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Remnants: Of a Lost Soul
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Writer thewittyEGOIST
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Remnants: Of a Lost Soul
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Something Wicked | Prologue
Sep 12, 2017
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!stPl5h1Nscbx9Hyn2wBEposted on PENANA

32Please respect copyright.PENANAd44sAIIWKw
copyright protection28PENANAPHkKUKNQ7v

Year 1714copyright protection28PENANA5zZUU4cWSF

          “Too far… you’ve gone too far!” Thalia yelled in anguish, kneeing down beside the coiled body of a girl laying before her. The bad omens were too blunt to for her to take them as anything else -- something terrible had happened. “Oh, Sybil, why couldn’t you have just left things as they were?”copyright protection28PENANA83ciLKFNhh

         Snow fell around the girls. Thalia knew it wouldn’t have been long before Sybil went passed the point of no return. She should have realized sooner when she noticed the dimming of Sybil's eyes. The weaker one got, the darker a witch’s eyes would become. It was clearly written in the texts every witch was expected to know.copyright protection28PENANAs6ZNRTxEKF

        Sybil's chestnut hair was dull, her fingernails splintering, lips cracking – all from the loss of power control. In the state she was now, if Thalia hadn’t had known her, she would have guessed the girl had been in trouble for a lot longer than what was true. Typically, it took a witch years to get to this battered state, but for Sybil, only a few secluded weeks.copyright protection28PENANAaPe9K9eW56

        Tearing her eyes away from the body, Thalia glanced to the items that were cast nearest her. Five Mull wax candles surrounded them, each at the points of a pentagram drawn in the snow. A small, iron cauldron was set at the point above Sybil's head, remnants of a brewed potion inside. Sybil's Book of Shadows was to the right of the cauldron, its pages opened to a certain dark magick spell that Thalia recognized immediately.copyright protection28PENANABeaOwWzcKR

        Thalia gasped horrifically, looking back at Sybil's limp body. She didn’t notice before because of the position Sybil was laying in, her arms crossed over her chest. Hesitantly, Thalia reached over, flipping the girl’s hands over and revealing a deep, vertical slit down her wrists. All that was left was…copyright protection28PENANAudYt0Pnyu7

       “Nuummite crystal,” Thalia said, touching the crystal necklace around the young witch’s neck. All of this for one dead mortal. “Sybil, how could you?” Thalia whispered, incredulously.copyright protection28PENANAdFXsPIB3FH

      To care for someone so deeply that Sybil dared to resurrect a soul in such a way was quite beyond Thalia's comprehension. It gave an entirely new meaning, Thalia thought, to forever.  copyright protection28PENANAahWl5thFG2

  ~ ► § ▲ § ◄~copyright protection28PENANAxafvEfl1OQ

      Thanks for reading!! Hope you enjoyed it~! What spell do you think Sybil casted? (; Comment and tell me what you think, CC is appreciated also.  ♦  More to come in this cataclysmic tale of witchery...  copyright protection28PENANA91v7tkP5ou

       ©thewittyEGOISTcopyright protection28PENANANyMJTRdbxT

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