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Short Story
Geek's Obsession
Writer Jennifer
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Geek's Obsession
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Once a Geek, Always a Geek?
Sep 16, 2017
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!zaXkSwVTAq7pnDqITYSfposted on PENANA

It was about 4:30 p.m. and a handful of detention kids had just been let out. copyright protection54PENANAqQgAQnHCN8

Edison Bates hurried down the hallway of Meadow Ridge High School to his locker. He usually never stayed after school, but today he'd been in the library to work on a project.  He glanced around and saw that the hallway was quickly becoming empty.copyright protection54PENANANmjKHbhC5S

Good. He breathed a sigh of relief.copyright protection54PENANA2dhpQI8KH0

Edison opened his locker and pulled out his Advanced Mathematics book. As he was closing the locker door, the tap on his back startled him so much that he jumped and the book clattered to the ground.copyright protection54PENANA07RhIHEpjs

Edison turned around to see Carter Townsend towering over him.copyright protection54PENANAx7PQRw2988

Carter fit the cliche of the handsome, popular high school guy who dated whomever he wanted. Carter used girls for only one thing and then coldly threw them away when done with them, like used Kleenex.  Some girls lasted longer than others. Even though girls knew his reputation, they still seemed drawn to him as if under some hypnotic spell.copyright protection54PENANA1aljAc1JWJ

There was even a rumor that Carter had dated Miss Holly, the new young English teacher. Edison didn't believe this as Miss Holly was the kindest and most pure teacher he'd ever had.  copyright protection54PENANAJWQAdyiSYC

Carter and Edison had been best friends in junior high until Carter realized the power that came with being popular. He tried to get Edison to come with him when he joined a new group of kids, but Edison wasn't comfortable within the snooty crowd. He always hung back, and eventually, the clique labeled Edison a "complete weirdo" and "geek."  That's when Carter stopped talking to Edison as if he had some horrible, contagious disease. copyright protection54PENANAkwJ9mBGpKO

During their last year of junior high, Edison had watched his ex-friend change even more. Carter reminded Edison of a taller version of Leonardo Di Caprio, but without the Di Caprio coolness. Somehow Carter developed an incredible arrogance along with a cruel streak. This made him an absolute jerk in Edison's eyes and that's when he had given up any hope of ever being friends again-even in adulthood when they would hopefully be past all this junk.copyright protection54PENANAxMZS6A48j1

"Carter Townsend is like one of those Calvin Klein models. Nice to look at but otherwise, totally empty upstairs. You could rent it out as empty space," his best friend Nora Slater always said.copyright protection54PENANAR3XIEbhX3f

Now, during their last year at Meadow Ridge, Edison had still allowed himself to be bullied into being Carter's puppet. He did Carter's homework on a regular basis, and sometimes even some of the basketball team's homework. Better to suffer through that than be harassed daily by Carter and his entourage. copyright protection54PENANAzoLjy8UexF

That is until he'd woken up to a strange text message on his phone that morning:copyright protection54PENANA35r3YyD3GX

"Edison, starting tomorrow, you no longer have to take orders from anyone. Ever."copyright protection54PENANA4y12gGdxDg

It was signed: "I'm always with you."copyright protection54PENANANcFyveHqsf

The weird thing was that there wasn't a number to go along with the text, and his phone showed no incoming calls. copyright protection54PENANA5wkxzi5dmM

Maybe it was Anna. Her father worked for some fancy IT company that made secure and encrypted messaging apps for businesses. It was either her or Nora playing a trick, but it wasn't Nora's style.copyright protection54PENANAbqkcsBSF8w

He really liked Nora, Nora was great, but he wasn't in love with Nora. Besides, she was his best friend.copyright protection54PENANAWWJCufQcFj

 He loved a good mystery and planned to find out who had messaged him by the end of the day tomorrow. He was in a hurry to get home and study the text further and watch his favorite chemistry web series.copyright protection54PENANArKPLio4nCr

"Where do you think you're going?" Carter demanded as he blocked Edison.copyright protection54PENANAaNRu0k5T0e

"Home," Edison replied, looking straight ahead. It was better to not give too much eye contact. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Carter's best friend and school football star Trey Vance, standing nearby.copyright protection54PENANApWa8zFnpR2

"You can go home after you give me my English homework that's due tomorrow." He crossed his arms and stared at Edison.copyright protection54PENANAIiNx45W9tz

"I don't have it."copyright protection54PENANAADms8nMdgM

"What?" Carter looked surprised.copyright protection54PENANAsFJDOiibIa

"I said I don't have it."copyright protection54PENANAeqt1Yy7VHA

"What's up with you, Bates?" Carter's eyes narrowed.copyright protection54PENANAuidRKmfxAv

Edison turned away from Carter but now Trey blocked him.copyright protection54PENANAk2b3GZmZb4

"Stay. Good dog." Trey said with his creepy grin.copyright protection54PENANA9puCrtbyoS

Carter looked a little nervous. It was nearly the end of the semester before summer. He couldn't afford to not turn the last few assignments in, and he sure as hell wasn't going to go to summer school.copyright protection54PENANA9TbmKWI0ti

"I need my homework," Carter hissed.copyright protection54PENANAvNlHR1Hd0T

"Then do it yourself."copyright protection54PENANAhaiMNKfYjE

The shocked look on both of the jerk's faces made Edison smile a little. It felt so good to smile.copyright protection54PENANARsx2PiYyis

"What the friggin hell did you just say?" Trey got in his face.copyright protection54PENANAROgcv7edkf

Very quietly, Edison said, "Find some other sucker to do your homework."copyright protection54PENANA6Bppoc9Dbs

Carter glanced around to make sure the hallway was empty before he grabbed Edison by his windbreaker collar and shoved him hard against the locker and stared into his eyes. Edison stared straight back.copyright protection54PENANAh2UP5K74iq

"Something is different about you, Bates," Carter said, looking confused. copyright protection54PENANAw9eNlKUAYe

Carter was never confused. Interesting, Edison thought.copyright protection54PENANAP4QftesDSD

"I'm just tired of being pushed around."copyright protection54PENANA6aG1ZML7Q3

Carter tightened his grip on Edison's jacket collar. "I want my fucking homework before school. I'll come by your house in the morning to pick it up." He let Edison go.copyright protection54PENANAxncMayx49v

Edison smoothed his jacket and straightened his glasses. He bent over to pick up the fallen math book and tucked it into his backpack.copyright protection54PENANAjYzae3pGHh

"Hey," a feminine voice interrupted them. "Is everything okay here?"copyright protection54PENANAkNr0OrMAyD

They all turned to see Nora Slater walking up to them. She wore her favorite "Nirvana" long sleeved t-shirt and jeans. They hugged her curves. Nora wasn't thin enough to be considered "pretty" but she was cute with her freckles, perfect teeth, and flowing auburn hair. She pushed back her bangs as she glanced at Edison.copyright protection54PENANAD60QSbpqgy

"Hey," Edison smiled at her. "Yeah, it's fine."copyright protection54PENANAVzwvKKz9rg

If she lost a little weight, she'd be a knockout-or at least, that's what Carter had told her last year before she'd turned him down. He hated her for that because she'd said no in front of his friends, embarrassing him.copyright protection54PENANArL3SMSjztS

Carter gave her a cold glance before he turned and started walking down the hallway with Trey.copyright protection54PENANAc7YdXRomhF

"Tomorrow," Carter reminded him over his shoulder.copyright protection54PENANAUdfrIZch8E

"What's tomorrow?" Nora asked, slinging her backpack over her shoulder as Edison shut his locker.copyright protection54PENANAxzpBscuMLY

"He thinks I'll keep doing his homework, but I told him I quit."copyright protection54PENANAEX5Db2uApL

"I'm so proud of you, Edison! Finally!"Nora surprised him by hugging him tightly. copyright protection54PENANAfkZuLHtYZC

"Why are you still here?" Edison asked her as she let him go.copyright protection54PENANACxc29FeDrZ

"I, uh, was hiding in the bathroom. To skip gym class."copyright protection54PENANAC6XHJ9JdJ9

"Nora, you can't solve problems by running from them -"copyright protection54PENANAZZtYtfGXdF

"No lectures, please, Edison? Not today." She looked as if she were about to cry. copyright protection54PENANAAQdNTms80U

"Okay. Listen, I'm sorry," he touched her arm as she wiped away a tear. copyright protection54PENANA7C05jKe2XY

"Come on, I'll drive you home," he told her.copyright protection54PENANAbXXFWrUDp8

"Thanks," she tried to smile at him. "That'd be nice."copyright protection54PENANAj0ZwNSSg0S

They started down the hallway, not too far behind Carter and Trey. Suddenly, someone screeched. copyright protection54PENANAa8ubeNVsQT

Edison and Nora watched as Carter was slammed up against the wall next to the exit doors. The thing was, they couldn't see who had pushed him. Trey was in the corner, whimpering, his eyes huge.copyright protection54PENANAr2RpHNQBrg

Edison froze for a moment. A warm feeling encircled around his mind and body as Nora gripped his arm. The warmness communicated with him but not in words. copyright protection54PENANAKKgJg4B8kC

He put his arm around Nora tightly and said, "It will be alright. Stay still a minute." copyright protection54PENANA0vKvGYiCr9

Nora breathed in the delicious scent of Edison's aftershave, then caught herself.copyright protection54PENANAvTcniTb9vC

...Oh, My God,  she thought, no I can't be thinking of that, something is seriously off here.  What is happening to Carter?!copyright protection54PENANAqfmGZDKBL5

Nora sideways glanced at Edison. He was talking to someone to his left, but no one was there. "No, not Nora," he said.copyright protection54PENANAdMAYhhXAUp

"Huh?" Nora asked him but he didn't reply.copyright protection54PENANAKqiWNBPYLl

Edison couldn't say anything even if he wanted to because suddenly Carter was slammed to the floor by the unseen force. They watched Carter got up on his hands and knees. Blood streamed from his nose.copyright protection54PENANABbBXRAACbm

Slam. Back down he went.copyright protection54PENANAIp8joqBl0v

Now, Carter was flipped over onto his stomach.copyright protection54PENANALKV4HJFwHr

"Oomph." He struggled but was held in place.copyright protection54PENANASjCtgu3R7f

Trey started to whine. "What the hell is going on?!"copyright protection54PENANAePFn83NKoO

Carter gurgled something.copyright protection54PENANAf9zbegUUMC

Edison stepped closer until he was standing in front of Carter, staring down at him. Nora still gripped his arm, shivering.copyright protection54PENANAlFVX8crc4y

"Come along, Nora. Don't look at them," he opened the exit door open for her as they both stepped out into the late afternoon.copyright protection54PENANAsio7Fxashz

"Damn it, you coward, get over here and help me up," Carter yelled at Trey who hadn't left his corner.copyright protection54PENANAhxJQIX6CRT

"Don't ask me to explain what just happened in there, but it was fantastical!" Edison said as Nora pulled on her seat belt inside of the blue Nissan. copyright protection54PENANAecya9HmBTq

"Our lives will never be the same," Edison grinned as he backed out of the parking space.copyright protection54PENANAamJzto6DRn

58Please respect copyright.PENANArTuasYzzCr
copyright protection54PENANAd8UWZDT5fL

Thank you for reading!58Please respect copyright.PENANAXPASLzvEFL
copyright protection54PENANAZuXxE7e1J8

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