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On Break
Devil's Sanity
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Beta Reader E.E. Cullen
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Devil's Sanity
Jan 17, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!YLukfEvSnT00OGvjLYpfposted on PENANA

The hallway echoed as I strolled down the path. A while ago, I found this child, his eyes unseen and on top of that, the child suddenly shrunk. I don’t question it trying to remember it makes my brain feel odd, like the first time I tried alcohol. It’s strange though I don’t remember walking down this hall for so long. I began to recall the abandon vibe I had when I first stepped out of my cell. I thought it was because the lights were dim but looking closer this place does seem a bit rust, old, forgotten. I’m not so sure if I even know where im even going anymore.  I stopped in my tracks for a moment.copyright protection15PENANAD5nVWfIJXj

“hmm, why stop?” the boy asked. I didn’t give a answer I just suddenly started walking again.copyright protection15PENANArW4VgjzMbX

“are you unsure, confused of this place  being desire broken” he spoke once more. I replied not for a moment.copyright protection15PENANAFcXtTsMFrc

“what are you talking about” I uttered with a sigh…copyright protection15PENANAV4hiZdyHXw

“Desire broken”copyright protection15PENANA0os4jJoTvA

“Not doing what you want, but what it wants”copyright protection15PENANAQaMNEGgqlH

“Um… cursed is what staff calls it”copyright protection15PENANADgLUzK87s6

Cursed? Was this a joke, perhaps that’s what he thought because he was lost for so long, that sense he couldn’t find his way back that the halls themselves were keeping him. I can understand that. I once heard that isolation was abusive on one’s mental state. Maybe he’s been stuck out here for too long.copyright protection15PENANADsv5xPOWIk

I lingered the hall for hours… I was getting tired. Now, I just wanted to get back to my room and sleep. I soon arrived at a pair of double doors I slowly placed my hands upon the doors pushing them open… and ahead was my room the door wide open as I left it. I walked in as I merely crawled to my mattress. I  know before I said I didn’t mind but its time like this I  wish  I had a proper bed. I shall ask about it in the morning…copyright protection15PENANAwyujm8ZCzl

I soon remembered that I forgot to close the door. I flipped myself over looking back as I saw the boy closing the door he seemed to regain his normal size, maybe even bigger. I was taken back for a moment but otherwise too tired to care.copyright protection15PENANAjcC57bPgji

“sigh, dark, dark yet darker” I whisper as  I  fell asleep…copyright protection15PENANAnWKS2iIReq

Everything seemed so peaceful and yet I feel so empty…but something is suddenly  coming back  to me.copyright protection15PENANAbLZG4mO4Yo

I found myself within a strange area the walls solid, and double doors without a handle or knob… strange symbols on the wall… I appear to be on the floor but I do not know why…copyright protection15PENANApiB2oJeeZx

I reach for my side but beforehand I am flashed with a agonizing memory , suddenly I am to afraid to touch myself ;  fearing that  what should be there, very well  may not be there, but inspite of the fear I proceed with  caution.  The  surface of my skin suddenly had a much tough yet smooth surface like a marble counter top; smooth  but rough in between. I was convinced  that it was a scab and yet there were no corners to which I could pick  at it. It annoyed me a bit but eventally I can to terms to leave it alone…copyright protection15PENANAwnthgvzYnO

When scabs are picked for a while they become scars. Which I was ok with sense  that way they felt more apart of my skin rather then something like a stick or shedding flesh.  I got up from the floor, there was a odd filling around my waist I don’t know how to describe what was there. I can only say that it was as if I was wearing a different type of skin much darker, smooth yet rough.copyright protection15PENANAoyAoeEK3IJ

“what is this place”copyright protection15PENANAs823bqMpEM

“have I been here before”copyright protection15PENANAWa9prpV1oj

A empty space with writing on the wall and doors that do not open. I kept circling around hoping by some chance that a solution would present its self. But such  chance  seemed futile. I can’t even remember as to what I was doing before…copyright protection15PENANAQNRqb65W9O

A matter of fact i…copyright protection15PENANAFBWHF77swL

Can’t seem to remember anything… not even. My name, who am I, what am I  ?copyright protection15PENANAetVoTnOPod

Childs point of viewcopyright protection15PENANA8e0ZEb5K8f

it seems a new situation has been presented to me. I now have a place I can return to from time to time. And this perhaps I should say person. He can see me like the staff and he doesn’t seem to question my odd abilities like the others once did.copyright protection15PENANAyNRuvwCCY9

I wondered around the room there were books on his desk, but it seemed they remained empty.  There were other items as well but they didn’t quite interest me like these books in which I was hoping to have information, that’s usually what they have in store. Writing that reveals some history or perhaps thought from those who wrote it.copyright protection15PENANAodCkCvHrk6

I must admit there is not much to this room but still. Despite it just being us in here I still don’t feel safe, a unsettling feeling I might call it. Like im not alone in my own skin. I don’t think I can let down my guard even around him…copyright protection15PENANAEskEsZQyJY

“but now that im here, what exactly do I do for the time being”copyright protection15PENANANhMEMhapU9

I rubbed my shoulder in question of my new purpose. He is sleep and not moving, does not seem like he is breathing either.copyright protection15PENANAyjnbDZGlr1

“I don’t like this, I’m scared”copyright protection15PENANAr5uMKXMBvw

I slowly descended to my knees as I bowed my head over his body, I thought he might be dead but upon closer inspections I could see movement I was really relieved… but then his body seemed to stop once again. I couldn’t really tell if he was moving or not unless I was concentrating closely at his body I soon got tired and laid  my  head on his chest…copyright protection15PENANAziNmWAE7Zz

Something pumped into my ear. A heart his heart was beating under my ear, I felt excited but I did not understand as to why… it was almost as if his heart was beating for me.copyright protection15PENANAhySEJwEqR5

I clanged onto his shirt tightly bracing for this excitement that I was now feeling. Slowly I began to calm down, but I did not move nor change my position.copyright protection15PENANAsjaW6VUSwp

“I live in this room with this per-… h-human… and… I like it a little bit”.  My nerves became calm but still somehow this is a bit of excitement within me… he found me and brought me back with him, no questions asked.copyright protection15PENANAo6HcsEN7MM

“what shall I do now?”copyright protection15PENANAG3lyI54mvW

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