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Game On!
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Writer Naerie
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Game On!
Game On!
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Aug 22, 2017
5 Mins Read
Comments ( 21 )
Strider - I really just want to get to a scene where you're like, "Why are there so many children without adults here? No, I don't want to battle you! Go away! Why can I just move through this stupid little tree and go to the next area?"
3 years agoreply

Naerie - Ooooh yesssss. That happened so much throughout the duration of the game. Not sure if the tree things would work in Alola, bc I don't think there were trees to cut down?
3 years agoreply

Nuwer-Designs - Lol.  This would be a very strange experience to have, being sucked into a video game.  Especially a pokemon game.  XD

Gotta say this is really well written and smoothly too.
3 years agoreply

Naerie - Awh, thank you! It would! I decided to go for a different approach to a pokemon story.
Lol, this is not well written. This was 12am writing and there are so many mistakes all over this thing its not funny.:/

 And OMG, I just remembered that I never responded to that PM again. 
I can't wait for this year to be over so I'm not so busy!!!
3 years agoreply

Nuwer-Designs - @Naerie lol.  Its s good approach to a story though. ^^  Reallt?  12 am writing?  Dang it means you really are s good writer.

And its alright.  Lol.  We are busy,  so i understand.  Hard ti believe im going to college thid thursdsy 
3 years agoreply

Naerie - @Nuwer-Designs, That whole thing just hyperlinked. XD
And thanks~ I might have to fix this up now though.

Oh goodness! Thats so exciting! I'm excited for you! XD
3 years agoreply

Nuwer-Designs - @Naerie
Lol.  I just saw that and my bad. ^^;

And thanks. ^^  in kinda nervous but also excited about it.  How have you been, by the way?
3 years agoreply

Naerie - @Nuwer-Designs, sometimes Penana just does that.

You're welcome. And I've been stressed, really stressed. I've got about six weeks of official school left before exam study leave. :/
3 years agoreply

Nuwer-Designs - @Naerie, i bet. Lol.  Reminds me of da abit 

Oh dear... how many exams do you have to do?
3 years agoreply

Naerie - @Nuwer-Designs, Sometimes I feel DA's a litle more convoluted than this.

Three. One for Maths, Biology and English. Yay.
3 years agoreply

Seamus Brown - Not Bad
3 years agoreply

Naerie - Thanks, I wanted to do something a little different to other nuzlokes where the character was aware that they're in the game.
3 years agoreply

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - Oh, wow...poor Uncle Kukui. And wow, did Mom sleep through Naerie screaming or what? Anyway, hopefully Naerie can get someone to find a walk through of the game for her online.
3 years agoreply

Naerie - Kukui isn't actually the player's uncle. It's a Hawaiian culture thing so it followed into the Hawaiian based region. But hecck, he's her uncle in  this story.

Yeah, communicating with her friends would be awesome. Just have to figure out a way to make it work, then I can squish in some more cameos. ;)
3 years agoreply

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - @Naerie, Is Kukui in Moon?

Well, you could have her ask ppl to Google stuff, and then her battery dies and she needs to find an electric type to recharge her phone...or something.
3 years agoreply

Naerie - @Kokiri-Hylian-Hero, Yeah, he's the Prof of the region.

I might have locked myself out of that idea though with none of her text messages working... sooo. yeah.
3 years agoreply

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - @Naerie, And now he's an uncle...big step forward, I bet!

Ah, I see...welp, maybe a psychic type can restore her 2DS?
3 years agoreply

Naerie - @Kokiri-Hylian-Hero, Yep. I'm thinking of making actually related to the main character.

That could work. :)
3 years agoreply

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - @Naerie, It makes them feel a lot more important if they're related.

Yay! I had a good idea~
3 years agoreply

- Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... Alola is one of my favorite regions tbh
3 years agoreply

Naerie - I kinda based it on how I originally felt about this region, I love it now though!
3 years agoreply