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On Break
A Quilan Called Brisance
Co-Writer Blondemaverick*
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A Quilan Called Brisance
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No Plagiarism!c0fHFS0r8avnvM1Gl0fFposted on PENANA

Higher Sky Personnel Sabine Wiles returns to the battlefield.copyright protection126PENANAbKaXH5Ab6K

"The days of fealty are gone but the republic remains;copyright protection126PENANA4jLk0qc1Rk

slowly to crumble under its own engorged weight."copyright protection126PENANAbnIHaJnvKC

Wiles meets a harpy and her world unravels.copyright protection126PENANAbVmlS4qtfx

In the unraveling, she is rendered anewcopyright protection126PENANAdjQZEQqQSi

and sees things for what they are—even the darkest of truths.copyright protection126PENANAb3FUKQE7mo

Quilan and harpy, Mordikai Garaile, becomes her musecopyright protection126PENANAKxk7SccjFr

even as The Bowman, her sworn enemy, pines for her affections.copyright protection126PENANAQTLHTpxjgq

"Has he really destroyed his ties with the rebellious insurrection?"copyright protection126PENANABrthme70lt

“Take care, Wiles,” Garaile warns, his worry masked behind a yawn.copyright protection126PENANAo60IdTVpcB

“Even Kings are moved about the board as little more than pawns.”copyright protection126PENANAR3vDKo3hIk

     The year is 1923 and Sabine Wiles is a USSC Sky-per--a jockey trained to fly on giant shapeshifting birds called quilan. Reluctantly paired with Mordikai Garaile, a quilan known for getting his sky-pers "accidentally" killed, the two of them are tasked with taking down a rebellion's poster child of mayhem: a shifter of unique serpentine shape called "The Dragon". copyright protection126PENANAIjMbA8qI8M

     As time passes, Worthwhile-Miss-Wiles struggles to justify her superior's orders and begins to question the very order she swore to represent. Meanwhile, the Karnan Rebellion rises above the eastern horizon as a fully fledged army, hell-bent on bringing about another bloody civil war. Only Mordikai Garaile seems unphased by it all... as he harbors a secret that could cut through the weave of time and place, sparing nothing but himself and others like him.copyright protection126PENANAcxSdg66cwj

On Hold - Next Update Due: 31MAR18copyright protection126PENANAOomj26I5oq

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