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Reincarnation Database: And Other Shorts
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Writer SarahWeaver6
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Reincarnation Database: And Other Shorts
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Catherina Trepa
Sep 12, 2017
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!UB4yWyQIrF22MIM2pAMyposted on PENANA

Life in the abstract, breath is taken away. Pouring in the drops of tears. Death in purest form. The new world sun. Severance, all the solitude. Life in one's pursuit. From Australian landmarks, to Russian can can dancers, you'll never see a guillotine. Yet for me all I see is the blond girl, once a goose girl.copyright protection19PENANAehLMCAycG6

The tops of her dress is ripped, exposing her neck.copyright protection19PENANAJBHO9EmZnO

In her wooden shoes, gently and trembling she lowers her neck onto the lower stock. There is a drum roll, men with bayonets. The angular blade falls down. Head, with the light locks, severance of neck. Perpetual what ifs motion. Stump. Barely old enough to read the darker and grimmer Goldilocks, as she wore shoes with no socks.copyright protection19PENANAFpRs7Duxeg

Her clogs are sold on the open market, gambled on by deranged bidding. Then landed a spot in the museum of anonymity, of 19th century artifacts.copyright protection19PENANA5tyRfasOn8

The last stand of the illiterate.copyright protection19PENANAU7KCVTgiTD

Yet sometimes in time, there are new opportunities.copyright protection19PENANA7z2Z19CwGR

The new life of Trepas.copyright protection19PENANANMllDAw5pT

And one longs for Zen,copyright protection19PENANAej1YWXScfL

In a kinder, gentler world...copyright protection19PENANAPnkSmm2ZTJ

Je Attraper Un Papillon.copyright protection19PENANAQGvc29Nyfc

Butterflycopyright protection19PENANAsuwtssrlEG

It's wings spread far,copyright protection19PENANA6u3rmqOopH

Soars far into the void.copyright protection19PENANA8goDsqNfY2

Serenity beckons the broken.copyright protection19PENANAsrwYVZqml5

The torn.copyright protection19PENANA2rA6TWwIlW

I don't understand people my age, and those younger than my old age. Yet I am only the age of two past a quarter century. The Winter sun is looming in the sky, the falling snowflakes. Beyond the century edge, an old world comes to an end. And yet! There are lovers who pretend, that a new world begins.copyright protection19PENANAqtcO7EfUUe

There was me and my darling Trepa, the claimant. Who thought she descended from Catherina Trepa. The little girl of death, the murder of life. Because she alone saw what propaganda does to other humans. She feigns to love me, yet love me not. How many I longed for her, that I forgot. Yet for other there was only polite smiles of Vou—for she alone felt not comfort, for the concept of Tu. She who held butterflies.copyright protection19PENANAXmFulAuMWP

The reincarnation of Death.copyright protection19PENANASZhs6apCTL

Her smile brightens.copyright protection19PENANAyjfL8mpnhk

Un Aime on the coast, where in the morning a toast is served. The girl of smiles, who served adversity in the form of happy snacks. More American than anything else, she served barbecue weenies. All covered in hot sauce and spice. She tries to understand me, Je try to comprehend the one who seeks to try.copyright protection19PENANABfHhJ2RdON

Je Parlons of how some high school girls refer to Je as creepy. Though Je never asks why they stare at me. Yet my love is for Trepa and not Nous. They have some self-esteem that assumes Je accepter the dance, yet for me my dance is with Trepa.copyright protection19PENANA2HNk9Tuyvo

Yet Trepa does not like to dance. Ce La Vie. Her life, her chance. Yet no desires. Only fear for that exotic prance.copyright protection19PENANAj4HyPQVfdd

Trepa attraper un Papillon with her gentle closing of her small hands. Yet she refuses to poke its wings. She is haunted by the memoirs of her childhood, of the decapitated fille. Her old life visits her in dreams.copyright protection19PENANAAPsh6ckXp9

For she danced the wrong bewitching dance.copyright protection19PENANALsQzMZshyY

For she danced the death of time to Napoleon.copyright protection19PENANAGS2orSen8s

Trepa dreams of a world with none of herself.copyright protection19PENANAAJh31oflmF

She dreams of a life where immigrant girls like Catharina, who can dance with freedom. To the tune of their own music box.copyright protection19PENANAu87lHUl9cT

The music boxes of joy.copyright protection19PENANA7SMagd3vAc

For me as her close acquaintance, yet not to the level of Tu, for me only Vou, she loves peculiarly when I pick her dancing shoes. Yet for me I only know of slow music box rhythmic blues. Catherina Trepa, I call her. Who smiles Catherina's smile, and longs to dance the dance of the new princess Catherina.copyright protection19PENANAXbVfeWDui0

She connects with her old life.copyright protection19PENANA9N8h8PbtZo

And smiles again, and with a kiss, releases the Papillon. She invited me to dance, the dance of the deranged toxic butterfly. The butterfly dance of Trepa.copyright protection19PENANAn6g9hxnk2X

We embrace.copyright protection19PENANAx09tfoqTSI

I belong to no place or time, my heart has no song or rhyme. I am an identity, timeless, inescapable void. My heart sings no song for any time.copyright protection19PENANAT1v1iERu8Q

It all started when I visited the great flatlands in the black forest of the night. No more worries, no more concerns. All my concerns melt away tonight. For I am on my own. To be truly alone, to move away somewhere to die. To move somewhere to end it all on my own terms, where I can burn away into dust. I am my own sexuality, my own lust something the only thing I could trust. Yet in my personal night terrors, I dream of darker world beyond the inner sea.copyright protection19PENANASvX9EeG1zJ

I meet women beyond mortal compare. I meet girls with long black, blond, and beautiful read hair. As I caress their bodies nightly, them coercing my submission only slightly.copyright protection19PENANAZ7J9AYx0Rp

There are rolling, rolling, rolling heads everywhere.copyright protection19PENANAILreMJSEe1

And then there was only silence there.copyright protection19PENANAu6wsfbHWdg

Yet in the day I am no headsman, I find solace in humanity everywhere. I find shame in my own desires, and long to help others overcome their sorrows. As for me sorrow and sex had been closely aligned. For the aspect of female victim hood means something entirely different from being a headsman. Perhaps it is an unexpressed aspect of submissive itself.copyright protection19PENANAGdopmYoTYg

For me I am the mistress.copyright protection19PENANAjH1KVNuOsI

The mistress of my own desires.copyright protection19PENANAPWPmp5x61K

Even if one lusts after heads, I could never touch one. I prefer to protect and embrace the innocuous of the Dutch one. For her own life is more of value than my own desires, except for mine to protect.copyright protection19PENANAnIXL7kJvdI

To think then my love is Catherina Trepa.copyright protection19PENANALxpNhkAM92

To think that I could indeed love at all.copyright protection19PENANAuZZklppTvr

My body is an alien, an invasion of someone else's body into my own. My own desires to protect only I have shown. My fetishes I express I find no answers for their original, only the shame of their taste do express. For me I long for the long flowing dress, the dancer in the night. I long the frightened girl, only to tell her that everything will be alright as the day turns to night.copyright protection19PENANADT9BFgVpM9

Because everything will improve. Everything will be alright. For I am there. I am everywhere and nowhere.copyright protection19PENANA7yGwlYRWK1

I am a paradox of the self. A paradox of the mind.copyright protection19PENANAZf0ZzmoYfU

Shame and pleasure strange bedfellows.copyright protection19PENANApSOzutPpSC

When I see the tears of Catherina Trepa, I find only sorrow in her eyes. And I know not how to deal with these feelings of my own. Her sorrow a sin, if life looping all o'er again. A sin she must not atone. But the sin of her executioners, for her night terrors have nothing else of compare.copyright protection19PENANAyZbfwxdntY

And she understand me, and I understand her,copyright protection19PENANAotdptNLSM0

As I caress hair hair, and her coat of fur.copyright protection19PENANANbTBLn5ANY

For I am to her a cowgirl with no spurs.copyright protection19PENANAdmXpBuWPRq

Yet I am no American at all.copyright protection19PENANANgT1FnOqfA

For me I fall into dreamlike cityscape.copyright protection19PENANAr2MkExHJ8v

I find myself in an endless fall.copyright protection19PENANAHmRFLs9Hh1

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