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Blood, Bullets & Black Magic
Writer TylerDoak
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Blood, Bullets & Black Magic
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Oct 8, 2017
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!IKRIHdu8wJrlwGLuQQH2posted on PENANA


45Please respect copyright.PENANA3xawmxKBgV
45Please respect copyright.PENANADLUznQMYW1
copyright protection41PENANAKjAD4FLvdy

(Marius rides down a trail by the riverbank. He looks very weary. His horse looks even more weary than he does.)copyright protection41PENANA9Vi0E0e88K

45Please respect copyright.PENANA8VdHvsLvfQ
45Please respect copyright.PENANA1jncPKKAm0
copyright protection41PENANASz6ofST6IA

MARIcopyright protection41PENANA8sUJ6YpRtC

(Patting his horse on the neck. )copyright protection41PENANAqDyIEdJSlS

You need to stop girl? Alrighty. We can't stop for too long though. They'll be following us.copyright protection41PENANADerKDHCxOk

45Please respect copyright.PENANAwZMqz9hm7d
45Please respect copyright.PENANAng9AYE3Jai
copyright protection41PENANA8WN2GT06Lu

(Mari hops off the horse. Cut to him sitting in a makeshift camp eating a biscuit. He has his rifle out and sitting on his lap. A branch snaps in the woods and he jumps up and aims his rifle. He looks back and forth for a few moments before he sits back down.)copyright protection41PENANAJb8hUMuDEQ

45Please respect copyright.PENANAzbBWorH823
45Please respect copyright.PENANA8y3UYD4gZc
copyright protection41PENANAvh5X1IFEft

MARIcopyright protection41PENANAYnqLq7Frdq

(Speaking quietly to the horse (but more to himself))copyright protection41PENANAVWB3ewQJ9u

It ain't nothing, girl. It ain't nothing. Be calm. Just be calm.copyright protection41PENANAAFMFDOoisE

45Please respect copyright.PENANAtmsDWqhZ9r
45Please respect copyright.PENANAiIDTF1lnan
copyright protection41PENANAMr1cdrkSSx

(There's another snap and Mari stands up again. He is very jumpy. There is another snap. And another one. It becomes clear that something is crashing through the woods and headed right for him. He aims his gun at the oncoming sound. A girl, filthy and bloody comes crashing out of the brush. He jumps back at the sight of her and she freezes in her tracks.)copyright protection41PENANAiOuUSIqIsA

45Please respect copyright.PENANAriVudU7ia6
45Please respect copyright.PENANAuEsXhpozpx
copyright protection41PENANAd2gZHTO6ch

MARIcopyright protection41PENANAKYILbVdvN6

(With voice shaking.)copyright protection41PENANA36Vx1NgrwI

You stop right there! copyright protection41PENANA2JLiJtcyzo

45Please respect copyright.PENANA0HgEAWGWjQ
45Please respect copyright.PENANAjK9efn9mFj
copyright protection41PENANAPjnx5ztj5h

EDITHcopyright protection41PENANAp8nkGp8XRF

Shhh! Quiet mister!copyright protection41PENANAGTorc8UoGt

45Please respect copyright.PENANAtaYW7fmvPL
45Please respect copyright.PENANA3Qsju3gbZz
copyright protection41PENANANvMb3SKwbP

MARIcopyright protection41PENANANAXbVEA4Br

Don't you shoosh me, girl!copyright protection41PENANAJhk8IxhDVX

45Please respect copyright.PENANA1ikbxzyGWd
45Please respect copyright.PENANAZqnYmveJ03
copyright protection41PENANA6JtTUwME2X

EDITHcopyright protection41PENANAtQyr1t6CyH

You gotta be quiet or he'll hear us!copyright protection41PENANA3iYorHVIkR

45Please respect copyright.PENANAu3TWnoZDzY
45Please respect copyright.PENANAdBhxMO6ku3
copyright protection41PENANAGrA9luF79I

MARIcopyright protection41PENANA5DzD4A7acF

Who'll hear us?copyright protection41PENANASgYREpzA8U

45Please respect copyright.PENANAyutWsPrHzs
45Please respect copyright.PENANAK3wE0T3ZxC
copyright protection41PENANArOl1XHwDPF

(A voice cries out in the distance.)copyright protection41PENANAmUiVxnwEyJ

45Please respect copyright.PENANAYKegi04olz
45Please respect copyright.PENANAsU4VQxLiek
copyright protection41PENANAkrZiiEIReQ

STUMPYcopyright protection41PENANALGE7ICOefE

(Still far away)copyright protection41PENANAUBydx6B4L9

Edith! Where are you girl? You best get back to me before I give you a beatin you ain't never gonna forget!copyright protection41PENANAN5ANoTs6KH

45Please respect copyright.PENANAKZngDnaGnH
45Please respect copyright.PENANAjmsxCKyH9U
copyright protection41PENANAXvnBD5dskt

EDITHcopyright protection41PENANA6e5FsDM3Hx

(In great distress. She is almost to the point of having a panic attack.)copyright protection41PENANAcuDNi1HK8r

Oh! He heard us! He's gonna pound me proper this time!copyright protection41PENANAr5XPHAUV3e

45Please respect copyright.PENANAgBOlwEShW6
45Please respect copyright.PENANACH5ZXJn7pK
copyright protection41PENANAp9tuPV8BYP

MARIcopyright protection41PENANA8bkLZCNGnW

Is that your daddy? copyright protection41PENANA8P25EKGyFK

45Please respect copyright.PENANAPJ6hhI2Pqb
45Please respect copyright.PENANAJGNx1kcUC9
copyright protection41PENANAN5ThAJcIkb

EDITHcopyright protection41PENANAxtnRfmu33R

It ain't my daddy. My daddy wouldn't never lay hands on me the way he does. He killed my daddy over a game of horseshoes and took me for his own.copyright protection41PENANAZbH1hlMYUr

45Please respect copyright.PENANA0eQ6dNPAVf
45Please respect copyright.PENANAlKYr2ga45A
copyright protection41PENANAIIxCZ7lcQG

MARIcopyright protection41PENANAonaLfq8Jtb

Then who is it?copyright protection41PENANABtnjvEEhCy

45Please respect copyright.PENANAgPh3mjnzd0
45Please respect copyright.PENANAIeezksna3i
copyright protection41PENANAJkhgXgoite

EDITHcopyright protection41PENANAZRBaDRALB3

It's my husband, Stumpy. copyright protection41PENANAXdxkw2YajB

45Please respect copyright.PENANAqo3pQ5F09K
45Please respect copyright.PENANABqzTtWcRwq
copyright protection41PENANAJ2W1jThHcL

(Mari looks taken aback. The girl couldn't be more than nine or ten years old.)copyright protection41PENANAVbDxlgoV10

45Please respect copyright.PENANARfE6OZyb9B
45Please respect copyright.PENANAuzZxZPDEQN
copyright protection41PENANAZYdwiJyhUS

MARIcopyright protection41PENANASEUOFeHXVT

You ain't old enough to be married!copyright protection41PENANAIR5lorCNmE

45Please respect copyright.PENANAosdYmHVyyr
45Please respect copyright.PENANAZqGDwuD4GN
copyright protection41PENANANmC1TVLsdF

EDITHcopyright protection41PENANAk5kfUZtCWo

Tell that to the bastard chasing me. I been married to him for two years now!copyright protection41PENANAwFgB1E2Dsp

45Please respect copyright.PENANAGanFImvl0m
45Please respect copyright.PENANA8pPmnb3jKB
copyright protection41PENANAhfLUhFQ273

MARIcopyright protection41PENANAHr91H41aGY

But that ain't legal? Have you gone to the law?copyright protection41PENANAzcEPOFuQjW

45Please respect copyright.PENANAKJ2rnyW0DC
45Please respect copyright.PENANANjNaZvwvRx
copyright protection41PENANAgBc2wtHmvO

EDITHcopyright protection41PENANAqdgAfYEg9l

The law don't give a coon's ass about what lowborn hill folk do. A judge rode up while Stumpy was putting himself in me. They both laughed about it. The judge stayed the night in our barn, but before he went to bed he and Stumpy took turns on me. Then the next day Stumpy hit me in the head so hard that my bell was rung for three days. Said it were for laying with another man.copyright protection41PENANAfJyTzmy3dS

45Please respect copyright.PENANAS0WHmkSqDD
45Please respect copyright.PENANA2nm4OKDLLh
copyright protection41PENANA0utcwZGdmb

(The crashing and yelling through the woods gets closer. )copyright protection41PENANA2NojoEh3Vq

45Please respect copyright.PENANAnyBbJAGg6y
45Please respect copyright.PENANANYzKFV4ylH
copyright protection41PENANAoaaW3JjCMx

MARIcopyright protection41PENANAvN1YZxYFLl

So you running away?copyright protection41PENANARO8g8wUpzP

45Please respect copyright.PENANAbn5ysUi5F3
45Please respect copyright.PENANAn2CYdlyUCE
copyright protection41PENANAQY00V4JfGw

EDITHcopyright protection41PENANAMckObjm9Z7

I'm ta try finding my aunt in the west. Last I heard she was in EverGreen. Are you headed that way, mister? Will you help me? copyright protection41PENANAvRWE74b1uL

45Please respect copyright.PENANAtqD2aiYeQj
45Please respect copyright.PENANAV2H0AaUTgA
copyright protection41PENANARkJRlFV5UC

(Mari contemplates the situation. It's obvious he is torn. )copyright protection41PENANACHPWv0gRaf

45Please respect copyright.PENANAWDDzBQVaLx
45Please respect copyright.PENANAPeXsh7KfmB
copyright protection41PENANAZF6Wje0vgu

EDITHcopyright protection41PENANAg7PZZaFVgz

I won't be no trouble! I promise! Please mister! He gonna kill me this time!copyright protection41PENANAyShnOMn4Ex

45Please respect copyright.PENANAzhEgierd8H
45Please respect copyright.PENANAN5kqEVhz62
copyright protection41PENANAkEdrAxFA2V

(The voice is almost to them.)copyright protection41PENANA5i2Vi26XXm

45Please respect copyright.PENANA7Vh4nyc7Oy
45Please respect copyright.PENANAJnQnD8C5lL
copyright protection41PENANAxveOS3Bg7g

STUMPYcopyright protection41PENANANrU0Tvxy6z

I hear ya, girl! Who you talking to?copyright protection41PENANAtbSw6ayd7v

45Please respect copyright.PENANAM9Q7zu3R49
45Please respect copyright.PENANAUb4cfrLszz
copyright protection41PENANAzF1NuUR6aY

MARIcopyright protection41PENANAmXqhYjMwRS

Get behind me.copyright protection41PENANA6l4YRb9qoh

45Please respect copyright.PENANA0jWRGAZjFl
45Please respect copyright.PENANA4rvUy4pBWt
copyright protection41PENANAVXWXLqRCw1

(Edith quickly cowers behind Mari. A dirty little hillbilly man with a shotgun and a lantern comes crashing out of the brush. Mari has his rifle leveled at him.)copyright protection41PENANABTZ2aXlXtd

45Please respect copyright.PENANALQEP2UgNnQ
45Please respect copyright.PENANAmo9jfQTf9y
copyright protection41PENANAPAzUyq5HQu

MARIcopyright protection41PENANAZMsVKemBQT

She's talking to me.copyright protection41PENANACsMBuXzQU3

45Please respect copyright.PENANAAe059zayb7
45Please respect copyright.PENANA2WXHLZC2NZ
copyright protection41PENANA4KDDFc4LUU

STUMPYcopyright protection41PENANAfTHHOrWb3M

Who the fuck are you?copyright protection41PENANA4GfRiJPRAK

45Please respect copyright.PENANASan2tCSmS1
45Please respect copyright.PENANAVsfWypvJXH
copyright protection41PENANAUEuyh9KlUF

MARIcopyright protection41PENANAgayYSnqOyt

Stay back. You put that shotgun down. Now. copyright protection41PENANABDaQvsAkka

45Please respect copyright.PENANAQ0DOHpOjsB
45Please respect copyright.PENANAilLGnfjfBb
copyright protection41PENANA4eOzN5JyrE

(Stumpy considers aiming the shotgun, but he knows he would die quickly. So he begrudgingly sits it down with open arms.)copyright protection41PENANAdIPLGH96wI

45Please respect copyright.PENANAhxExtdWZXT
45Please respect copyright.PENANAGNUkCBJqVb
copyright protection41PENANAA7mKYRdycx

STUMPYcopyright protection41PENANAIhMwQzCA74

That's my goddamn wife. copyright protection41PENANAelM36tLgAh

45Please respect copyright.PENANA1exNUU2e9E
45Please respect copyright.PENANAqqb4XEiTDf
copyright protection41PENANAYapkVnc8Vo

MARIcopyright protection41PENANAFEGraw0N78

She's a child. She ain't old enough to be anybody's wife.copyright protection41PENANASltEpA8bQI

45Please respect copyright.PENANANj3IEFjn5f
45Please respect copyright.PENANAz7t6Uo0WDa
copyright protection41PENANAsPSRaOfmWa

STUMPYcopyright protection41PENANALBOr3ZY4N5

She's plenty old. And that ain't your damn business. Now, girl, you get over here or I'm gonna come over there and fetch you.copyright protection41PENANAcFrGkRhs28

45Please respect copyright.PENANAA3BM7zqqt4
45Please respect copyright.PENANAFhoIZ2ojqt
copyright protection41PENANAauX3m7RBuN

EDITHcopyright protection41PENANAMfpAHtAFxn

I ain't going nowhere with you, Stumpy! I'm done with your beatings! copyright protection41PENANALK3cqn3HQ5

45Please respect copyright.PENANAyZA16vq7s3
45Please respect copyright.PENANAh36SPesgEV
copyright protection41PENANAQ0AN4XVVyp

STUMPYcopyright protection41PENANAJkF9VnCv39

Damn you girl! You get over here now or I'll be sticking myself in your butthole tonight! You won't be able to sit proper for a month!copyright protection41PENANATOUW1lk52a

45Please respect copyright.PENANAkkcJ3bLrub
45Please respect copyright.PENANAV2bv4h1vot
copyright protection41PENANAbSbLGfJCbh

(Stumpy lunges forward. Mari's training kicks in. He pushes his rifle forward and hits Stumpy right between the eyes with the barrel. Stumpy cries out in pain and staggers back. When he looks back at Mari there is blood running from the cut. )copyright protection41PENANA2UCH3x5G38

45Please respect copyright.PENANAyGwFylU0Bz
45Please respect copyright.PENANAWWT8FWjqnO
copyright protection41PENANAQWXKTY5e48

MARIcopyright protection41PENANApf1B1IQKk2

I told you to stay back!copyright protection41PENANA1mXE40b9Hf

45Please respect copyright.PENANACjQNOV5Qqt
45Please respect copyright.PENANAjZ9PFIazJM
copyright protection41PENANAixcfi6dnkh

STUMPYcopyright protection41PENANAwJxxlyfciA

You son of a bitch!copyright protection41PENANAekWbY0ca9T

45Please respect copyright.PENANA8FI1NnY7Om
45Please respect copyright.PENANAVqFMeuIjk8
copyright protection41PENANAprrBGJHU72

(Stumpy moves for the shotgun. Right as he is about to grab it Mari shoots him in the shoulder.)copyright protection41PENANAcDMJb7irjB

45Please respect copyright.PENANAND8WtNFEno
45Please respect copyright.PENANAqv49xSxwZl
copyright protection41PENANA1yVXJUYV47

STUMPYcopyright protection41PENANAPuzg6g0Ob8

You cocksucker! Oh you son of a cunt!copyright protection41PENANAQoMD8XKqp4

45Please respect copyright.PENANASVMyH12pkn
45Please respect copyright.PENANAy81H5uvK8S
copyright protection41PENANA1qCXomRmhV

MARIcopyright protection41PENANAu7q3owkpkv

The next one's going into your chest.copyright protection41PENANAxbUjO2hzsG

45Please respect copyright.PENANA9zoeJV6gs6
45Please respect copyright.PENANACk1oTJqV9L
copyright protection41PENANADu7grvCiSU

STUMPYcopyright protection41PENANAem1FqpbLOw

The fuck do you want? I have twelve dollars! You want it? I'll give it to ya? Just give me that damn girl back! copyright protection41PENANAhlHbFvdW4G

45Please respect copyright.PENANAjITkpYOVJX
45Please respect copyright.PENANANSxc6g7dwA
copyright protection41PENANADIaKYBgBU9

EDITHcopyright protection41PENANAv9wwOWW0IK

I ain't never laying with you again, Stumpy!copyright protection41PENANAwZ6daMJnJO

45Please respect copyright.PENANAj9UkyN3YJd
45Please respect copyright.PENANAJ2VDnlBcgk
copyright protection41PENANA3mwe7vPo6K

(Edith picks up a rock and pegs Stumpy right in the eye with it.)copyright protection41PENANAxBU38I04II

45Please respect copyright.PENANA94dHgkXoxu
45Please respect copyright.PENANAYQDTbbHfaq
copyright protection41PENANAPeIWsSIbgr

STUMPYcopyright protection41PENANAZjOwxV1nk8

Oh you're dead, bitch! Imma cut you from head to hole! copyright protection41PENANA8RK2VSLWXt

45Please respect copyright.PENANAsTtnwQJ83Z
45Please respect copyright.PENANAtd3HUj1SIy
copyright protection41PENANAFMInJbfrmv

MARIcopyright protection41PENANATmPHSnDULX

You walk back the way you came, mister. copyright protection41PENANA3UPNWLGIHD

45Please respect copyright.PENANAmGp0zAcgPm
45Please respect copyright.PENANAHhgaFM1oV4
copyright protection41PENANAbnqUK950As

STUMPYcopyright protection41PENANAwuOlbHJPCv

Imma find the Judge and be back! The whore is real familiar with him! You'll hang!copyright protection41PENANAMFpCsln845

45Please respect copyright.PENANAophs6cL84t
45Please respect copyright.PENANAGra6sJGE0w
copyright protection41PENANAMgscaclgdW

(Edith throws another rock and strikes Stumpy in the forehead. Stumpy is now bleeding from three different wounds.)copyright protection41PENANAJJqy5CfOsR

45Please respect copyright.PENANA0HNgSt3USZ
45Please respect copyright.PENANAZgohIvtuDy
copyright protection41PENANAjexIRZ4e88

STUMPYcopyright protection41PENANAkUoM7zZsQc

You mother whore!copyright protection41PENANApzVQ71tnPV

45Please respect copyright.PENANAYkZ8qrS76S
45Please respect copyright.PENANAD6ArntUrnN
copyright protection41PENANAf9aMS1LXgU

MARIcopyright protection41PENANA6APvmW5mpV

Walk away, mister. copyright protection41PENANAyOvuFCv80l

45Please respect copyright.PENANArm3PEMk7hY
45Please respect copyright.PENANAFfiFoI7hPd
copyright protection41PENANA3fud1neNku

STUMPYcopyright protection41PENANAHr5wWss2OS

Fine! But this ain't over. I'm taking my boom stick and going home.copyright protection41PENANAXnGsRl5mt5

45Please respect copyright.PENANAaskKTHdO9B
45Please respect copyright.PENANABAXFqBrLJI
copyright protection41PENANAHwkcKmzY9U

MARIcopyright protection41PENANAtRmzoj1QlQ

You ain't touching that gun. Now walk.copyright protection41PENANAIidpL4LQrf

45Please respect copyright.PENANAJpY14nJcEz
45Please respect copyright.PENANApP1JzVrNKA
copyright protection41PENANAW9LhmwDWuN

STUMPYcopyright protection41PENANAQYEdx2wzTR

Dirty cocksucker. I'll split your throat for this.copyright protection41PENANApC9D2VINM9

45Please respect copyright.PENANAolbm0BYsmI
45Please respect copyright.PENANAb67a7cyRod
copyright protection41PENANA2IjO0FkDBP

(Stumpy walks into the woods. Muttering curses and threats the entire way. Mari walks over and takes the shotgun. He hands it to Edith.)copyright protection41PENANArsN5Fl8bV1

45Please respect copyright.PENANAqO2sxCnYp7
45Please respect copyright.PENANAzOtLbumaXJ
copyright protection41PENANA3lEcYG8GuU

MARIcopyright protection41PENANAQwD9lDPGhr

You know how to use this?copyright protection41PENANAvITjNzFWLA

45Please respect copyright.PENANAS9Q0jXdROC
45Please respect copyright.PENANA4fq6HYJ5W9
copyright protection41PENANAXOVC1Tj9AN

EDITHcopyright protection41PENANA4qkHAFlplC

Turn it towards someone and pull the trigger.copyright protection41PENANARRkLb8kQ46

45Please respect copyright.PENANAdwXHh9bEk9
45Please respect copyright.PENANAodiedBcrt1
copyright protection41PENANAr2VmFWgY6Q

MARIcopyright protection41PENANALbh5SRLeh7

Close enough. Anyone comes here tonight you turn it to them and pull the trigger.copyright protection41PENANAQ8YbT9ke0p

45Please respect copyright.PENANA3xgtEYrn3o
45Please respect copyright.PENANAwhVuYdEaRY
copyright protection41PENANAkrrgN7c45j

EDITHcopyright protection41PENANAVRucWn4IBm

He ain't coming back tonight. He ain't got the gumption for it. His brothers is four days away towards Oxpoint. He ain't nearly as mean as they are.copyright protection41PENANAPsuODoYXDY

45Please respect copyright.PENANAjgbBupdHQG
45Please respect copyright.PENANAIUeYnSWPg0
copyright protection41PENANAmXpOddWqi1

MARIcopyright protection41PENANAKdSeqPCuxd

Stumpy ain't the only one I got to worry about. copyright protection41PENANAQnFlbiKagn

45Please respect copyright.PENANAeNh9ifnWpe
45Please respect copyright.PENANAVIv7j0xwHn
copyright protection41PENANA8DlyszMoZ4

(They both sit down by the fire. )copyright protection41PENANAqKhiYH7AcF

45Please respect copyright.PENANAdpirnFkkvA
45Please respect copyright.PENANAkKoBUGRhDg
copyright protection41PENANAO32toeM8o3

EDITHcopyright protection41PENANAwxGR59qRxq

Will you help me get to my kin in Evergreen?copyright protection41PENANAVXadg9VoK7

45Please respect copyright.PENANAwzZ1Hj1eQI
45Please respect copyright.PENANAC38UvvAPQ5
copyright protection41PENANA3ya62zkOIJ

MARIcopyright protection41PENANASegy5lIwdf

(Thinks for a moment.)copyright protection41PENANAX9d7muhiS1

I have to get West myself, but I can't have you holding me up. I gotta get there fast. copyright protection41PENANApWAA2CanrS

45Please respect copyright.PENANAqbQONKvE19
45Please respect copyright.PENANAVxIVzpeAE5
copyright protection41PENANA7j7nSdJAJW

EDITHcopyright protection41PENANAQH64Osy6Lq

I won't hold you up none. I know a place where we can get horse for me tomorrow. We will be on the way before mid morning.copyright protection41PENANA8amILplWNM

45Please respect copyright.PENANAjg9raEXKuN
45Please respect copyright.PENANAQUZGJMreqs
copyright protection41PENANAOU6WhY90zT

(Mari nods. It's clear he is worried about the situation.)copyright protection41PENANAXpA3tpw1wh

45Please respect copyright.PENANAom06hzwwab
45Please respect copyright.PENANACurLVCqTnU
copyright protection41PENANAsEsPneeIa1

MARIcopyright protection41PENANAvZVBVdA5e9

It'll probably get me killed, but I'll get you to Evergreen. Now get some rest. We have a long haul to the crossing tomorrow.copyright protection41PENANAZczAf3ZM5w

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