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I Just Don't Know
Writer lovepenguins1984
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I Just Don't Know
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Oct 4, 2017
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!z7hRlxvSEtgVR8LuZJMuposted on PENANA

These days I feel such stress and I’m not sure whycopyright protection6PENANAbGqxfFGuTz

I know I’m happy, overall full insidecopyright protection6PENANAdtHvk22QVH

Maybe it’s just the little thingscopyright protection6PENANAjbDbjoFi8r

The small annoyances life bringscopyright protection6PENANANk8eRoUySN

The doubts and fears that creep in my mindcopyright protection6PENANA86hPCBSErN

The monotonous tone of the daily grindcopyright protection6PENANAlLYZWioBBw

I wish at times for a reason to get into a fightcopyright protection6PENANA3pQbDIzxhs

A legit self-defense so that I’ll be in the rightcopyright protection6PENANAlpzCfbd7QF

Maybe it’s to see what I’m made up, if I’m toughcopyright protection6PENANAUcrTbnczZO

But it seems a stupid way to know if I’ve got the stuffcopyright protection6PENANA62dXeQFOoW

The little annoyances that build up in my mindcopyright protection6PENANAhJmRlB2zJT

petty complaints from others in the daily grindcopyright protection6PENANAfE6Gyi4KR3

Maybe I’m just crazy, maybe I’m just finecopyright protection6PENANAyY5MVkDB81

Or maybe I’m just like you, lows and highscopyright protection6PENANAypLUg7wjGf

What if I don’t know who I am, or if I know exactly?copyright protection6PENANAdWTjDsBHdt

What if in the end I don’t care, writing pointless pleascopyright protection6PENANAKMrQynabYj

I know I drive you crazy, babecopyright protection6PENANAdwIYqZ5XiM

but trust me, I drive myself morecopyright protection6PENANAcwI6Pmzr3M

I promised myself I’d do better this timecopyright protection6PENANAVOymF6JQiI

After struggling with that last locked doorcopyright protection6PENANA9veRuFRzCa

I wish ink could do me justicecopyright protection6PENANAmPG4WwrvYu

But attempts just seem so frailcopyright protection6PENANAhTjPgYWZOe

Especially the lies you hear as kidscopyright protection6PENANAIYKWQeBHOe

With happily-ever talescopyright protection6PENANARa3yfZ4Gu2

I’m begging questions that I don’t know how to askcopyright protection6PENANAbMVvBbtybi

in search of finding peacecopyright protection6PENANAMThxQ7LsOz

Writing words that all seem a blurcopyright protection6PENANAGFKJdZJiGd

In search of some releasecopyright protection6PENANAlR0hmBtQ9E

My head is jumbled, emotions strangecopyright protection6PENANA9WyqtpxfRm

Even so foreign to mecopyright protection6PENANAPx1zgfzZyf

So will you hear me, empathizecopyright protection6PENANAdT7dauPDlZ

Even if these thoughts don’t cease?copyright protection6PENANAiuWRVqgtF7

Even if you do, or even if you don’tcopyright protection6PENANAPuFR4V7DVF

I’ll not stop fighting, I just won’tcopyright protection6PENANAT9z1nJvdnQ

I’m to stubborn to give up on anything, even mecopyright protection6PENANAcFl8whzNKe

You should too, because you’re worth itcopyright protection6PENANAVzJArOwyss

Everyone’s worth fighting forcopyright protection6PENANAdlBMmZwScT

but ultimately it’s up to youcopyright protection6PENANAIpz4x6l7T5

So don’t stop, never stopcopyright protection6PENANAlOF5o6TVEl

Ever.10Please respect copyright.PENANA5EzEI7K3eE
copyright protection6PENANAnSHYF3YbVa

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