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I Just Don't Know
Writer lovepenguins1984
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I Just Don't Know
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Oct 4, 2017
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!tAxvwuvqwpzRpHwmtV2jposted on PENANA

These days I feel such stress and I’m not sure whycopyright protection42PENANA3VwxgQMPOb

I know I’m happy, overall full insidecopyright protection42PENANAWhMtMiYiJu

Maybe it’s just the little thingscopyright protection42PENANAHim70SutOw

The small annoyances life bringscopyright protection42PENANAMSsjpI9cxX

The doubts and fears that creep in my mindcopyright protection42PENANAnufaX2tWkc

The monotonous tone of the daily grindcopyright protection42PENANAq2vN9wFEZu

I wish at times for a reason to get into a fightcopyright protection42PENANAaMmD5MleYT

A legit self-defense so that I’ll be in the rightcopyright protection42PENANAcmnrwlu0hO

Maybe it’s to see what I’m made up, if I’m toughcopyright protection42PENANAdIQIv0fbEe

But it seems a stupid way to know if I’ve got the stuffcopyright protection42PENANAFP01s6OOkM

The little annoyances that build up in my mindcopyright protection42PENANAHx94ZGqtGH

petty complaints from others in the daily grindcopyright protection42PENANAhTp8CU9R5O

Maybe I’m just crazy, maybe I’m just finecopyright protection42PENANA6LD7N6dBUy

Or maybe I’m just like you, lows and highscopyright protection42PENANAnC6xH5d7yT

What if I don’t know who I am, or if I know exactly?copyright protection42PENANAOQNeZq98hf

What if in the end I don’t care, writing pointless pleascopyright protection42PENANAWo0AvNHJpC

I know I drive you crazy, babecopyright protection42PENANAiNeokVux33

but trust me, I drive myself morecopyright protection42PENANAqSTe6SEg1W

I promised myself I’d do better this timecopyright protection42PENANAvYkwyQkgAJ

After struggling with that last locked doorcopyright protection42PENANASSw6hR2Lo5

I wish ink could do me justicecopyright protection42PENANAPPXI34BHkC

But attempts just seem so frailcopyright protection42PENANADQBXn9OHqo

Especially the lies you hear as kidscopyright protection42PENANArihYpyPrkd

With happily-ever talescopyright protection42PENANAx93vS6ztNU

I’m begging questions that I don’t know how to askcopyright protection42PENANA6rLHp8RdQh

in search of finding peacecopyright protection42PENANABhASfZr5qM

Writing words that all seem a blurcopyright protection42PENANAiYVltOs3if

In search of some releasecopyright protection42PENANAYoHJ66SYjI

My head is jumbled, emotions strangecopyright protection42PENANAgV0QOfPflg

Even so foreign to mecopyright protection42PENANA1DeXZIMrL4

So will you hear me, empathizecopyright protection42PENANAHJtoszulyO

Even if these thoughts don’t cease?copyright protection42PENANA4OJ4FxkuNF

Even if you do, or even if you don’tcopyright protection42PENANALPj0MiIyKt

I’ll not stop fighting, I just won’tcopyright protection42PENANADsc6RFGl1e

I’m to stubborn to give up on anything, even mecopyright protection42PENANAa53T9Irtde

You should too, because you’re worth itcopyright protection42PENANA8Z3sZQKHpv

Everyone’s worth fighting forcopyright protection42PENANAb2Xo8O3Pa4

but ultimately it’s up to youcopyright protection42PENANA4k97ejQFM4

So don’t stop, never stopcopyright protection42PENANATV4Wn3N8Lc

Ever.46Please respect copyright.PENANAtgWDoaWfQJ
copyright protection42PENANADXeBlnqocB

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