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Let's Talk About...
Writer Blondemaverick
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Let's Talk About...
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Upcoming Shorts (Constantly Updated)
Aug 18, 2017
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!58vclEaY7x1bwkUyFDAZposted on PENANA

Let's talk about... some upcoming short storiescopyright protection57PENANAZHzgpEWXB5

On my list to publish for your perusal:copyright protection57PENANAxHd2TzH4yO

"Good Intentions" - Aiden wakes up from a coma with selective amnesia. Luckily, he's got a team of former homeless folks to help him delve into the mystery of his past and the uncertainty of his future.copyright protection57PENANABA07UUFAxg

"Ylva, Wolf Eater" - In remote Alaska, Ylva meets a cursed man called Tam Lin after killing her husband. Knowingly affected by his curse because of their proximity, Ylva nevertheless can't bring herself to leave his side. Both of them have their faults, but neither of them can deny their feelings for one another. How much love is enough to break a curse fueled by it?copyright protection57PENANAAxY9NnOKlq

"The Last Milestone" - A Relic of a bygone era is trapped where his god's power is enshrined. However, waiting around is proving to be boring and he'd like to go out and explore a little. The downside is, he'd have to release his god to do so... and he trapped the bastard for a reason... But what if a witch could help him? What if a lore master could help him? [I published the first part of this in a contest - Go check out "Forgotten Deity" and tell me what you think!]copyright protection57PENANAPS73V0CC4b

"Entropy and Complexity" - Humanity and an alien race battle for galactic supremacy in the far future. During the final climactic battle for the cosmos, a pair of literal star-crossed lovers face off and exchange killing blows. As they both die, they contemplate the futility of it all, and vow to stop the universe from suffering any longer... even if that means destroying it.61Please respect copyright.PENANAgPjnSfovRt
copyright protection57PENANArFLsNFmtgU

Cheers --Blondiecopyright protection57PENANAKRrI1f5PZr

Comments ( 4 )

Mikha'il - hoho im excited
1 month agoreply

Blondemaverick - Which one did you want to see first? Right now, they're all the same priority, so I dedicate about a page a day to each.
1 month agoreply

Mikha'il -
@Blondemaverick, id be lying if i say i dont want BCA-related stuff hehe but Good Intentions and Entropy and Complexity sounds super neat!!
1 month agoreply

Blondemaverick - @Mikha'il, "Good Intentions"... Coming right up!
1 month agoreply