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Short Story
Geek's Obsession
Writer Jennifer
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Geek's Obsession
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More Than a Friend
Sep 16, 2017
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Uw3MWRPspcghQimnUcTeposted on PENANA

The cafeteria was filled with the sound of clattering trays and laughter.copyright protection54PENANAu14WMEBt0P

Nora picked at her turkey sandwich on wheat at a corner table. She and Edison brought their own lunches to school instead of eating the usual greasy food that "Meadow Ridge" said was "nutritious fare."copyright protection54PENANAMUlPHhGwK6

Edison slid into the plastic seat across from Nora.copyright protection54PENANAJ0nAiKYcWR

"Tell me what's up," Edison said as he opened his lunch bag. Why didn't you wait for me after class so we could walk to lunch like usual?"copyright protection54PENANArrTwnGaY9b

Instead of answering his question, Nora said, "Something's different about you, Edison."copyright protection54PENANANW69MOrslb

"It's the new hair. Like it?" he smiled at her. Instead of parting his dark hair on the side, and having it fall over one eye, it was now combed back and showed off more of his handsome face.copyright protection54PENANAz5cWFuGEHD

"It's not the hair." Nora studied him. He felt different. He had more confidence, more ambition, more something.copyright protection54PENANAv94pFr5Pqf

"Take a picture, it'll last longer," he winked at her and unwrapped his sandwich.copyright protection54PENANA1db7nXVPqh

"Sorry," Nora blushed. "I didn't mean to stare."58Please respect copyright.PENANAEEucTws62F
58Please respect copyright.PENANAKwPsruCLsk
copyright protection54PENANA1ZmdW2IDGp

He laughed. "I was just teasing you."copyright protection54PENANAgcykBdMG3c

"So, you still coming over after school?"copyright protection54PENANAV4q7bO57Dv

Nora looked confused.copyright protection54PENANAoEvLSsNA5t

"Remember I promised to help you pass geometry?"copyright protection54PENANA0lFyGgMsXP

"I completely forgot."copyright protection54PENANAFTU506T5ew

"That's not like you."copyright protection54PENANABDb7o3zbEF

Nora noticed an incredibly pretty blonde girl that kept looking their way.copyright protection54PENANAFE1kdHBZaz

"Anna Devereaux keeps staring at you."copyright protection54PENANAPPsJVtQOz4

"She never notices me."copyright protection54PENANAlbHwi6AShf

"Well, she has now."copyright protection54PENANAxXTyh6gT6r

Edison glanced to where Nora gestured.copyright protection54PENANAsVgVFbow0X

Anna was standing with Carter and Trey. Trey looked annoyed and Carter looked confused. Trey still had that cut from the accident on his face. copyright protection54PENANAAl8iSrotjF

Trey was animatedly telling something to Anna, but Anna kept looking at Edison and smiling. Trey stalked off leaving Carter to stand next to her. He followed her gaze and frowned at Edison. copyright protection54PENANAIRDCqVJGOP

"I don't think it's me she's looking at."copyright protection54PENANA7hLocrAAXA

"That's a flirtatious smile, and yes she is looking at you." Nora said.copyright protection54PENANAyxWHPO8dir

"If you say so," Edison laughed and dug into his chocolate pudding with a plastic spoon.copyright protection54PENANAT0jwDJrmpg

"I have a serious question."copyright protection54PENANAcxxXWKpwlm

"Yeah?" Edison said and swallowed.copyright protection54PENANA7TU3AKSIYa

"What happened at your house when Carter came over this morning?"copyright protection54PENANAaSbtoOcQbC

"Karma is what happened."copyright protection54PENANA7naFl6pKDK

"Karma?"copyright protection54PENANA6LD1PeLHXJ

"He and Trey got what they deserved."copyright protection54PENANAS7B4B0SNR4

"What did they deserve?"copyright protection54PENANAqYrADMG2wk

"Whatever they got I guess. Why are you asking all these questions?" Edison laid down his spoon.copyright protection54PENANAND5rEUFpCC

"Just curious."copyright protection54PENANA9uKKylLr9C

"A coincidence happened, Nora, nothing more, nothing less."copyright protection54PENANAvzAXaeJQhg

Edison reached over with a napkin to dab at the side of Nora's mouth. "Mustard."copyright protection54PENANAb4TgwyabXN

Nora flinched and Edison pulled back.copyright protection54PENANAO7hzRQVDi4

"Are you afraid of me?" he asked.copyright protection54PENANAfOEQLO4vFm

"Of course not. Why would I be?"copyright protection54PENANALQrF7Xdi9b

"Rumor has it that I'm a satanist. I hope you know better than to believe such nonsense."copyright protection54PENANA5YimxadsOw

"I know you're not a satanist."copyright protection54PENANAx3kcU51ZBH

"Say it with meaning next time," he wise cracked.copyright protection54PENANAlnxM2FKgXT

"Why would you be accused of satanism? You're a youth pastor at our church..."copyright protection54PENANAs2SLppWDSK

"Yes, I am."copyright protection54PENANA9qNtCIzEHa

"And you love God."copyright protection54PENANAl2xTPAyzRv

"Yes, I do."copyright protection54PENANAtjyl4XL0BE

"You told me to throw away that Ouija Board when we were kids."copyright protection54PENANALK4zdHhNmY

"Yep."copyright protection54PENANAYH1wAQ69qX

Nora looked thoughtful for a few moments.copyright protection54PENANAFUhdglb1mM

"I know you're too shy to ask, so I'll answer for you. No, I haven't messed with anything satanic,  or anything of the like, and I was accused of satanism because losers like Carter can't use their brains to reason."copyright protection54PENANAG7wLHKsYyO

"But Carter said that you knew something..."copyright protection54PENANAWwwX27O9ge

"Like what?"copyright protection54PENANA7V8o9oKlq6

"I heard some kids talking and they said you caused the accident in front of your house.  With witchcraft."copyright protection54PENANA76eERVpkUX

"Witchcraft, huh?" Edison grinned.copyright protection54PENANA9QuGOwNCG4

"That's what I heard."copyright protection54PENANAQNZZb9oVuP

"Since when do you believe rumors?"copyright protection54PENANA2CWhgNdG87

"I don't, it's just that everything is so strange lately and that ghost girl I saw in your house..."copyright protection54PENANAEiX8YLFLnl

"There was no girl in my house, Nora. There are no such things as ghosts."copyright protection54PENANAQe8QejZDfu

"But I saw -"copyright protection54PENANAsh6ozncM3l

Just then, Anna stopped by their table. She was wearing jeans and a low cut ruffled blouse. As she put an arm on Edison's shoulder, Nora could see her cleavage and perfectly manicured nails.copyright protection54PENANATIDQQCCvo0

"Hi, Edison," Anna cooed.copyright protection54PENANARefZ4tj37z

"Hey," Edison muttered.copyright protection54PENANAxzREYq1bc5

"Do you think you could help go over some math homework with me during study hall?"copyright protection54PENANAw5NaWDMy9a

Edison cleared his throat. "Sure, I guess."copyright protection54PENANAz0oO0tikwp

"Terrific. See you then," Anna's pink lip gloss sparkled as she smiled at them both and sauntered off with Carter following close behind her, like a puppy dog.copyright protection54PENANAT4ZKJXaK8n

"You're going to help her?" Nora asked.copyright protection54PENANAQFsDPphBXr

"It's nothing."copyright protection54PENANAMwsaltDDNa

"But she is always so cruel to you, why would you suddenly help her?"copyright protection54PENANA3Hf2sY0DJ9

"To prove that I am not the creepy satanist weirdo that this school is beginning to think I am," Edison said. "Besides, being kind to others is good."copyright protection54PENANA0zOtdDSvfP

"I suppose so," Nora said and stood up.copyright protection54PENANAX1mpcITQmG

"You're leaving?"copyright protection54PENANA1pohsQfstZ

"I'll see you in our next class."copyright protection54PENANABtzqWN4Oij

"Alright. Are we still on for tonight?"copyright protection54PENANAEgl1FxJzo6

"Can you come to my house instead?"copyright protection54PENANAgqvEHYuWqX

"Sure. I'll be there at seven." Edison said and watched her walk away. He thought she looked especially pretty today in her jean skirt and leather boots. copyright protection54PENANAW2rvtojxcB

Apparently, so did some other guy who was admiring her legs as he lounged against the wall near the cafeteria double doors, but Nora didn't seem to notice.copyright protection54PENANAQRScTyKD78

He glared at the guy who looked away. That's right, buddy, stop staring. She's mine.copyright protection54PENANAJnyf1fdwcE

Maybe Edison did like Nora as more than just a friend. He'd have to explore these feelings further.    copyright protection54PENANAt9HVFajYHw

**** UPDATES FRIDAYS ****copyright protection54PENANAAyosLh0vU7

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