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Blood, Bullets & Black Magic
Writer TylerDoak
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Blood, Bullets & Black Magic
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Oct 4, 2017
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!kGHpxy1XszLDxEgnJaOMposted on PENANA


30Please respect copyright.PENANA7vrMSgQjoe
30Please respect copyright.PENANAauWAgtlB7k
copyright protection26PENANANhVOdN3ZEE

(A group of soldiers wearing scarlet colored bandanas are lined up in formation inside Fort Blood. The fort is a typical western military fort. Surrounded by wooden walls and rickety shacks, a few tents and several watch towers. A soldier with a bugle stands in the front with COMMANDER EDWARD SCARLET. The solider plays a short order tune on his bugle. As he does the soldiers all stand at attention at once. Their discipline is obvious. )copyright protection26PENANAOZlvpS4qQw

30Please respect copyright.PENANAcGsRYxdrDo
30Please respect copyright.PENANAcKUExNVn6k
copyright protection26PENANAZC9xgqU0BJ

BUGLE copyright protection26PENANAMp0Idevgda

(There is a few second pause between each shouted command.)copyright protection26PENANAU1afxz8BZY

Attend! Salute! copyright protection26PENANA8ZBhwRIqRj

30Please respect copyright.PENANABhOyR51cG9
30Please respect copyright.PENANAxSP0JOxXfa
copyright protection26PENANA9DIamVoSbB

(The men all salute with their fists over their hearts. After the commands are shouted Bugle spins on his heels and joins his fellow company men in line. Commander Edward salutes his men in return then stands with his hands behind his back. He is rigid and rugged. A soldier in every regard. )copyright protection26PENANA25DdlbMuMM

30Please respect copyright.PENANAlsVg7s33Qa
30Please respect copyright.PENANAnrrc0ih2vX
copyright protection26PENANAtVL4chVUIM

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection26PENANAeSqW3NRrF2

At ease.copyright protection26PENANA3I8HVuSHYF

30Please respect copyright.PENANAb2Q12APzx5
30Please respect copyright.PENANAKTxG9F8dIY
copyright protection26PENANAurAfwNxrIg

(The men all stand with their hands at their sides. Again their level of discipline is apparent.)copyright protection26PENANAeW8FSbsKD7

30Please respect copyright.PENANAn6qPiq8ztD
30Please respect copyright.PENANAxEGnFIXuiu
copyright protection26PENANANHQWoLqhtp

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection26PENANAXXRydnlLO4

Today it is our great honor and privilege to say goodbye to three of the bravest and best that the Scarlet Brigade has to offer. Sergeant Monty Scarlet, Private Banks Scarlet and Major Butch Scarlet step forward.copyright protection26PENANA131aIUmbE0

30Please respect copyright.PENANAz3o7JxNSLw
30Please respect copyright.PENANAQ8ChXUI6tb
copyright protection26PENANAirH8o5UOnn

(Two soldiers in their early thirties and one who couldn't be any older than twenty step forward. All are very physically fit. Butch has short reddish brown hair and a well trimmed mustache and facial hair. He is very handsome even with the scar that runs from his left cheek to his neck. His vest is weighed down by all the pins and medals he has on it. It is obvious that he is an incredibly decorated soldier. MONTY is much shorter in stature and far less handsome. He has longer dark hair and is very freckled. He has a steely look in his eyes. BANKS is skinny and marked with acne and his face still looks very young.)copyright protection26PENANAekl5Szteki

30Please respect copyright.PENANAJ1Qqov9m0r
30Please respect copyright.PENANARAvfIeNw6y
copyright protection26PENANAjmlkw4eTfS

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection26PENANATykAHIGBx3

Monty came to us when he was eleven years old. A child. Sergeant Monty's bastard father sold him into our service for three dollars and forty seven cents. copyright protection26PENANAZMokShUlwe

30Please respect copyright.PENANA2XHEfFzXL3
30Please respect copyright.PENANA9v4ZVsv4Ow
copyright protection26PENANADPAZ963n0j

(Monty stands looking stern. He momentarily looks down at the ground in shame and then returns his eyes to his grand commander.)copyright protection26PENANAgTRBtyj99R

30Please respect copyright.PENANAwF61VPgIln
30Please respect copyright.PENANAholY3ADCyp
copyright protection26PENANAd9DCuvToRp

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection26PENANACuecuojyMj

Best three dollars and forty seven cents the Scarlet Brigade has ever spent.copyright protection26PENANAR3dIEGhYQq

30Please respect copyright.PENANAFHUJGPccT0
30Please respect copyright.PENANAIpGPrCEHk0
copyright protection26PENANAP4AtG4YzsQ

(Monty beams with pride. He smiles. Butch, standing next to him, glances sideways at him and smiles as well.)copyright protection26PENANAZ4kehPCBno

30Please respect copyright.PENANA4CppAs0e5y
30Please respect copyright.PENANADKfyuWnG9h
copyright protection26PENANAVer8W5Pd4F

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection26PENANAETJfnqjm0L

He was seventeen when he earned the title of Red Blade. Before long he bested the head instructor and earned the title of First Blade. Nearly every one of you standing here have taken part in his swordsmanship and knife training classes. Many of you have a scar or two to remind you of the sparring session you had with him. He is one of the finest instructors and greatest swordsman that the Brigade has ever seen. He has served with honor and pride. He shall be considered a brother of good standing with the Scarlet Brigade for the rest of his days.copyright protection26PENANAcZQxd8mPJJ

30Please respect copyright.PENANAHRHoG80lPl
30Please respect copyright.PENANAmUXMjxekMj
copyright protection26PENANAeFXFOULD8Q

(The Grand Commander steps forward and hands Monty a folded scarlet flag. Monty accepts it and bows his head in recognition. The Grand Commander steps back and addresses Banks. )copyright protection26PENANAjNK327tltt

30Please respect copyright.PENANASq48Yy5lfe
30Please respect copyright.PENANADW6klNsl9i
copyright protection26PENANA6GsXdG5zvP

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection26PENANAiJugpiabWi

Banks Scarlet came to us five years ago. A boy of mere fourteen years was turned into a man right here in these walls. He learned to shoot, hunt and fight. He learned that being a man sometimes means you make hard decisions. His singing will be missed. He has served with honor and pride. He shall be considered a brother of good standing with the Scarlet Brigade for the rest of his days.copyright protection26PENANA1f5Mi7TMsn

30Please respect copyright.PENANAGvcEiwcwQY
30Please respect copyright.PENANAQJoVRmuXIJ
copyright protection26PENANAgz3IxgoCQU

(The Grand Commander hands Banks a folded scarlet flag. Banks nods and beams from ear to ear. The Grand Commander moves to stand in front of Butch.)copyright protection26PENANAr8EWo4fzfb

30Please respect copyright.PENANAblGhG249nd
30Please respect copyright.PENANAr4JEI1aUy1
copyright protection26PENANARhrX3K4Xwx

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection26PENANAkM7ovEEUhu

Major Butch Scarlet was taken in orphaned and penniless at the age of ten. His only request for payment was that we find his sister a decent place to live and work. Over the years he has proved to be an outstanding officer and soldier. His valor on the battlefield has been proven time and time again. He has been awarded just about every award and medal that we have to give. Many of you here wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for this man. I could go and tell story after story of his courage during scrapes. I could tell you about the time he and I were in a hole and outnumbered by the Kyawai five to one. I could tell you how I was sure we were going to die and I could tell you how he got us out of that shitstorm in tact, but I won't because you would demand he stay and become the new Grand Commander. And I've grown quite fond of my cushy job.copyright protection26PENANAPIDtF2xUBN

30Please respect copyright.PENANATpKhlCEPzn
30Please respect copyright.PENANAzLIg3pi7yG
copyright protection26PENANA6s5xq9iv6O

(The Grand Commander steps forward and hands Butch a folded scarlet flag. Their eyes meet. The amount of respect they have for each other is undeniable. The Grand Commander steps back in line. )copyright protection26PENANA2rBaQ7Pu26

30Please respect copyright.PENANAlZK5Dt7OoG
30Please respect copyright.PENANAPh6AzrcdhL
copyright protection26PENANAZRPDkuFRoh

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection26PENANAFvKK2aUkF1

He has served with honor and pride. He shall be considered a brother of good standing with the Scarlet Brigade for the rest of his days. Now, my brothers, remove your bandanas and end your enlistment.copyright protection26PENANA9ItLSjTHOV

30Please respect copyright.PENANAAQxj6AIpHh
30Please respect copyright.PENANA53hQ9UjgJH
copyright protection26PENANANOMDr677Yw

(The three soldiers remove the scarlet bandanas from their necks. The Bugle soldier steps forward to collect them. Mo and Banks hand theirs over right away. Butch hesitates for a moment and then hands his to the Bugle soldier. The Bugle soldier steps back to the front of the company.)copyright protection26PENANAoE18p4ijpY

30Please respect copyright.PENANAXyZ38yulLL
30Please respect copyright.PENANA7mCEFJeo8W
copyright protection26PENANAkzGOly7egV

BUGLE copyright protection26PENANA94JVHa2Oi0

With honor! With pride! All hail the Scarlet Brigade!copyright protection26PENANAlGFmP4r7nQ

30Please respect copyright.PENANAFd0W49RnqA
30Please respect copyright.PENANA5n94riCVDo
copyright protection26PENANA5IpMwKkDZA

(The entire company repeats phrase. WITH HONOR! WITH PRIDE! ALL HAIL THE SCARLET BRIGADE!)copyright protection26PENANAz8Fi4mt6aL

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