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Short Story
Geek's Obsession
Writer Jennifer
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Geek's Obsession
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Dead Girl or Demon?
Sep 16, 2017
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!2ntRxuTglNDJzd3DmnZRposted on PENANA

Hi Readers: I was going to tell this story in the third person but I'm going to try to do each chapter in that particular character's point of view.  Let me know if you like it, or if it's too confusing. Thanks for hanging in there with me.copyright protection14PENANAlZzTJ6DfaX

Also, at the start of this story, Edison feels that warm feeling in his mind, but he blocks this fact out later because he is so scientifically minded. His parents believe in the supernatural somewhat but not Edison. My point is that I will clarify this in the next chapter - I know it doesn't make complete sense yet, but remember too, that Edison is dealing with the situation by pretending it doesn't exist.  I'm sorry for any confusion. It will all come together later. You're all awesome!copyright protection14PENANAmdlQ5TkZaG

"Edison, we're going to be late if you don't hurry," Edison could hear his mom's voice over the running water as he brushed his teeth. His mom was great but sometimes she drove him crazy. copyright protection14PENANAMOpl2tZoQY

Her looks belied her voice. She was only five foot five, small boned and with shoulder length, blonde hair always neatly fixed, even at 7:00 am, when he left for school even though she was a stay at home mom. She was also the most organized person he'd ever known. His absent-minded dad would be lost without her. copyright protection14PENANAgcXP6HWJX6

She was an artist-the oil painting kind. She'd nearly been famous before she'd married his dad-at least that's the way he told the story.copyright protection14PENANAHjk3aqWvp6

Edison spat out his toothpaste and rinsed his mouth. He was clad in just a fluffy towel wrapped around his waist. He combed his hair back, the cool new way that he found he liked and hummed one of his favorite songs,  Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust." copyright protection14PENANAbbVAxX4wmV

You could thank his parents for that. They had raised him on classic rock, mixed with Christian music of course and some classical.copyright protection14PENANAuC7sse9oY6

"Be right there, mom!" copyright protection14PENANAvFqQIAgF5F

Edison left the steamy bathroom and entered his bedroom. He quickly pulled on boxers, black dress slacks, and a nice long sleeved shirt. It was Sunday and that meant church day.  As he buttoned his shirt, he glanced out his window and saw his dad pulling the car out of the garage. copyright protection14PENANAMgRHRoEWV0

He threw on a suit jacket, socks, and shoes and glanced one more time in the mirror. He looked halfway decent, he smiled to himself. Aw, except for the glasses. He yearned for contact lenses, but they always gave him a weird reaction, his eyes became all watery, red and painful, no matter which type he tried, soft lenses, hard lenses, but whatever. copyright protection14PENANARqDZS5d1ub

Please let this morning be a good one God, and take care of Nora, he prayed. He was worried about her living in such conflict, the whole her dad beat her mom thing. That gave him an idea for this Wednesday's youth group meeting that he led. He could talk about how to treat girls. Maybe Nora could even come over for a bit, he thought as he headed down the stairs to the front door.copyright protection14PENANA8ZRyQA96fe

As he got into the backseat of the car, he checked his phone for messages. None. Strange, after that one he had received the other day, telling him not to worry about anything and that he didn't have to take orders from anyone, ever.copyright protection14PENANAM1vDIn2njY

"You look extra nice today, son," his dad said, glancing in the rearview mirror.copyright protection14PENANAnao19g6niA

"Thanks, dad."copyright protection14PENANAzqAqZq09xf

"You're a handsome guy, you take after your father," his mom said. "Not to change the subject, but guess what, you two?"copyright protection14PENANAnjhTXZgZnz

She didn't wait for a reply.copyright protection14PENANAXKKmLTCShV

"I've been invited to present my work in a local art gallery show next month."copyright protection14PENANAtQm4gmuhv2

"That's awesome, mom," Edison said.copyright protection14PENANAwSlNMiN2ia

"Thanks, honey. I'm excited."copyright protection14PENANACgVmCHgfAx

HIs dad told her how talented she was and rubbed her hand. He quickly kissed her on the lips.18Please respect copyright.PENANAuJXvrFxLtS
18Please respect copyright.PENANANsbNllVdS5
Edison wondered if and when he'd find someone to connect to on such a deep level like his mom and dad had done. He believed in soul mates. That's what he wanted. He wanted a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual connection with a girl. copyright protection14PENANAa4ox8FTDWo

Then he remembered Nora at lunch the other day, and how pretty her legs had looked. He had felt very attracted to her lately. He contemplated telling her his feelings. Soon, maybe. copyright protection14PENANAFsh1g3k46C

Something made him glance up at his second story bedroom as they curved around the driveway to pull out into the street. copyright protection14PENANAfITb5wTlLt

In his window, stood the silhouette of a girl. If you could call it a had black hair and freaky eyes. No, they weren't even eyes...they were piercing silver slits. They were looking at him, right into his soul.copyright protection14PENANATWxhtGWmjT

What did I just see?  Edison thought.  You saw nothing, it's your subconscious playing off of what Nora told you about her seeing a ghost in your house. copyright protection14PENANAKYm10C5kHb

This house has never been haunted, nothing had ever happened here. But he knew that thing in his window looking at him right now wasn't human.  copyright protection14PENANAXXUQ8Zn1k8

Stop it, he berated himself as they drove to church. Your mind is playing tricks.  He looked out the car window, watching people walk their dogs, and kids play in front yards. It was a perfectly normal, sunny, Sunday morning. copyright protection14PENANAvd53vzJsV2

When they reached the church and parked, Edison was glad to be able to leave the car. As he opened his door and stepped out, he felt a tickle on the back of his neck. It felt like a gentle kiss. He rubbed the spot.copyright protection14PENANAlG1HI1kNl2

Before he shut the door, he stared at the empty back seat. He couldn't see her but he could feel her as her essence wrapped around his body and soul. She wanted him. He shivered.copyright protection14PENANAZiZT98Sw9c

**** UPDATES MONDAYS AND FRIDAYS ****copyright protection14PENANAFFqLIWkrog

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