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You're not elected, Alex
Co-Writer 天寺*
Co-Writer 天堂
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You're not elected, Alex
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Not Going to School
Aug 1, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!28ZoG844TWkYKxh3kex6posted on PENANA

"I'm never going to school again! I've had enough!"copyright protection47PENANAt0l9xpfKIJ

Eris the white fox didn't know what's wrong with her little sister Alex Fung. Why is she suddenly ditching school? "What's the matter, Alex? Is your teacher giving you too much homework?"copyright protection47PENANA3LR29ybdC5

"No, she's a very nice rabbit." the red fox huffed. "And you know that we don't get much homework."copyright protection47PENANAaW4VulYPAw

"Is your wand bothering you?"copyright protection47PENANAV3whd4HtOq

"Nope." Alex shook her head, "I bought a pretty new wand one week ago. Applewood, thunderbird feather, 12 inches long..."copyright protection47PENANAcRb4UkC6xf

"Are you having trouble with arithmancy? Don't you understand linear graphs?"copyright protection47PENANAbIbgDGBBwc

"My math grades are better now." the younger vixen waved her tail in a circle. copyright protection47PENANA8rgEJuIqXx

Eris asked, "Is it one of the classes?"copyright protection47PENANAQ9o1djmPpT

"No no no, they're alright."copyright protection47PENANA4BCgRfXtRu

"Then, what's the trouble?"copyright protection47PENANAGZVWEFqn6n

Alex drew out her new wand and began swishing it around (hand movement for throwing people away). "The animals in upper school kept on getting in my way!"copyright protection47PENANAUWxjYLCkA2

The next day...copyright protection47PENANAeFDQWv6UYX

"Alex, get up! It's time to go to school."copyright protection47PENANAoEWkBAZ1Y6

Alex's ears were droopy since she just got up. "I told you that I wasn't going to school again!"copyright protection47PENANApS2Xb1INmi

"Come on, I can cope with them." Eris dragged her sister as they walked down to the kitchen.copyright protection47PENANAQBYurVZxQY

After shoving her ears back up, Alex asked, "Big sister, what are you having for breakfast?"copyright protection47PENANAveDrze2zg0

"I'll probably have fried thunderbird eggs on bread."copyright protection47PENANAFGTID4KlS6

Ethan, the middle brother joined in. "Alex, every Minister of Magic start their days with a refreshing breakfast."copyright protection47PENANAEIHDd9zcHp

"I hate dignitaries." Alex's ears wiggled wildly. "Especially Ministers in Hong Kong. We pay them plenty of taxes and they didn't build more houses, they just stuff the money down their pockets! I'm glad that we moved to London."copyright protection47PENANAbcEOEd3HNk

"But you have to pay more taxes in London!" Ethan chuckled as he poured cereal for himself.copyright protection47PENANAIs0BbEGV0y

"Come on, you really are a pessimist." Eris said, while she ate her eggs on bread.copyright protection47PENANA1EhJiuTRHB

"At least I'm not as pessimistic as Gemeres the ghost!" Alex barked. "She really wails at everything! I don't even want to see her anymore!"copyright protection47PENANAgSNVHs8LaV

Suddenly, Draco, a small platinum dragon with black bean-like eyes flew in, sticking his tongue out as usual. He used his short legs to reach the flour, milk, white vinegar, baking powder, sugar, baking soda, 1 egg and some melted butter.copyright protection47PENANA5To6vzKbuK

What is he doing with these?copyright protection47PENANAKwp1gHw9ye

After several minutes the siblings realized that Draco made some beautiful scotch pancakes for himself.copyright protection47PENANALP7zKP1TAc

“Come on, let's go to school.”copyright protection47PENANAPF5eMANwMi

The three siblings mounted on their broomsticks and zoomed their way to school. Eris asked, "Speaking about those post-16 students, how big are they?"copyright protection47PENANAhwPGy5o5fW

Alex shuddered as a gully rhino bumped her out of the way. "They are at least ten feet tall, that's why."copyright protection47PENANAk0MrzxgBqR

"I'm a post-16!"copyright protection47PENANAOfxUtjvhPh

"Not all of your guy classmates, sis. And what's more, I have more important things for you."copyright protection47PENANAA6OpNmvbsL

Alex then dragged her sister to her Biology class. "Everyone, this is my study on albinism."copyright protection47PENANA8MMUdmruYS

"I'm not-"copyright protection47PENANAmM8THCccT1

"Albinism is the absence of any pigmentation or coloration in an animal or plant, resulting in white hair and pink eyes in mammals. That's all for my research. Thank you."copyright protection47PENANAut8iTWFo87

Eris stared at her sister as if she's gonna punch someone. copyright protection47PENANAagTWb7iDBg

"So this is what you said it was 'important'?" Eris mouthed at her sister, who's already shushing her out of the classroom...51Please respect copyright.PENANABS6FwXqM1o
copyright protection47PENANAvX3DRKf3X9

...and whamming the door close.copyright protection47PENANA5rDeKwapVi

Eris decided to go get herself chocolates before her inner volcano can explode.copyright protection47PENANAw5yp2Kwkn8

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