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Short Story
Geek's Obsession
Writer Jennifer
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Geek's Obsession
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Dec 17, 2017
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!BDJZvoJnHCUtrpKJQKLLposted on PENANA

It was a little after 8:00 pm, a few hours after the "fantastical" (in Edison's words) happenings at school when Nora called Edison on her cell phone.  copyright protection49PENANAUSDbez0Nsg

"Hey, Nora. What's up?"copyright protection49PENANAp3T93oxMMe

"I can't do this anymore..." the words were jumbled in a sob.copyright protection49PENANAoHHP6ryWck

"Slow down, I can't understand you. Take a deep breath."copyright protection49PENANAI7clirUiem

Nora took a deep breath and let it out in a huff.copyright protection49PENANAzEqsOtRlgE

"Now, what's going on?"copyright protection49PENANAAFlhurJ3oW

Edison's calm voice washed over her in a warm wave.copyright protection49PENANAo63Asl1mEg

"They arrested dad, but only for a night, unless mom presses charges. Mom had an ice pack on her face. Again. Did you hear me, Edison, I said, again...when will it end?"copyright protection49PENANAJeVaHJEy5V

"I'm coming over."copyright protection49PENANAcFAyX4ZH8o

"No," she sighed. "I'll be fine. Besides, Aunt Lianne is here." copyright protection49PENANADwuH7W38jH

Nora studied the shiny blue polish on her fingernails and wondered how pathetic she sounded.copyright protection49PENANAp3WleD4Sba

"I'll come pick you up. Okay?"copyright protection49PENANANoPnWMsWtB

"Am I interrupting anything?" She sniffled. Yuck, I must sound gross, she thought, as she dabbed at her nose with a tissue.copyright protection49PENANAk78POgMSo6

"No, you goof. See you in five minutes."copyright protection49PENANAAO9w9o9egl

"Thanks."copyright protection49PENANAo4KdsG0VDu

"What are friends for? Be there as soon as I can."copyright protection49PENANAxXCFNrVzjk

Nora glanced at herself in the full-length mirror next to her dresser. She smoothed her red, long sleeved t-shirt and dabbed some cover-up on her face. Then she slung her cross body purse on, grabbed her leather jacket and went downstairs.copyright protection49PENANAFT9Ppidywu

Her aunt was in the kitchen making iced tea.copyright protection49PENANAUVyE81l9WY

"Hey, sweetie," her aunt said.copyright protection49PENANAEtWg9JH5j0

"Hi. Is it okay if go hang out with a friend for awhile?"copyright protection49PENANApYTyOiR1Ro

"Which friend?"copyright protection49PENANAwMj5qs6LC3

"Edison," Nora answered as she put on her jacket.copyright protection49PENANAKgxGwGpdLI

"I suppose that's fine, but don't come home too late."copyright protection49PENANAebH7KvqCxi

"I won't."copyright protection49PENANA034k8uMfgo

She came around from behind the counter and hugged Nora. Nora let her but was stiff even though she tried to relax. Lianne let her go.copyright protection49PENANAi0FPGbv6oh

"I'm so sorry for what my brother has done," she said.copyright protection49PENANAPCtxKe3bQA

Nora glanced away from her aunt's sad face. This felt awkward.copyright protection49PENANAtRDybM2Y1j

"I know. I'm glad you came over, Aunt Lianne."copyright protection49PENANAnjj290dF7C

"I'm always here for you. I just want you to know that."copyright protection49PENANAWWfqu0Exbu

"Thank you."copyright protection49PENANA7FlLdxygvz

A few moments later, Nora stepped outside into the cool night air. She zipped up her leather jacket and glanced around the quiet street. When she spotted Edison's Nissan, she started walking towards it.copyright protection49PENANAzTTTV2T9H0

"Sorry for the hassle," she mumbled as she got into the passenger seat.copyright protection49PENANAMEX14r1JZd

"Don't be silly. Do you want to go anywhere or just hang out at the house?"copyright protection49PENANAe6SAS67qmD

"I don't know what else we can do this late except go eat but I'm not hungry. Are you?"copyright protection49PENANAZWwTPsWJBD

Edison shook his head.copyright protection49PENANAKniIpnar69

"We can go to your place, I guess if your parents are cool with me being over this late?"copyright protection49PENANAFkfyU7E2y1

"They aren't home. Remember I mentioned that they were going to my great uncle's funeral service in New York? They'll be back Sunday.copyright protection49PENANAGyXcrNFnwh

"No, you never mentioned it."copyright protection49PENANA1hEjZ4G9vN

"I'm sure I did. I mean, I thought I did." He wrinkled his brow for a moment.copyright protection49PENANAib8yJ3Gn5e

"You've been the absent-minded professor, lately," she joked. "Don't forget my birthday which is coming up in two months," she teased.copyright protection49PENANAoLMmYe9ECG

"Since when have I ever forgotten your birthday?" he smiled at her. copyright protection49PENANAVDXAXXEE6a

He had the greatest smile.  It was just a fraction crooked on one side but very sexy. And his eyes twinkled behind his glasses.copyright protection49PENANArolAX4DDsJ

"Since never," she grinned, feeling better than she had all night.copyright protection49PENANARRvEdtSn8v

Later That Night:copyright protection49PENANA4381D6ZhK5

Nora was snuggled up in a throw blanket next to Edison on the large sofa. A bowl of half-eaten popcorn and two Cokes sat on the coffee table. copyright protection49PENANAscuOMrSp4l

They had just finished watching the movie "Alien," one of Nora's favorites.copyright protection49PENANA9WcEBp8tNg

She stretched, closing her eyes a moment. She felt something wet on her face. She opened her eyes to find Jax, a black Dachshund, looking back at her with his loving eyes. copyright protection49PENANAYRj7TWdSeY

"Sweet and gross, at the same time, Jax," she laughed. Jax wagged his tail and settled between them. copyright protection49PENANAYHasvWUomZ

As Edison pet Jax, his hand touched Nora's. They both felt a tingling sensation. Nora pulled hers away embarrassed.copyright protection49PENANAJwVWawmi09

"Do you want to talk or anything?" he said, turning to her.copyright protection49PENANAyZ0S7UOlM3

"Yeah, can we please talk about what happened at school? What was that?"copyright protection49PENANAjKKtdgq7EN

"Later, okay?"copyright protection49PENANA7oj3ktAGMB

He looked so cute in his button-up shirt and jeans with his slightly messy hair. He took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes.copyright protection49PENANAPlAQdIK23x

"Yeah, sure," Nora answered, wondering why he was shutting her out. It felt like he knew something that she didn't.copyright protection49PENANA5nhQQv6hDL

Her phone rang and she picked it up from the coffee table. copyright protection49PENANA5K9oNtSnaF

"Hello?"copyright protection49PENANAYZ0zQdhBgl

Edison put his glasses back on and watched her.copyright protection49PENANA8mIqczVjQy

"Oh...I see. Okay. Yeah, I'm alright. Is he okay? I'll see you tomorrow afternoon. Love you too. Bye."copyright protection49PENANA5Vifk6JdtT

Nora clicked a button and set down the phone.copyright protection49PENANASrTS1J6jkm

"My aunt has to leave for the night. My uncle caught my cousin drinking. He puked all over my uncle and admitted he had stolen the vodka from their liquor cabinet. What a dork."copyright protection49PENANAEsInTVWOfN

"Oh, wow," Edison laughed.copyright protection49PENANAnkJFz3Mjgf

Jax started to snore.copyright protection49PENANAc9H51IP829

"I don't think you should be alone, so you can stay the night here. I mean, if you want to," Edison said.copyright protection49PENANAuGCc3v80kn

"I haven't stayed the night here since we were little kids. Anyway, I think I can handle being alone for one night." copyright protection49PENANANHIwniA9BR

"I know you can. I just meant, I worry about you and I'd feel better if you stayed here. I could go to your house but Jax needs to be taken care of."copyright protection49PENANApN06T2PIaR

Nora bent her head.copyright protection49PENANAREyuRC0ZCk

Instantly Edison knew she was crying again. He gently moved Jax aside and put his arm around Nora. copyright protection49PENANAnq16Xpoxy0

Damn, Nora thought. I'm such a baby.copyright protection49PENANAoYOp4HrUqB

"I'm sorry...I thought I was feeling better."copyright protection49PENANAMhglM7XM7A

"Just stay here tonight. It will help keep your mind off things. I'll sleep on the sofa."copyright protection49PENANA7v09BYy0v7

"I feel weird."copyright protection49PENANA1U5PjaxK4X

"You're going through a lot. I want you to know that I'm here for you, Nora."copyright protection49PENANAmRfCc1JaOR

Edison gave her a hug. "Sit tight. I'm going to fix up my room for you." He cleared the dishes from the coffee table. copyright protection49PENANALVmM4YKDZf

"Thank you, I do feel better not being alone."copyright protection49PENANAK0aPPt0ne4

"No problem. Be back in a bit."copyright protection49PENANAkAWzd9BXjq

Jax lay on his back, still snoring.copyright protection49PENANAO5mbRq9B49

Fifteen minutes later, Nora was tucked into Edison's queen size bed. There was a small lamp on the nightstand with a digital clock and a stack of books.copyright protection49PENANARP91EZuFmJ

He had changed the sheets and it smelled like he had sprayed Febreze, that air freshener, all over his room.copyright protection49PENANAJGkGgxPSv9

"You're an awesome friend," she smiled at him.copyright protection49PENANAijeEv55FG9

"As are you," he said as he grabbed some clothes from the closet. He paused at the door.copyright protection49PENANAOyYXzDW4ij

"Promise you'll get me if you need anything at all?"copyright protection49PENANAN2Z7IgFy8a

"I will, but I'm so exhausted I think I'll just sleep."copyright protection49PENANAHruW5Z1aEI

"Okay, then. I'll see you in the morning, Nora," he pulled the door so it stayed half open.copyright protection49PENANAksgjqPWnTf

"Goodnight."copyright protection49PENANAGHiGP1Wuz5

"Night."copyright protection49PENANAFhw9dC9eNN

 She switched off the lamp. As Nora laid her head on his pillow and pulled the soft comforter tightly around her, her thoughts wandered to Edison sleeping on the sofa, not too far away. The thoughts drifted into a dream of him asking her on a real date.copyright protection49PENANAX7gdqH3n4X

She woke up a few hours later. She was usually a sound sleeper. Strange, she thought. She glanced at the clock. Its numbers glowed 3:00 am. Realizing that she needed to use the bathroom, she pulled herself from the warm bed with a sigh.copyright protection49PENANADKEVrtWnXw

In the large bathroom a few minutes later, she washed her hands and glanced up into the mirror over the sink. copyright protection49PENANAtDN0M1CWgp

A girl stared back at her in the reflection. She had long, dark hair, with a blonde streak going down the side. It was her intense eyes and slow, curving smile that made Nora scream.copyright protection49PENANAJdx0rXIulM

Edison heard her scream and bounded up the stairs with Jax close behind him. He found his bed empty. He went to his bathroom and banged on the door.copyright protection49PENANArYx5TYyQmw

"Hey, Nora!" copyright protection49PENANAmP9aQWbsSr

Nora unlocked the door and stood in front of him, in his sweatpants and t-shirt. Her hair was tangled, her face was even paler than a redhead's skin could be, her eyes were wide with shock, but most concerning was the scratch on her right arm. It looked like someone had dragged three nails down her skin.copyright protection49PENANASCEpD5nlAI

Everything felt fuzzy as Nora tried to process what she had seen. Was it real? It had to be real because she'd felt it. She had just been standing there, staring at the apparition, when her arm began to burn.copyright protection49PENANA81HF7ADGr0

Jax's yipping seemed to pull Nora out of her shock a little. He stopped yipping then started to growl, circling their feet.copyright protection49PENANAdNQnXGj89c

"What happened in here?" Edison asked, as he gingerly examined her arm.copyright protection49PENANAz1PerskPOU

"I think your house is haunted." copyright protection49PENANAxWVeB3PfJg

**** UPDATES FRIDAYS ****copyright protection49PENANAfW45j2MDaV

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