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Her Name Is Thanda
Writer Noku L'Phang
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Her Name Is Thanda
Her Name Is Thanda

"So what? You just sleep with guys, ask them for a ride home and then it's over?" She took a sip of her coffee.
  "I didn't ask for the ride, and isn't that what you do to girls? Sleep with them and then leave them?" Thanda's voice was low as she spoke. "I didn't mean for what happened last night to happen, but it did."
  "And you don't feel anything after this morning?"
  "Should I?" Senzile frowned, but didn't say anything else. "Look Senzile, you're a player. I don't date players."
  "You're accusing me of being a player when you're also the same as me." Thanda smiled.
  "Senzi darling, that's where you're wrong. Me and you are not the same. I don't make a habit of hurting people, no matter how much I don't like them." Thanda smiled as she stood up. "I just lost my appetite. Why don't you pay for that, yeah?"

  Thanda Langa is one of the most respected teenagers in Nelspruit. Her life is perfect. With a blog that writes mostly about her. A good following on social media. And everyone practically wishing that they knew her in a way.
  One morning she wakes up in bed with the school charmer boy, Senzile Masinga. After that he, just like everyone else, can't get enough of the Thanda charm.

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Total Reading Time: 2 hours 1 minute


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