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You're not elected, Alex
Co-Writer 天寺*
Co-Writer 天堂
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You're not elected, Alex
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Jan 13, 2018
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!IJuAl3kVNpA70qdSXERhposted on PENANA

Alex Fung(b.2003 May) "Friendship is a treasure."33Please respect copyright.PENANA5pI8zqcZce
A red fox from Hong Kong. She is the younger sister of Ethan and Eris Fung. Quite a pessimist, she treasures everyone she befriends.copyright protection29PENANA4r96kJAI8Z

Ethan Fung(b.2001 May) "Pranking is to protect one's pride."33Please respect copyright.PENANAlSwHVe8F5e
Alex's elder brother and Eris' younger brother. A talented prankster brown fox who never fails at making people fall into his well-designed traps.copyright protection29PENANAzRI4r47LZV

Eris Fung(b.1998 April) "It's never wrong to bend rules."33Please respect copyright.PENANANd1Utb3kPm
​Alex and Ethan's elder sister. A footballer white fox by hobby and loves chocolate. She is a big fan of South Korean footballer Son Heung Min(refers to him as "Sonny")copyright protection29PENANAbA3b0g3YVU

Draco(b.2010) "Small body, big pride."33Please respect copyright.PENANAvVMe3lFflR
Eris' pet Wiltshire Gold dragon who is ridiculously small (30cm in length excluding tail) and has super short legs (6cm). He has the trademark mlem face of sticking out his tongue forever. He loves money to the extent he can only say "$"(sometimes changing currencies).copyright protection29PENANAgZmp5G8Goh

Joan Tang(b.1997 October) "We only live once so keep what you have."33Please respect copyright.PENANAuHK0oGfwlk
A white fox from Singapore and Eris' best friend since year 10. Chooses volleyball everytime for PE, yet still supports Eris in football. Always skips her "proper meal" for desert. She and Eris are like sisters.copyright protection29PENANAFY8o2zsals

Megan Osborne(b.2002 March) "Embrace every moment."33Please respect copyright.PENANAL9xM41Y7lN
A tabby cat who's Alex's best friend. She has left Valkyrie for Edinburgh, but still keeps close contact with Alex. She was the former teammate of Alex in the school Netball team. She is a vegan (self-claimed and unverified).copyright protection29PENANA6w29I3qL2l

Julius Wilde(b. 2003) "I say my words through strings."33Please respect copyright.PENANAuRIg6MBL2X
Alex's classmate. A golden retriever who has a small tuft of hair on his forehead. He has a cousin named Justin. He plays the guitar wonderfully and is in the school band, but his singing is enough to terrify everyone in the school.copyright protection29PENANAGil3HqJQ68

Timotheos Chryos(b.1998 September) "She's my woman and you aint coming close."33Please respect copyright.PENANACwEmx22Myo
A tall black fox with curly hair. He is Eris' boyfriend and also classmate in maths. Although his maths is not as good as Eris, he protect her from people he sees as a threat.copyright protection29PENANA7M6ga8QDjb

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