from the assassin's character.

In any case, I'll stop rambling here, sorry. I got really excited because I really like your work, so I'll probably leave longwinded thoughts on every chapter I read. Let me know if you want me to stop, though, because I know I'm kinda giving you an unsolicited critique.
7 months agoreply

Imascribble - Glad you enjoyed it! Critique is never a bad thing, it's how we improve as artists. Feel free to leave long-winded reviews on my work anytime :)

Thank you! The narrative is supposed to be limited from the assassin's perspective, but it jumps at certain points between characters. My intent is that the change in view emphasises certain elements to the story. Hopefully it doesn't get confusing and it comes across alright! The importance in this scene is actually not what was done, but what wasn't done. Either way, it was a good way to introduce a character.

Thanks for reading and feedback :)
6 months agoreply

Aretice N. Treader - @Imascribble, I wasn't confused so much by the action but more just me distracting myself with trying to figure out what kind of third person pov I was reading. Honestly that's more on me (because I'm always trying to figure out things for some reason) than you. Your writing's fine. :)
6 months agoreply

Doylex2 - An intriguing story... I'll have to bookmark it. I like the amount of description you have in your writing, it's not too much, but it's enough for you to get a good image of what's going on. I wonder what a long, good fight would be like!
11 months agoreply

Imascribble - Thanks for the feedback! I find too much description really bogs down the action, or prevents a person from visualizing the scene based on other sensory clues, so I try to keep it to a minimum :P
11 months agoreply